Epilogue (No Need For An Ending)
By JessieHeart


Sam folded her arms across her chest.

“No. No way what so ever.”

“Dude, come on! Please?”


The tour had gone back to the bus and everyone had gotten on, except Rintaro and Samantha. Rintaro was trying to get the Screw’s leader to let Amber on the tour.

“Come ON! I can pay for her!” Rintaro offered.

Sam looked at the former Ankle Biter. She was blushing seven shades of red from behind Rintaro. For some reason those two had found they had a lot in common. Rintaro was very…. Uh, FOND of Amber.

Samantha pointed at her. “If I let you on, there will be NO killing of my boyfriend, okay?”

Amber nodded. They boarded the bus and Sam began to drive off.

Henry looked out the pack window, pressing his face against it.



(Two Days Later, Still In China)

Samantha put Jessie and DTT on a train headed in the direction of Germany. She bought them a USEFULL map, and made them sit right next to the conductor’s room.

Sam used her small Chinese ability to speak to a train official. “*These two have no sense of direction. Please make sure they get off at the right stop. They speak practically every language except Chinese. Do you know a little of any other language?*”

The man thought. “*My kid got me to learn some Elfian. But that’s it.*”

Sam turned to Jessie. “Do you speak Elfian?”

The two lost-girls smiled. In unison they said, “Kummeck ims powd!!!”

The man shrugged. “*Apparently so.*”

Samantha got off and joined the tour group, who were there to watch JH and DTT leave.

The train began to pull away. DTT and Jessie leaned out the windows and shouted goodbye and some Egyptian dialect.

“I wonder what D-T-T stood for.” Metabee wondered out loud. Everyone pondered at the mystery.

“I guess we’ll never know……”


(Later That Week, Still Touring China)

Karin, Erika, and Samantha walked out of some Chinese hospital. No one else knew they had gone there. Sam laughed.

“This is too funny to keep a secret.” She said.

Erika agreed with her. “But,” she warned. “Karin should get to tell him.”

Karin ran her hand over her stomach and giggled.


(Same Day)

Ikki had gone gift shopping with Metabee. The girls had gone off somewhere, so he wanted to by a souvenir.

He was looking at the ground when he bumped right into someone. The someone apologized three times before Ikki got a good look at him.

Metabee pointed his finger in the guy’s face. “AAAHHHHHHH! RUBBER-ROBO!!!”

It joined his Medabot in the screaming. The man Ikki had run into was Seaslug of the Rubber-Robo Gang. (Didn’t think we’d be seeing HIM now did you? –JH) Even though Seaslug wasn’t wearing a rubber costume, they recognized him.

Seaslug shushed them urgently. “Quiet! I’m not a Rubber-Robo anymore! The Gang split years ago!”

Ikki cocked his head to one side. “Oh. What ever happened to you guys? I figured you moved out of the country to terrorize someone else.”

Seaslug shook his head. “Nope. GillGirl got a job at a noodle restaurant. SquidGuts is on Official ice cream taster. That’s the one thing he can do without messing up.”

“What about that baby guy?” asked Metabee.

“ShrimpLips dyed his hair red and is holding down a steady job as ‘Rusty The Boy Robot.’”

Metabee snapped his metal fingers. “I should have guessed that was him!”

“And, what about you?” Ikki asked. He had barely said the question when a woman’s voice called out, “Oh, Seamore!”

Seaslug, also called ‘Seamore’, blushed. The familiar Miss Caviar walked up and latched herself onto his arm.

“Seamore, I found this cute little chocolate shop. Let’s go!”

Ikki stuttered, “Mis-Mis- Miss CAVIAR?!?!”

“Oh, hello Ikki! I haven’t seen you in awhile. Have you met my husband, Seamore?”

Ikki just stood there with his jaw open. Metabee dragged him away before things got any weirder.

“I guess… they had to go……”


Pete wandered into a store with a big sign that read, “Pet Shop.”

An anime girl named Zookeeper picked him up and smothered him in hugs. The she tried to feed him toilet paper.


(Next day, A Shopping Spree In China!!)

The girls had dragged their guy’s over to look at jewelry. When it came to expensive pretty things, even Amber and Sam were getting along.

Spyke and Krosserdog drifted on their own. A lovely piece of jewelry caught Spyke’s eye.

‘It’s beautiful.’ He thought. Then Spyke got his first actual idea.


(Two Weeks Later, Back In Japan.)

The Group stood in a line wearing kimonos. They were lucky enough to come across a kimono festival on their way home. Each person wore a kimono matching the color of their Medabot. It had taken Karin awhile to find a kimono that FIT. The Medabot’s had shinned their parts so they would look their best.

Sam and Spyke walked down the lane of food stands together.

“Okay,” Samantha said, “You go for the popcorn. I’ll get the fried noodles!!”

“GO!” they shouted at the same time. They ran off and came back two seconds later with lots of food. The started walking again, stuffing good things to eat in their mouths.

“Look at Amber and Rintaro.” Sam said between bites. “They look like the letter ‘b’ standing side-by-side. You know, one short and one tall.”

Rintaro shared his cotton candy with Amber. They looked so happy together.

Erika was standing with Ikki. He was talking on a cell phone.

“WHAT?!?!” he yelled into it. “NO WAY!!” There was a pause. “Okay, thanks.”

Sam, Spyke, Rintaro, Amber and Henry joined him.

“What is it?”

“That was Salty’s dog-sitter.” Ikki explained. “She said that Salty’s girlfriend had puppies!!” He grinned happily and kissed Erika.

Karin walked up, dragging a stunned Koji behind her.

“I… I… I… I…” he kept saying. He was in complete shock.

“What’s with him?” asked Amber.

Karin smiled in her sweet way. “Oh, I just told Koji that I’m not having just one baby.” She held up her fingers. “I’m going to have triplets.”

Koji remained still. “I… I… I…”

Ikki and Spyke lost it. Their reactions were no better than Koji’s.

“I…. I…” Koji snapped out of it. “I WAS SO UNEXPECTING!!!”

Ikki moaned, “How can she be having THREE?!?! Man, three mini-Koji’s for me to deal with…….”

Erika raised her eyebrows. “You mean… you didn’t notice how, um, big Karin’s gotten in barely two months?”

Samantha smiled. “This is so great. All we need now is some five-star ending.”

Spyke spoke up. “Okay, I’ve got one.” He got down on one knee in front of Sam. He took a small blue box out of his kimono. He opened it and showed the ring inside. It had three small diamonds on a simple silver band. “Boss, I mean, Samantha, will you-“


Sam jumped on Spyke and kissed him. Everyone politely looked away.

Henry suddenly looked very determined. “I have to go call Naru!! I have to ask her something!!” He said, then dashed off.

None of the Medabot’s were aware of anything that just happened. They ran around and played festival games until Metabee got lost.


The wedding went by like a blur. Samantha DID wear white, contrast to what anyone would have thought. Spyke was very nervous and Sloan was called in to be his best man. He was disappointed that he had missed the tour and all the crazy things that had happened. Amber and Karin were bride’s maids, but Erika got to be the Maid of Honor. Peppercat was the flower girl. Krosserdog was the ring-bearer.

Rintaro cried the whole time. However, he did manage to whistle at Amber in her cute bride’s maid dress.

Koji watched for a little while, but mostly he just looked at his book of baby names.

Metabee held hands with Brass.

Henry stood in the back with his arm around Naru.

Then, just as suddenly, the wedding was all over…… The tour had ended.


(About Eight Months Later)

Samantha walked through front the door. She shuffled through the mail and walked into the living room. Spyke was in there.

“Hey Sam! How’s Koji and Karin?” he asked. Samantha had just come from their mansion.

“They’re just fine. The triplets are the cutest little girls you ever saw.” She smiled. “Koji loves them to death. They all have wispy black hair and Karin’s blue eyes. Oh yeah, on the way home I ran into Erika Tenryo at the clinic.”

“We haven’t gotten together with them since their wedding.”

“No, I went to Erika’s baby shower. She’s gotten pretty big. She says that pregnancy is really tough, with all the nausea and things.”

“By the way, what were YOU doing at the clinic, Sam?”

“Oh, that. I have something to tell you… I just hope you don’t freak out the way you did about Karin’s baby…”



(Several MORE Later)

Ikki and Koji arrived at the hospital where Spyke was having a nervous breakdown. Sam was in labor, and Spyke was kicked out of the room.

“I can’t stand the sight of blood.” He admitted to Koji and Ikki. Though he looked calm, he had popped the armrest off the chair he was sitting on. Krosserdog patted his master’s hand, and Peppercat sat just outside the delivery room’s door, twitching her tail.

Koji tried to calm him down by telling him stories about his girls; Cassady, Katie and Amy. But Spyke wasn’t really listening. He was too nervous.

A nurse came out of Sam’s room and found Spyke. She was wearing a white dress and mask over her mouth and nose. Spyke jumped up.

“Is Sam okay?!” he asked.

“Yes.” The nurse said. Then she smiled. “So is the baby. It’s a beautiful-“

Ikki tried to imagine what was worse, a mini Spyke or Samantha.

“Baby boy.”

Ikki and Koji sighed. Neither of them could stand another Sam in the world. Spyke started to cry.

“I’m a daddy!”

He grabbed Ikki’s shirt and sobbed into it. The nurse walked away and around the corner. There. She met another nurse. They both took off their masks and laughed.

Without their masks you could tell they were JessieHeart and DTT.

Jessie whipped out her laptop, and concluded her fanfic.


~(Could it really be the end? I might just come out with a sequel. Now THAT would be insane. *BTW, the character ‘Zookeeper’ doesn’t belong to me, and I do not claim to own her. She can not be stolen are used without the permission of her creator.* ANYways, I hope you enjoyed this fic as much as I liked writing it. Me and DTT will continue to travel the anime world, hidden and writing down the un-recorded events we see. I won’t say goodbye.

So with lots of love- JH)~

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