Chapter One: (Are We EVER Gonna START?!)
By JessieHeart

“I’m sorry, miss. This is the address.”

24 year-old Samantha was trying hard not to pound the complete idiot in front of her.

“WHAT am I supposed to do with a tour bus?!” she asked him.

“I dunno. Look, this bus was left to your name and address in some old principal’s will. Could you just sign these forms, PLEASE?”

Samantha sighed and signed the papers. The deliverymen left as fast as they could, leaving a large black tour bus in her driveway.

She went back inside and continued her work.

Samantha had started a small business in Medabots repair. While tuning up some person’s Botafly, she remembered being ten years old.

“I haven’t robattled in forever.” She said to herself.

“Reow?" Peppercat asked from behind. She bounced over to the TV.

“Thousands are expected to turn up here for the Medabots Expo! There will be shops, games, and of course a tournament!” screamed the announcer.

Peppercat twitched her tail and purred.

“But that’s in China….” Samantha complained. Her Medabot jumped to the window.

“You have a bus.” She simply said. The Medafighter stared at her Medawatch. Then she struck a determined pose.

“That’s right! I am the leader of the Screws gang!” she yelled. “ And it’s time for our return!”


“That’s great Sam!” Spyke said from the other end of the phone. “A bus ride to China! Cool!”

“Yeah. Call Sloan. It’s a Screws reunion!”

“Do you have enough to pay for gas and food and stuff?”

“Nah…I figured I’d charge others to come with us.”

:Kay.. I’ll call Sloan now. See ya.”

Samantha hung up. She grabbed a bucket of white paint.

There was much work to do.


“A bus ride..?” Ikki started.

“To China..?” Erika trailed off.

“For an Expo?!” finished Metabee. Samantha nodded.

“And for my incredibly low price, you can go to the tournament and see lots of sites!”

“Yeah, sure, low price. Barely cheaper than plane tickets.” Muttered Metabee. Erika got all starry-eyed.

“Oh Ikki! This could be an anniversary holiday!!”

“But… we aren’t married yet…”

“Anniversary of the day you proposed!”

Ikki sweatdropped. Metabee and Sam started to twitch.

“Sign us up.. we’ll pay when the tour starts…” sighed Ikki.


“How nice! A tour with our friends!”

“Why don’t we just fly to China, Karin?”

“A bus ride will be so much more fun!” Karin told her husband, Koji. They paid her, (Samantha had told them it was much more expensive than what she told Ikki.) and asked who else was coming.

Samantha counted on her fingers, “ Ikki, Erika, Spyke, Sloan, Henry, and the Phantom Renegade.”

They sweatdropped.

“Henry AND the Phantom?” asked Koji.

“Yeah… at least he’s paying for them both…”


“It’s beautiful Boss!”

“Are you gonna call me ‘Boss’ for the whole trip?”

Spyke was staring at the newly painted bus, now with ‘Expo Tours’ written on each side and ‘The Screws’ on the back. Samantha finished loading the luggage.

“Where’s Sloan?” she asked.

“I guess something came up.”


Sloan sneezed while watching a football game, He had a strange feeling he was forgetting something…


“Well, we can’t afford to wait for him.” Samantha sighed. She and Spyke got on the bus, but someone had taken the driver’s seat.

“DUDE, sweet wheels ya got here!”

“Rintaro!” Samantha screamed. “Get out! You aren’t a paying customer!”

“Au con-TRAIRE dude! Show ‘er the check I gave ya Peppercat!”

Sam took the check from her Medabot, them pocketed it.

“Welcome to Expo Tours! Do you have any luggage?”

“Taken care of dude!”

“Then please make yourself comfortable, IN THE BACK.”


“Nice bus Samantha.”

“Yeah, from a junkyard!”


Erika, Brass, Ikki, and Metabee boarded the bus.

“Sorry, but Metabee will have to go with the luggage!” Sam said.

“WHAAT?!” the Medabot cried.

“You’ll blow up my bus!!”

“Why you… you’re about to get a Metabee-boppin!”

Ikki interrupted, “Metabee, no weapons, alright?”


“Dude, is this bus ever gonna get started?”

“Should I shoot him Boss?”

“That’s okay Krosserdog.”

Samantha checked her watch.

‘Where’s Henry?’ she though.


The Phantom Renegade appeared ontop of the bus.

“I, The Phantom Renegade, have arrived!”

“Okay… could you just get in? Please?!”


“Henry, will you take off that outfit?”

“I am not Henry! I am The Phantom Renegade!”

“Whatever Henry.”

Samantha pulled over to Koji and Karin’s mansion. She sweatdropped as the butlers took care of the luggage. Koji, Karin, and their Medabots got on.



They hugged each other.

“SHOOT me.” Koji gagged. Metabee raised his laser canon, but Rintaro held him back. Koji started thinking over and over, ‘Karin is mine, Ikki’s engaged…’

He and his wife sat side-by-side.

Karin smiled. “ Why- hello Henry!”


End of Chapie 1


(JH: So… uh… what do you think? I know it was a little slow… maybe even
boring… but I probably made you laugh just a little bit!)

(Here’s hopin’ I did!)

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