Chapter 2: (Of Secrets, Turtles, and Sake!)
By JessieHeart

Now the group was on a ferry to China. Peppercat was hiding in the cabin, deathly afraid of the water. The other Medabots were being chased by Metabee, and Henry had ‘mysteriously’ appeared. Samantha leaned her head on the rail over the water, looking sick.

“Seasickness?” Henry asked.

“No, it’s those two.”

Henry saw Ikki and Erika acting out a well-know scene from ‘Titanic.’ He sweatdropped.

“They were obvious from the beginning.”

“Yeah, so were Koji and Karin.”

“So were you and Spyke.”

Samantha paused. “ I already got your money. I could kick you off my bus.”

“……. I get the point.”

Metabee stopped running around the deck.

“Hey I know you!”

The chicken man looked up. He now had a basket full of turtles. Rintaro came over.

“Ah, young man.” The chicken man started another one of his speeches. “ How would you like to buy a turtle? They’re the best kind of pet you could have! They’ll never leave you behind.”

Metabee got a confused look. “ I thought you sold chicks… or was that bunnies…?”


“Rintaro, where’d you get that turtle?”

“Dude, lay off!”


Rokusho walked along the side of the road, Baton on his should.

“*Swauk* What are we doing exactly?” asked Baton.

“Looking Pete.”


“My turtle. He was stolen by a man with glasses and a straw hat.”


“Miss Erika, are we going to see any sites in China?” Brass asked. Erika looked up from her breakfast.

“Are we, Samantha?”

“I dunno. We’ll just see on the way.”

“Hey! Aren’t _I_ gonna get some breakfast?!”

“Metabee, you can’t eat anything organic.”

“SO?! Even the turtle gets fed!”

Rintaro was giving his turtle some lettuce. He screamed, “Will everyone just leave Petie alone?!?!”


“Yeah, like, I found this little chain on him that said ‘Pete.’”

“Don’t eat so fast Karin, you’ll choke.” Spyke said. Karin was just finishing her third helping of breakfast. She smiled.

“Does anyone mind if I make rice-balls?” she asked, then got up, humming peacefully. Samantha and Erika looked at each other thoughtfully, but the boys noticed nothing.

“Hey henry, where’s the Phantom Renegade?” asked Krosserdog, prompted by Peppercat.

“I don’t know WHAT you’re taking about.”


Later that day, Koji found a karaoki machine while souvenir shopping. He and Henry dragged it down to the tour bus, and everyone started to have fun. Samantha got happy with the sake.

Ikki walked up to the microphone.

“Ahem…..” he took a big breath. “ The itsy-bitsy _SPIDER_ went up the water spout!”

Everyone except Koji sweatdropped. Koji started twitching.

“I’ll kill him….” He swore.

“-washed the _SPIDER_ out! Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, and the itsy-bitsy _SPIDER_-“

Sumilidon looked at Metabee.

“This is going to turn into a Robattle, isn’t it?”

“I’ll go easy on ya, ‘cause Ikki started it and all.”

Ikki finished and sat down, pleased with himself.

“You think you’re SO smart, huh?” demanded Koji. “Well…” He pulled Karin onto his lap and squeezed her. She laughed. Ikki started to shake with anger.

“Ikki….” Erika growled. “You aren’t jealous… RIGHT?!”

“Um… uh- of course not, ha ha…”

Rintaro crossed his arm, Pete was on his head.

“Dude, I don’t get it.”

The Phantom Renegade explained, “Koji is afraid of bugs.”

“Oh. Whatever. Like, why do you keep wearin’ that mask dude?”

“Why do YOU have a turtle on your head?”

Spyke picked up the mike and began to sing ‘Equal Romance.’ (This was WAY out of his vocal range.)

Samantha stood up, swaggering. She was blushing and grinning- via sake. She ran up to Spyke and wrapped her arms around his neck. He dropped the microphone and stopped singing.

“Uh… Boss? Sam?”

“Spykie!! My Robattle Prince!”

“HUH?!?!” was pretty much the rest of the bus’ reaction. Samantha let go, picked up the microphone and downed another gulp of sake. Then she said nice and loud,

“Spykie! I –hic- love-“

Then she passed out.  

End of Chapie 2

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Chapter 3 (Surprises In China)

The next morning Samantha was hung-over and cross. She remembered her… “public display of affection” towards Spyke so she was avoiding him. This is hard to do on a bus, so she made Henry drive.

“Anyone wanna hold Petie?”


“Sor-RY dudes. I just thought you might have changed your minds.”

“You asked five minutes ago Rintaro!”

“Good point Ikki.”


Rokusho had found the chicken man. Unfortunately he learned that Pete had been sold. The buyer had been described as “short and eccentric.”

The Medabot and his parrot rode across the ocean on a ferry. Rokusho looked up as his ‘lone-ranger’ music swelled in the background.

“I’ll find you Pete.” He swore.

‘He’s just a stupid turtle.’ Thought Baton.


“Oh yeah! Koji!” Karin said suddenly, like and important memory had just kicked in. “I have to tell you something!” She said it so only he could hear.

“WHAAAAA?!” was his response. He stood up and his wife fell to the floor. (Karin had been in his lap. She only looked hurt for a second.) Erika started laughing. Rintaro held Pete protectively. Koji started gaping.

“Are you alright sir?” Sumilidon asked.

“What’s going on?” Ikki asked the nearest person- Samantha. She snapped out of a deep thought.

“Hm? Oh. _That._ Karin’s pregnant.”

“WHAAAT?!” screamed Spyke and Ikki.

“HOW?!” (THAT was Koji.)

“How else, silly?” goggled Karin. “I didn’t think you’d be surprised, after all the times we’ve-“

“HEY!! OVER-SHARE!” Metabee screeched.

‘I hope Spyke and I have children.’ Samantha thought. Then she scolded herself and blamed it on the alcohol.

Koji and Ikki were in complete shock. The Medabots were wondering if they would get cigars.

And then there was Henry- singing along with his Sailor Moon songs- oblivious to the mayhem behind him.


“Life is so wonderful!”

“We KNOW, Koji!”

“Rintaro, can I kiss Pete?”

“You’re scarin’ me man! Kiss Karin!”

“Oh, right! Karin my dear!”


Samantha and several others, including Medabots, gagged.

Samantha read from a sign, “’You are now passing Jusenkyo, home of 1,000 springs.”

“Springs! Cool! Pete will love it!”

“You can read Chinese?!” Henry asked with a sweat drop.

“Yeah, sorta.”

Luckily, they decided not to stop.

Singing karaoki, they continued to the Expo.


JessieHeart and DTT wandered the streets of China.

“<No one understands us!>” Jessie complained in Japanese.

“<I told you this wasn’t Germany!>” DTT yelled.

“<But… I used Ryoga’s map…>”

“<You’re hopeless.>”

“{At least my German’s okay.}”

“{But you’re Chinese stinks!}”

They stopped a Chinese couple, and Jessie became determined to speak correctly.

“*Hello. We’re a three-eyed egg. Can you direct me to a cheerleader’s flying monkey?*”

The couple quickly left.

“<What?! What did I DO?!>” she yelled. They kept walking.

DTT sighed. “<Are you sure you couldn’t get us in this fic another way?>”


Rokusho could feel it. He was close, very close.

“<hey, isn’t that Rokusho?>”

The Metabot turned around to see two girls walking behind him.

“Are you addressing me?” he asked.

“You UNDERSTAND US?!>” one yelled.


“<Alright! What are you doing in China Rokusho?>”

“Looking for something.”

“<Still? Dr. Hushi’s dead, man. Get over it.>” 

“No, not that. What’s with your friend?”

They looked over at Jessie, who was writing furiously.

“<Oh, sorry.>” she said. “<This scene just gave me an idea for my fanfic.>”  

End of Chapie 3


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