Chapter 4: (Cooks_. And Amber?)
By JessieHeart

(Otherwise Known as ‘The Pointless Chapie That Only Establishes Shadows of the Plot’)


“Is it just me? Or are the Medabots getting seriously neglected from this fanfic?” Krosserdog asked while the humans ate dinner.

“What do you mean?” spoke up Neutra Nurse.

“I see what he’s getting at!” Metabee shouted, standing up. “Do any of US get to sing karaoki, or _drive?!_ Not to mention the lack of lines! The reader’s must be missin’ us!!”

“Readers? What readers?” said Kantaroth, looking around with a sweatdrop.

Peppercat joined in. “Even Pete gets more attention!”

Brass tried her best to keep everything calm.

“Look, I’m not too pleased with it either, and I think me, Kantaroth and Neutra Nurse have had it the worst! Let’s just talk with the author.”

“WHAT are you TALKIN’ about????!!!!” Kantaroth yelled.

Author’s voice: I’m sorry! It’s really hard to juggle a lot of characters!!

Metabee looked up at the bus roof. “ Oh YEAH?! Well get your priorities straight or you’ll get a Metabee boppin’!”

Author: Look, I’m trying as hard as I can to find you guys, not to mention some Japanese-Speaking person who can direct me to a bathroom. Besides, didn’t you promise in Chapie One NOT to use weapons on the tour bus?

“Who’s tellin’ this story, YOU or ME?!?!”

Author: ME! … Look, I promise to put you guys in more.

Krosserdog nodded. “Good.”

Ikki leaned over to Henry and whispered, “Why are all our Medabots talking to the ceiling?”

“Beats me. Let’s just try to maintain OUR sanity.”




Erika jumped out of her seat and looked at her fiancée.

“WHAT was THAT?!”

Ikki looked at her helplessly. “My stomach… I’m starving…”

Samantha hoped in the bus door and announced the tents and camping supplies were all set up. (Did I mention that the bus wasn’t moving and they were parked at a campsite? ~JH.)

“Good. Can we have some dinner now?” Rintaro pleaded. Then his stomach gave off a not-as-loud rumble. Sam sweat dropped and started looking in cabinets.


“What? What is it?!?!?” Henry asked franticly. Samantha turned to them with a poisoned look.

“We’re out of instant noodles and cereal…”

“Uh… so? You have plenty of supplies.”

“I, um… can’t cook…”

Ikki screamed and hid behind Erika. “WE’RE GONNA STARVE!! ERIKA CAN’T COOK EITHER!!”


“Oh, sorry. I meant that in a good way.”



Erika absently hit him on the head.

Henry shook his head, indicating he wasn’t a great chef as well. Rintaro held Pete in front of his face. Karin volunteered, “I can make something!”

The group breathed sigh of relief.

“Thank goodness. Someone who doesn’t set sandwiches on fire.” Said Ikki.

“That was ONCE!” Erika wailed. (I’LL admit to setting a sandwich on fire. ~JH)

But Karin got up too fast and got dizzy. She sat back down so her head could clear.

Suddenly, Koji jumped up and practically latched himself onto his wife.

“Are you alright, Karin my dear?” Then he said at basically the speed of light, “Do you need anything can I bring you anything at all do you want me to call up a butler or-“

“KOJI! I’m _fine._ I just have to cook dinner.”

“NO WAY! You just sit down calm down lay down and I’ll take care of everything…” Thus he continued in the same matter for several minutes. Nobody even saw him pause for breath. He was completely going out of his way to make Karin as ‘comfortable’ as possible. The rest of the bus sweat dropped.

“You know,” said Nuetra Nurse to no one in particular, “ I think this whole pregnancy thing has gone to his head.”

Nods from the others. The Sam said, “NOW who’s gonna cook?”

Spyke looked around and noticed everyone was looking at him. He started to inch away.

“Can you cook?” asked Henry.

“I might have taken one or…. four years of Home Ec….”

He was almost to the door when Samantha laid a hand on his shoulder. “Spyke, remember the time you said you’d do anything for me, because I was your Boss?”

Spyke got a disturbing sense of deja vu.

“Well, now I need you to do something for me.”

“Wh-what’s that Boss..?”

“I need ya to cook.”


“WOW! This food is amazing!” Phantom Renegade exclaimed. “Certainly better than cereal and instant noodles.”

“Henry, how can you eat through that mask?”

“I, the Phantom Renegade, am very talented.”

Samantha took a bite out of the elaborate meal Spyke had made. After living off of her own cooking for several years, she almost cried.

“Spyke, this food is wonderful.” She admitted. Spyke got one of his weird ‘completely happy’ looks and said, “Thanks Boss….” (Think… Cyandog Bites Back. When Samantha says, “Spyke… good job.” And Spyke gets all happy. THAT face. ~JH)

Koji was still latched onto Karin. “Is that enough food for you? Do you want me to call in something from France?”

Karin tried once more to get him off her. “Koji, I don’t need French. Spyke’s food is delicious. Try some!”

She stuck a piece of shrimp in his mouth. He closed his eyes and swallowed.

“SPYKE made that?!?!”

Everyone continued fawning over Spyke’s food. The Medabots sat outside around the campfire, drinking oil. (Okay, I don't really know if Medabots CAN drink oil, but I'm gonna go with it. ~JH)

“What’s the big commotion about?” Nuetra Nurse asked, motioning to the bus.

“I don’t know.” Brass told her. “They keep yelling ‘Spyke.’ Maybe he died.”

“WOT?! THEY KILLED BOSS?!?!?!” yelled Krosserdog as he jumped up.

“I think she was kidding.” Said Kantaroth. “If they have to kill someone, it’ll be Rintaro. Then that annoying turtle of his.”

Metabee looked thoughtful. “ Actually, Pete’s starting to grow on me. He’s cool in that independent, supporting character sort of way. You know what I mean? He’s cool like ME!!” Sumilidon downed the last of his oil like it was alcohol.

‘Someone’s sticking up for Pete…’ he thought. ‘I think pigs just took flight…’


Meanwhile, in a farm way out in Texas, Farmer Martin’s pigs sprouted wings. One by one, they all flew away to start a new family of flying pigs. Farmer Martin looked up into the sky, shaking his head.


Metabee’s green eyes shinned like he just had an idea. He turned to Sumilidon.

“Karin’s having a baby!” he said.

“WE KNOW!!” the rest yelled, remembering Koji’s attempt to make a really big banner and hang it in the bus.

(DTT: <When did THAT happen?!>

JH: <When we ran into Rokusho.>

Rokusho: I wish you never did.

DTT: <What?>

Rokusho: Oh, nothing…..)

Metabee continued, “Yeah but, do you realize what that means for you and Nuetra Nurse? Koji and Karin will have free baby-sitters! Someone to change diapers for when they’re worn out! And forget Robattles! You’re gonna be a Maid-Type Medabot, Sumilidon.”

The 2nd ranked Medabot in all of Japan screamed as any ‘bot could scream. Then he grabbed Peppercat’s oil and drank it in one gulp.


Amber looked up at the sky and fingered her Medawatch.

Almost fifteen years ago…. Her life had been ruined….

She followed the trail of JessieHeart and DTT. They would lead her right where she wanted to go…



~(JH: I’m sorry that was so very long and pointless;
kinda like an episode of Sailor Moon in the middle of the series.
ANYways, I’ve been kinda caught up with too much Yu-Gi-Oh!, so my fic is a
little out of it. Please forgive me. The next chapie will be better.)~


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