Medabots: Betrayals

by Wingshadow

Chapter 2

A/N – first person filtered=Tom narrating, third person filtered=narrator narrating

Tom – I am the number one Medafighter in the United States

Ikki – whoa

Metabee – does that make him better than us?

Tom – I would offer a robattle, but I have to go home, my sister is waiting for me to give her back her medabot

Ikki – whoa


Tom – that was the introductions part of my story. But I met doctor Aki the next week…

3 weeks ago…

Secretary – Thomas Valentine

Tom – yes?

Secretary – doctor Aki will you see you now

Tom – oh good

Tom entered the room and saw doctor Aki in a tech lab of some sort looking over a circuit panel with some other people with white coats.

Tom – Um, excuse me, a doctor Aki wished to speak with me

Aki – ah hello Tom, I hear you are currently the number one Medafighter in the United States. Congratulations!

Tom – is this meeting just to congratulate me?

Aki – heavens no, but congratulations can’t hurt a fellow.

Tom – this is true

Aki – but let’s get down to business, do you have the medabots you were talking about?

Tom – yes hold on a second, um which watch is it, oh! Wait no, um, hold on, here it is. Transport medabot, belzelga 4!

Belzelga 4: Type: fist fight Special attack: heal

Belzelga 4 is the same appearance, but with thicker armor on the arms and longer legs.

Tom – meet the simplest looking of them all: Belzelga 4

Aki – looks a lot like belzelga, what are the differences?

Tom – maybe a live test could be set up to show you

Aki – A test hm

Tom – I didn’t get to be number one without a few uneven battles

Aki – okay then

Tom – great

Later in the virtual testing room…

Aki – get ready

Tom – Wait for it, wait…

Aki – alright all medabots ready, battle begin

Tom – go missile tipped punch!

The front armor panels on belzelga 4’s arm opened up to reveal three red spikes.

Boom…thud crash, shatter, crunch, crack, snap, wham, thud etc.

The scientists watched me and belzelga 4 destroy the test bots faster than the original belzelga.

Scientists/Aki – wow


Rokusho – this is all wonderful, but you’re not explaining why doctor Aki has his head through a chair

Tom – The thing is, when I first met the good doctor he was not like he is now, a total change

Victor – I would have to agree, when I met the doctor 8 days ago he was nothing like this

Rokusho – 8 days ago?

Victor – yes Dr. Aki wanted to hire us as his bodyguards, he knew there were many shady people in his office more and more often

Rokusho – in seven days the doctor changed, I see

Tom – no in two, no one saw the doctor the next day

Rokusho – not even Karen?

Tom – nope

Rokusho – then we must go back to that day in the past, that day which doctor Aki changed

Doctor Aki then got up and charged with a chair over his head.

Tom – Stay down you – the word/s spoke here were silenced by an enormous crack as a solid wooden chair hit Dr. Aki in the head

Aki – ow – thud –

Tom – yeah, but lets subdue him permanently first

Tom picked up a large metal chair

Tom – go to sleep good doctor!

Wham, Wham, Wham!!!


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