Chapter 5: (Let's Get Togetha)
By JessieHeart


Erika glanced over the bus’s occupants. The air was humid, so the mood was dark and tempers short. Samantha’s in particular. She turned to Ikki.

“Are we happy?” she asked him.

“When you tell me to be.”

“No, I mean… *siiiiigh.* I was just thinking about everyone else’s lives. Koji and Karin are in the lap a luxury, Rintaro doesn’t have a care in the world, and Henry is… well, Henry. I’m an engaged journalist. So…” she looked at the ring on her finger “Yeah, we’re happy.”

Ikki didn’t really care about the subject, but he shifted in his seat and asked, “What about Sam and Spyke? What do you think about them?”

“I guess they’re sorta happy with their lives… but they would be happier together.”

Ikki was about to reply when Rintaro interrupted.

“Hey you two! What cha’ talkin’ all quiet-like for?”

Erika looked annoyed and shooed him away.

“Nothing, Rintaro. Go play with your turtle.”

Ikki looked out the window. “ What are you getting at?”

“It’s time to play matchmaker!!” she said, almost too loudly.

Karin leaned over her seat so she faced Erika.

“How do you think we could do that?” she asked. Erika jumped a little.

“You HEARD me?!” she squeaked. Karin giggled in her trademark way.

“Don’t worry. Only I heard you. Koji’s asleep.”

Erika sighed, and Ikki began to feel REALLY uncomfortable. He was guy about to be stuck in the middle a girl talk.

Karin continued, “I think you and I should talk with Samantha. We could really annoy her to the point of admitting her feelings.”

Erika started to catch on. “ Right! Ikki, you and I are getting married!! Karin’s having a baby, which puts new ideas in the head entirely. They’ve gotta have some mixed feelings about being single… expecialy since the one you love is sharing the same bus….” She got all sparkly-eyed again. “Oh, this is SO romantic!! I should right a human-interest piece about it!!”

Ikki said ‘gossip’ under his breath.


The men were sent to work outside, to set up the camping spot for the night. Samantha said they would reach the Expo the next day. Meanwhile, Karin and Erika had set wedding magazines everywhere and started talking about Erika’s wedding plans in very loud voices.

“This dress is so nice!” Erika said loudly. Samantha didn’t seem to notice. She just turned the page of her old fashion magazine. Erika tried again. “It’s so great to be getting married!! I get to have a WEDDING!! Nope, there are no secrets between me and Ikki!! We TELL EACH OTHER HOW WE FEEL!!!”

Sam closed her magazine and began to walk away. Erika stood up and launched a thick catalog at her head.


Karin held Erika back so she wouldn’t throw another one. Samantha whirled around.

“WHAT do you WANT, already?!?!” she screamed, every tooth a pointed, and her eyes narrowed.

Erika softened. She realized how bad she most have made Samantha feel.

“Sam, don’t you get sad, hanging around all these couples when you’re still single?”

Sam’s face turned normal, and she sat down.

“Not really…. I guess… I mean… I haven’t found ‘the one’ yet…”

Karin said, “I was sure you really liked Spyke…” and Sam blushed.

“I don’t think so… Listen, remember when we were ten and I fell in love with Nathan? Well I could TELL I loved him. My heart did flip-flops when he was near.” She explained. “I need a guy who will love me because I WIN!”

Erika raised an eyebrow. “Doesn’t Spyke already worship his ‘Boss’ because she wins?”

Samantha bit her tongue and vowed not to say anything else.

“Hey Boss!”

The three girls jumped at Spyke’s voice.

“You wanna help me prepare dinner?”

Sam nodded once. Erika and Karin left as Spyke stood next to Sam.

Samantha put a hand on her chest.

Her heart was jumping around inside her.


Spyke chopped up carrots and put them in a pot. Samantha was making her famous “rice cakes without sugar.” She chuckled to herself, remembering the first time she ver made them.

‘No pretty-boy soccer sap is ever gonna come between us again, right Boss?’

Sam looked at Spyke, shocked.

But he hadn’t said anything. He was just cutting up food for dinner. Samantha figured her mind was just playing tricks on her; making her think of when she “dumped” Nathan.

‘I can weave a stunning French braid Boss! You’ll be a knock-out!’

Sam shook her head.

‘It’s too quiet in here.’ She thought. ‘Why else would I be remembering the time I fired Spyke?’

To fill the silence, Sam turned on the radio. Luckily, one of her favorite songs to sing on karaoki was on. (Credits at the end of the chapie! Please don’t sue me! Don’t sue me!)

Hello my friend, we meet again

It’s been awhile, where should we begin?

Feels like forever

Spyke held his hand out to Samantha…

She took it…

Within my heart a memory

A perfect love you gave me

Oh, I remember

Spyke put his free hand on her waist.

Sam put hers on his shoulder.

Together, they slow-danced to the music.

When you are with me, I’m free

I’m careless, I believe

Above all the others, we’ll fly

This brings tears to my eyes

My Sacrifice.

The light-hearted feeling returned to Samantha’s chest. She had only one thought,

‘Oh gawd… please don’t let this song end…’

We’ve seen pour shares of ups and downs

Oh how quickly life can turn around

In an instant

It feels so good to realize

What’s in your heart and within your mind

Let’s find peace there

Spyke thought, ‘This must be a dream… Sam would never let me dance with her…’

When you are with me, I’m free

I’m careless, I believe

Above all the others, we’ll fly

This brings tears to my eyes

My Sacrifice.

‘I love Sam…. I love this dream…’

I just want to say hello again

I just want to say hello again

‘I want to kiss her…’

When you are with me, I’m free

I’m careless, I believe

Above all the others, we’ll fly

This brings tears to my eyes

My Sacrifice.

When you are with me, I’m free

I’m careless, I believe

Above all the others, we’ll fly

This brings tears to my eyes

My Sacrifice.

Samantha realized her head was titled towards his….

‘He’s going to kiss me…’

I just want to say hello again

I Just want to say hello again

The song ended. Spyke stopped.

“I’m sorry!” he blurted, turning off the radio. He felt so dumb. Here was the girl who’d hit him, insulted him, thrown him across the room, and a million other things. Yet her cared for her, in spite of it all.

Sam’s heart ached with disappointment.

She grabbed his face in her hands and kissed him.

A moment later they broke the kiss, both blushing and feeling foolish.

Swallowing nervously, Spyke asked, “So… you, uh… taking any boyfriend applications?”

Sam smiled. “I dunno. You may just have to robattle me for the spot.”

“Should I say ‘I’, ‘Love’, and ‘You’ or something?”

Samantha hugged him. “Not yet…”

And they kissed again.


The rest of the bus was watching them from the bus’ windows.

They might have gotten away with it if Henry hadn’t sneezed.

The new couple spotted them immediately., and Samantha promptly bashed their heads in.


“It’s been, one week since you looked at me

Cocked your head to the side and said ‘I’m angry’

Five days since you laughed at me saying

‘Get that together, come back and see me’

Three days since the living room

I realized its al my fault, but couldn’t tell you

Yesterday you forgiven me

But it’ll still be two days ‘till I say I’m sorry!”

Discovering they had could take great enjoyment in American songs, Koji, Ikki, and Spyke started singing this ANNOYINGLY catchy song. Rinatro and Henry smiled politely and shoved cotton balls in their ears. Karin, Koji, and Sam, however, fawned over their guys.

“Look at Ikki, he’s so cute with a microphone!” cooed Erika.

“No way!!! Spyke is way cuter!!” Sam said.

Karin smiled. “Well, I’ve got Koji…”

They laughed. Erika said, “Yeah, he’s always been the cutest…” Then the three collapsed in giggles.

‘Samantha is so much happier now that she with Spyke.’ Thought Henry. ‘Too bad there was never anyone for me…’

The Medabots were given a shot a driving, since the humans figured the worst that could happen was an ironic death. Metabee had the wheel in his robotic hands and was doing his best no to hit anyone. Krossedog kept yelling things like, “WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE! DON’T HIT THE OLD LADY!! AHHHH! DEER AT TWELVE O’CLOCK!!!” Peppercat was holding the map up side down, getting greatly confused. Sumilidon worked the pedals. (“We’re going to slow for my taste…”) Kantaroth and Neutra Nurse were hiding, writing out wills for their Medaparts.

The men reached the end of their song.

“It’s been one week since you looked at me

Dropped your arms to the side and said-“

“WE’RE HERE!!” Metabee shouted. Spyke looked confused.

“That’s not how it goes…”

Sam put a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t speak. You sound smarter that way.”

The bus swerved into a giant parking lot.



Sam put her hands on her hips. “Well look at that. Not a single dent on my bus….”

“Was there ever a doubt in your mind that I couldn’t drive?” Metabee asked. The group wandered over to the ‘Entrance Dome.’ Inside, dozens of Medafighters stood around getting registered, eating, and showing off their Medabots. It was an excited mess. There were signs in Japanese, Chinese, and even some English. In the middle of it all there was a large circular registration desk.

(You could tell because it was marked ‘Registration Desk.’)

( DTT: *Sweat-drop*

JH: Well, it’s TRUE.)

They walked up to a pretty, young woman in an Expo uniform. She had short black hair and blue eyes. Her name tag said, ‘Naru.’

She had an instant effect on Henry. He started staring at the floor and blushing.

Samantha and the rest of the gang signed up to take place in the Expo Tournament. Henry was last. He walked up to her and started babbling, “Uh-yeah, I wanna sign up… My name is Hen…. Henry….” He said his name very quietly, still examining the floor.

“Hey, I know you!” Naru said suddenly. Her blue eyes got big and bright. “You’re the Phantom Medafighter! Also known as ‘Phantom Renegade’ and ‘Space Medafighter X’ AKA- Henry!”

Henry looked up, disbelief written all over his face. “You’ve heard of me?” he asked.

“Heard of you?! I know all about you!!”

Form the look in Henry’s eyes, you’d think he’d seen all the stars of heaven.

Rinatro sighed. “Oh GREAT. Dudes, I’m gonna be the only single guy on this trip!”


Pete suddenly sat up from his comfy bed in the bus.

‘My Rintaro-senses are tingling!’ he thought. And he set off as fast as his turtle legs would allow.


JessieHeart, DTT, Rokusho, and Baton stood in a huge parking lot, shocked.

“<Are we where I think we are?>” Jessie whispered.

“I think we caught up with Samantha’s tour bus… and PETE!” Rokusho said happily. DTT started to weep with joy. None of them noticed a girl sneaking behind them, making her way to the Entrance Dome. It was the girl who’d been following them the whole time.

Amber smiled. Her time was coming….


Henry walked with Naru around the Expo grounds. The tournament was not going to being until the next morning. They smiled and laughed a lot, really enjoying each other’s company,

Samantha and Spyke were doing the same, being all close and stuff that would make Rintaro sick.

They ran smack into a redheaded girl who started rambling in Japanese.

“<Oh my gawd!! DTT! I’ve found them!! Spyke and Samantha!!>” the red-head, JessieHeart, yelled. Her companion came up and smiled.

“<I wonder if they understand us?>” DTT asked Jessie.

“YES! We’re Japanese!” Sam yelled at the strange pair. They didn’t hear her, but talked among themselves. The couple tried to walk away, but Jessie and DTT followed them all the way to the tour bus.

There, the rest of the tour group was eating dinner. Well, all of them except Rintaro, who was hiding with Pete in the bathroom. Rokusho had found him and was threatening to beat down the door if his turtle wasn’t returned.

“Hey,” Ikki said with a mouthful of food. “Who are those two?”

Sam shrugged. Jessie pointed to herself and said very slowly in English, “Jess-IE Hear-T. JessieHeart.”

DTT mimicked her partner. “D-T-T.”

They both looked very pleased with themselves.

Suddenly, someone jumped in the bus’ open door. It was a young girl who looked very P.O.

She pointed at Spyke and yelled, “You there! You ruined my life!”


“Come now! Pete is my possession! He must be returned!” Rintaro heard Rokusho through the bathroom door. The extremely short Medafighter picked up his turtle and looked him in the eye.

“You, like, wandered across the whole Expo grounds to find me.” He said. “Then this freaky Medabot shows up, claiming to be your owner! Is this true Petie? Dude?”

Pete’s little turtle eyes stared back.

“You weren’t stolen, were ya little dude? You ran away! You have a need for adventure and the outdoors! You're like some WILD turtle!!”

Pete blinked.

“Hush, there’s no time for talk! We must act quickly!” Rintaro went to the window and opened it, then tossed Pete out. “Be FREE! Be free little dude!!”

A tear rolled down Rintaro’s cheek.


Spyke looked really confused. The other tour members got huge sweat drops. Spyke put a finger on his chest.

“What do you mean? I ruined your life?!”

The girl sneered. “I could never forget your face!! With that out of control hair, confused _expression, and cowardly attitude!!!”

Sam took a step forward, using one hand to make a fist and the other to hold Spyke around the neck.

“Hey, NO ONE (except me) insults MY man!”

The girl’s eyes narrowed even more.

“I remember you too. That raspy-voiced girl with the lame Medabot.”

Peppercat jumped up, angry.

“What did you say?!” she yelled offensively.

Metabee added, “Yeah, nobody gets away with dissin’ Peppercat! That’s just not right!”

“Who ARE you anyway?” Erika shouted from the background. The girl stood up proudly and put her hands on her hips. “I,” she said importantly. “Am Amber!”

The whole bus sweat dropped. The only sound was Jessie’s typing these events on her laptop. Spyke closed his eyes, like he was thinking real hard.

When he opened them, he said, “Nope. I can’t remember any Amber.”

Amber got really mad. “Come ON! Remember? Amber? I’M AMBER FROM THE ANKLE BITERS!!”

Erika, Ikki, Samantha, and Spyke said in unison, “The Ankle Biters?!”

Samantha looked at this eighteen-year-old girl and tried picturing the four-year-old. Hair short brown hair was the same, down past her ear, but she no longer wore hair clips. Her body had DEFIANTLY changed, because she was as tall as Samantha. Amber wore a form-fitting white T-shirt and a red pleated skirt.

Spyke snapped his fingers. “That’s right! I remember now! Weren’t you the one with the missing tooth?”

“No, that was Andy.” Amber got a far away, dreamy look. “Andy, Andrew, and me (the leader) of the Ankle Biters! Yeah, we had it all back then… a great Medabot, friends, respect… and we were only four! The future looked so bright to us!” Suddenly, she looked mad again. “But then YOU defeated us Spyke! YOU RUINED MY LIFE!”

“But that was only ONE robattle!” Ikki shouted. “How could that ruin your life?”

“HA! If only you knew! Indeed, after our fight, I told my mom on you. And my parents take robattling extremely seriously!! So to escape the shame, they made me move to a boarding school in England! I was torn away from Andy and Andrew, and with out the leader, the Ankle Biters were forced to retire at age five.” Amber got out a tissue and wiped her teary eyes. “So you see Spyke, I can blame all my troubles on YOU!” She buried her face in the tissue and sobbed. Giant sweat drops trickled down everyone else hair.

Naru turned to Henry and whispered, “Is it always this crazy around here?”

Henry glanced at JessieHeart and DTT. Jessie was still typing. “Well…. Pretty much…”

Amber stopped crying and threw her tissue away. She thrust her finger at Spyke again.

“To reclaim my name as the un-defeated leader of the Ankle Biters, I must win against the only person who ever beat me!” She held up her wrist with the Medawatch. “We have to Robattle!”

Spyke smiled. “Fine then! I’m not the same pushover I used to be! Come on Krosserdog!”

Spyke and Amber went outside and stood several feet apart in the parking lot. All the Medabots and humans lined up along the bus’ windows to watch.

Amber pressed her Medawatch. “Transport- Bigbear!”

The familiar blue sparks shot up, and a robotic bear appeared. It was black and stood on four paws. Two pointed teeth poked out of its mouth.




Amber held up a metal.

“Remember this?” she asked Spyke. “This is Churlybear’s old metal!” She stuck it in BigBear’s back. His red eyes gleamed on.

“Are you ready?!” Spyke yelled excitedly. “Okay! It’s time to Ro-“


Naru stepped between Krosserdog and Bigbear. “I’m sorry but, on these grounds, no robattles are aloud except for those in the tournament.”

Amber narrowed her eyes again. “I’ve been waiting for this fight for the last fourteen years! I’m not going to let a little contest stop me.”

Naru returned Amber’s heavy glare. “I’ll have to disqualify you.”

“I’m not going to let your revenge ruin this tour.” Spyke told her. “Sam put a lot of work into this. If you want to robattle me, you’ll have to wait until we fight in the Expo Tournament.”

Amber sneered. “Fine then. But you haven’t seen the last of me!” She threw a smoke bomb and laughed insanely. When the fog cleared, both her and Bigbear were gone. 

End of Chapie Five


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My Sacrifice By Creed
One Week By Barenaked Ladies

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