Chapter 6
By JessieHeart


Please Give Us A Happy End 

Henry raised his hand.

“Who else here is REALLY confused?”

The other tour members slowly raised their hands. Naru used her loud Expo-trained-voice.

“Okay, let me re-cap for everyone. An insane maniac girl from Spyke’s past wants to seek revenge for seemingly ruining her life. Because Tournament rules prevent all outside robattles, she must wait to fight him.”

“How does this affect the tour?” asked Ikki.

Samantha smiled. “It doesn’t! So let’s forget about Amber-what’s-her-face and have fun.”

“Easy for you to say.” Spyke sulked. “She’s after MY blood, not yours. And I admit that I’m a coward! I really, really don’t like ‘biting back.’ Sure, it worked when we were ten, but she’s older now and SCARY!”

Ikki coughed. It sounded a lot like he said, “Chicken.”

Samantha took Spyke’s hand. “You’re not as such coward as you think. You had the guts to dance with me, didn’t you?”


They got set up in a near-by hotel. Spyke, Henry, and Rintaro shared one room.

However, Rinatro hid under the bed and sobbed. No one could figure out why.

“Why don’t you hold Pete? That’ll make you feel better.” Karin suggested. Rintaro cried harder.

Samantha opted to sleep on the floor in Spyke’s room.

(JH: <Hehehehehe… oh, that sounds so naughty….>

DTT: <What about us?>

JH: <We’re camping out in Sam’s bus with Rokusho and Baton.>

DTT: <And Naru? She’s really nice. I hope she gets with Henry.>

JH: <She went to her apartment.>)

Karin and Koji got their own room, as did Ikki and Erika.

“That’s kinda nice of Samantha, getting us our own room.” Ikki said to Erika. He had slipped into his pajamas.

Erika nodded. “Yeah. But I could have done without all Henry and Spyke’s snickering and nudging when we came in here. At least it has two beds.”

“I think Sam planned that. We’re not married YET.”

“Yes… but once we ARE……”

Ikki grinned.


Samantha woke up in the middle of the night. She looked at the clock.

2:17 AM

She groaned. Sam stood up and staggered into the bathroom, and half-awake. (She was wearing two-piece purple pajamas with ‘Tomboy’ written on the shirt. Hehe! –JH and DTT … Speaking of us….) Then she looked out the window and saw that all the lights were on inside the tour bus, and the karaoki machine was blazing.

“Why do I even bother with those idiots?” Sam mused out loud. She went outside to tell them to be quiet and go to bed.

DTT could be heard singing a familiar and catchy Japanese song before Sam even got out the hotel room door.

(Once again, credits at the bottom.)

“<I’m sorry I’m not gentle! I can say it in my dreams! My thoughts are about to short-circuit! I want to be with you right now!>”

Samantha groaned. The words to that AWESOME song started to play in her head along with the music.

(JH: For those of you who don’t know, that’s the Japanese version of the Sailor Moon theme song. Its called ‘Moonlight Legend.’ FIND THE LYRICS OR HEAR THIS SONG! You’re life is not complete until you do.

DTT: Well, I wouldn’t go THAT far……..)

Sam raised her fist to knock on the door, but that’s as far as she got. Someone or something grab her from behind and covered her mouth. Her last conscious thought was of DTT’s voice,

“<Just one more weekend together. God, please give us a happy end……..>”


When Spyke went into the hotel lobby, the scene of six sleepy people with coffee mugs greeted him. Rintaro was hugging a teddy bear with his mug and watching Card Captor Sakura on the TV. Spyke did a mental head count.

“Hey, where’s Sam?” he asked.

Ikki took a sip of coffee. “I dunno. Maybe she’s in the bus with our Medabots and those crazy girls.”

The Phantom Renegade held up a photo of his beloved Naru.

“You’d better hope so! According Naru-Sama, the official Expo rules state that all Medafighters MUST be present at the opening ceremonies. Anyone who doesn’t attend it disqualified.”

A horrible, long wail erupted from outside. Sam’s tour bus, to be exact.


JessieHeart was the source of the sound. She burst out of the bus, dragging her half-asleep partner behind her and into the hotel.

She thrust a piece of paper in Spyke’s face and was screaming in German.


DTT woke up and bashed Jessie on the head.

“{They don’t speak German!}” she reminded her. “Baka!”

Jessie re-aligned her language patterns. “<Oh, right, right. As I was saying, SHE’S GOT SAM!!!!>”

Spyke took the letter and read it out loud.

“ ‘I’ve got your little girlfriend. If you wish to see her again, come to the warehouse on Fifth Street. It’s time to finish this.

-Amber’ “

Ikki shook his head. “She is SO insane.”

Spyke crumpled the letter and declared, “We have to save Samantha!”

Koji stepped forward. “But the opening ceremonies are at 10 this morning. It’s nine o’clock right now. If you miss it, you’ll be disqualified!”

The whole group started feeling déjà vu.

Karin scratched her head. “I think something like this has happened before…. But wasn’t it with Ikki and the World Robattle Tournament?”

Spyke faced them all. “That doesn’t matter right now. If Amber just wants to Robattle, she’ll have to wait until the tournament. But it’s personal now. She has Sam.”

DTT and Jessie sobbed. “<It’s so BEAUTIFUL!>” They said in unison.

Ikki raised a fist. “If it’s a big blow out Amber wants, it’s a blow out she’s gonna get. I’ll help rescue Sam.”

Erika shook her head. “I must be crazy but, I’ll go too!”

“Naru-Sama would have it no other way! The Phantom Renegade with assist.”

Koji half-smiled. “What? As if I would sit on the sidelines? I’m going too!”

They all cheered. Amber was going to get more than she had bargained for.


All the little Medabot heads poked out of the bus windows.

“Hey, should we hijack the bus and head for Vegas?” Metabee shouted to Peppercat.

“Not yet! We have to go save Boss first!”

Rokusho picked up Baton. He got out of the bus and started to walk down the road. “I think we’ve done all we can here. Pete is gone. He’s got a wandering spirit. All I can do is hope he’ll find a true home…. someday….”

The robotic bird sweat dropped and thought, ‘He’s ONLY a TURTLE!! WHY does everyone like him so much?!?!?!’


Amber tapped her foot. Her captive was asleep and tied up in a chair behind her. Hopefully, Samantha wouldn’t wake up for awhile.

The door burst open and the whole Medabot’s gang barged in.

Amber sneered. “You coward! How dare you bring all you’re little friends into this!”

“Hey! We’re here by CHOISE!” various members shouted.

Samantha woke up. She noticed her situation immediately.


Amber slapped a sticker over Sam’s mouth. In bold Japanese writing it read, “INTOLERABLE.”

Sam made muffled screams.

“Hey! You can’t say that in a kid’s fic!” Amber told her.

Everyone else was getting annoyed.

“Are you ready to Robattle?!” Spyke asked.

Amber patted Bigbear’s head. “More than ready! He can take all of ya!”

“All right then! It’s agreed!”

Ikki screamed. A man who looked a LOT like Mr. Referee popped out of nowhere. He was quite a bit younger and had black hair.

“Who the heck are YOU?!?!”

“I declare this an official robattle between Amber and the Expo Tour’s Team. As such, I will act as referee, me, Jr. Referee. Medafights ready?”

Everyone nodded.

“Medabots, ROBATTLE!”


“Go, Krosserdog!”





Peppercat charged in.

Karin turned to Neutra Nurse. “You can heal our team when they get injured.”

Metabee, Krosserdog, and Brass handled the long-rang attack. The fired at Bigbear from a distance. Sumilidon and Peppercat ran forward. Sumilidon swiped the bear with his claw. Peppercat shocked his other side.

“We got ‘im!” Rintaro yelled. For the first time since he let Pete go he was happy.

“No, look!” shouted Koji. Bigbear didn’t even have a scratch. “His armor is much to thick!”

Amber grinned. “Bigbear, it’s time to go on the full-out attack!”

Bigbear smashed into the firing Medabots with his thick head. They fell backwards while sparks flew everywhere.

“He’s a heavyweight.” Ikki pointed out. “That means he can’t be very fast!”

“I’m on it! Sumilidon! Hammer-Fist!” ordered Koji.

Sumilidon hit Bigbear in many places, but not one of them did any good. The bear just threw his weight onto his opponent.

Amber laughed insanely.


Bullets came at them from nowhere. The Expo Team was losing badly. Karin got an idea. She made one of her legs go limp.

“Karin! Are you okay?” Koji asked worriedly.

“I think… I think a bullet hit my ankle…”

Koji narrowed his eyes at Bigbear. He shouted orders into his Medawatch.

From then on, everything started to unfold as if in slow motion…

Metabee went down. Brass threw herself in the line of fire so he wouldn’t get hit anymore….

Krosserdog was thrown back into Spyke’s arms. Tears streamed down his Medafighter’s face….

Peppercat glanced up from where she lay on the ground. She saw where Bigbear’s hidden cannon was. Slowly, she stood up and charged at him….

The Phantom Renegade ran at Amber. She punched at him, and soon they were engaged in a fistfight….

Samantha looked up and saw that DTT and JH had snuck in the back way. They began to untie her ropes….

Peppercat threw her hand into Bigbear’s mouth, and shocked him with all she had….

Spyke screamed….

Bigbear’s medal ejected from his back….

The speed in which everything happened returned to normal.

“Function ceased!” Jr. Referee shouted, making everything go silent. “The winner is the Expo Tour’s Team!”

The silence lasted several moments. Samantha stood up and said, “You did it!”

She rush forward. Spyke stood and prepared to be showered in hugs and kisses.

Sam ran past him and hugged Peppercat.

“You did it Peppercat! You found Bigbear’s hidden cannon and won!”

“It was in his mouth the whole time.” Peppercat explained.

Spyke face-faulted. He just stayed on the ground with Krosserdog.

Brass sat on her knees and faced Metabee. “Are you alright?’

“I’m fine… thanks to you.” Metabee admitted. Brass’ eyes shined.


She squeezed him into a bear hug.

Ikki put an arm around Erika.

“I was wondering when they’d finally do that!” said Erika. She smiled and took a picture of it.

Meanwhile, Karin had told Koji about her “injury.”

“Karin my dear, are you SURE you’re okay?”

“I told you Koji, I was just kidding!”

“I love you Karin.”

“I know.”

Koji and Neutra Nurse tended to Sumilidon.

Amber had her arms around Bigbear, but her eyes were on the ground.

“I lost… again.” She said quietly. The Phantom Renegade looked at Amber thoughtfully. Then he looked at Rintaro.

He tapped her on the shoulder and said, “There’s someone I’d like you to meet…”

DTT looked down at her watch. “<AAAAHHHHHH!!>”

“What is it?” Ikki asked. DTT showed him her watch. “AHHH! It’s 10:25!! We missed the Expo!!”

Koji’s jaw hit the floor. “WHAT?!?!?!”

Erika, Ikki, and The Phantom approached Sam with danger in their eyes.

“I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!” they screamed. Samantha sweat dropped and imagined the debt she’d be in if she gave them a refund.

“Um… you DID pay to sightsee, didn’t you?” she asked slowly. “Or else you would have just taken a plane, right? So, since we missed the tournament, we get to do some extra touring!”

Spyke popped up beside her. “So, in other words…” He held up and sign that said,


The Medabots had gathered with them.

“So, we’re going sight-seeing?” Sumilidon asked.


“<That can only mean that the story isn’t over yet!>” Jessie shouted excitedly.

Sam struck another pose. “You bet! We have to get home and have a lot of fun doing so!”

Everyone cheered.


Jr. Referee: Stay tuned for the Epilogue of “Sam’s Tours.” Will anything happen between Rinatro and Amber? What kind of fate has befallen Pete? What is my Mom cooking for dinner? All of these questions, well maybe not ALL of them, will be answered and more on the next chapter!


~(JH: Ah. The last chapie done. I feel relieved and sad all at the same time. At least I still have the Epilogue. This has been so much fun, and I hope Chapie Six has been as funny and fresh as people keep telling Chapter One was. I flatter myself to think I can do a LOT with a bunch of people, a tour bus, and a banana cream pie. Please e-mail me and stay tuned!!)~ 

Song Credits:

Moonlight Legend from Sailor Moon 

Japanese Guide:

Baka = “Idiot” or “You Idiot”

Nani = “What”

Naru-Sama = Lady Naru

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