By Carlos del Campo 


Its 3 o' clock on Friday, the student's from Riverview Junior High were waiting for the bell to ring. Our friends Ikky, Ericka, Sloan, Spike and Samantha were particularly anxious. We can see Metabee, Brass, Totalizer, Krosserdog and Peppercat waiting outside playing around. 

At 5 past 3 the principal entered the classroom followed by Samurai and a little girl.

The principal told the class: 
Principal : "Hello boys thank you for waiting, this is Jessica she will be with you on this course" 
Jessica : "Hello" (blushing). 

Ikky just stood there watching that new girl like a goddess he didn't know it but his face had gone red. Ericka watched him with dislikeness and then gave an angry look at her competition. 

The day passed as normal for all the kids. 


The next day on break time the kids were playing with their Medabots when an impressive Robo-Emperor (the industrial one not the bad one) appeared followed by the sweet little Jessica. 

Jessica : "Good Morning all" (with a big smile)  
Ikky : "Hello Jessica my name is Ikky" 
Jessica : Ikky?!?!? Ikky Tenryou ???? The Third Ranked Meda-Fighter in Japan?????" 
Ikky (blushed) : "Hehehe yes that's me" 
Jessica : "Can I see Metabee????" 
Metabee : "Who wants to see Metabee??" 
Jessica : "Oh my God it is you!?!?!?!!?" 

Samantha and Ericka stared at each other with a angry face, of course Samantha didn't lost her chance of telling the people that Ikky was her best student. 

Rintaro : "Hey dudes , was up with the fine lady?" 
Ikky : "RINTARO more respect for Jessica she is new in this school" 
Rintaro : "Sorry dude I didn't knew you had a crush on her" 
Ikky : "I don't have a crush on her?!?!?!?!?" 
Jessica : "You don't??" 

Ericka's was as angry as a bull, she felt annoyed by that little rascal and she wasn't in the mood to deal with competition very well; so she finally exploded 

Ericka : "Jessica I want a RoBattle with you now" 
Jessica : "Ok it might be fun" 

Voice : Then its agreed; I Mr. Referee will act as referee and officially announce this battle as a submission battle the first Medabots that ceases the other Medabot function is the winner. 

Ericka : "Ok Brass lets do this girl" 
Brass : "Yes Miss Ericka" 
Jessica : "Robo-Emperor Go" 
Robo-Emperor : "Why of course" 

To be Continued................. 


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