By Carlos del Campo 

Chapter II


Last Time we saw our Friends Ericka was RoBattling with this little cute girl called Jessica 

Ericka: Ok Brass run towards, and shoot to its legs 

Brass: “Yes Miss Ericka” 

Jessica : Robo-Emperor shoot missiles

Robo-Emperor : “HAHAHA see you later alligator”

The missiles were going strait against Brass when there´s a flash, the missiles are on the ground cut by the half and Rokusho standing with his Chambara Sword sparkling 

Rokusho : “No need for RoBattles in personal vendetas”

Ericka : How dare you!???!! (she turns and goes away criyng)

Jessica : You didn´t need to be so cold 

Rokusho : “Cold?? Sorry, my functions of permanent alert always give me this attitude”


The next day the class went to visit the Rosewood Private School to see if they could find Karin and Koji, what they found was Koji shouting at Karin at the doors of the school, the reason?? Karin’s lack of atentions towards him.

Koji : You never share your lunch with me 

Karin : I didn´t knew that could affect you so much (her eyes started getting wet)

That was much more that Ikki could tolerate, he went towards Koji with a big determination, he called Metabee and was going to call Koji for a RoBattle, when the gate-keeper from Rosewood appeared ans started chasing our friends.

Jessica : Why are we running.... Weren´t we guests??? 

Ericka : Wake up Midget you think Rosewood would allowe people like you to enter this school?? Please!!! Get Real!!

Jessica : Sorry it was just a question 

When they finally lost the gate-keeper they were aout of the school on the bad part of town.

Metabee : “Hey I think I know this place” 

Ikki : Yes this is where Coach Mountain fought for the playground. To bad the City Hall didn´t give him the permission to buikd it.

Deep Voice : *Hi ya kids* 

Dark Voice : *I think your lost aren´t you??* 

Scary Voice : * This is not your neighborhood GO AWAY*


Finally Friday again, the kids were having a relaxing moment on the bridge when the 3 men appeared again.

Deep Voice : *I thought we told you this wasn´t your neighborhood* 

Ikki : This is our neighborhood, you are the ones out of their playground 

Karin : Playground?? 

Jessica : It´s a way of speakin Ikky uses it all the time

Ericka : What do you mean??????

Ericka was like a tea pot, and as red as a tomatoe

Dark Voice : Are you kids looking for a RoBattle????

Koji : Aren´t you guys too big for having Medabots 

Ikky : Ok let´s do it  

Ikky : Let´s go Metabee

Koji : Ok Sumilidon 

Rintaro : Kintaro go dude

Deep Voice : Go Pirastar 

Dark Voice: Go Piraskull 

Scary Voice : Go Snowbro

What will happen in this exciting RoBattle you´ll have to wait. 



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