By Carlos del Campo 

Chapter III


Remember last Episode????? No????? Why didn't you see it????? Well ok: Ikky, Rintaro and Koji were about to start a RoBattle against three mysterious guys.

Space Medafighter X : Koji, Rintaro this is not your fight let me, Ikky and Rokusho take care of it.

Rintaro: What??? No dude come on.

Rokusho: He is right get out of here Koji take everybody out of here.

Koji: All right (a little bit annoyed) Ericka, Karin Jessica lets get out!!!. Jessica??? JESSICA!!!!!!!!!

Jessica has just disappeared. She is nowhere in sight. But we will come back later with that little detail after the RoBattle.

Deep Voice : Pirastar Attack those crying babies with your Sword.

Space Medafighter X: Arcbettle Tri-Blaster

Feminine Robotic Voice : 100% Damage Left Arm

SMX : Ja you can't beat my Arcbettle. Arcbettle prepare Max Power!!!

Feminine Robotic Voice: ArcBettle Max Power Ready

SMX : Prepare yourself for the Midnight Sun. The Providence. Arcbettle Fire.

Deep Voice: What??? Pirastar!!!!! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Function Ceased.

Dark Voice: JAJAJAJA beaten by a youngster that's awful. Piraskull blast those pests with your mosquet.

Rokusho : I don't think so, Hammer Punch!!!!!.

Feminine Robotic Voice: 90% Damage Head Eminent Ceased Function.

Dark Voice: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

Rokusho: That's all Chambara Sword!!!!!!!

Feminine Robotic Voice: Function Ceased.

Scary Voice: Incredible beaten by a No Medafighter-Medabot. This is how its done, Snowbro get that kid.

Metabee: Nobody touches Metabee Medafighter.

Ikky: Metabee lets melt this snowball

Scary Voice: Snowbro use your freeze attack!!

Ikky: Metabee use your seeker missiles now!!!!!

A deep and loud explosion is heard, a big thick cloud of smoke it's shown, after that

Feminine Robotic Voice: Snowbro Function Ceased.

Scary Voice: NO!?!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!?

Deep Voice: Let's get outta here!!!!! Now!!!!!

The three punks ran away as fast as they could our three heroes were talking around, congratulating each other when a big noise is heard and a big Robo-Emperor appears followed by his Medafighter.

Meanwhile in Medabots Inc. Miss Caviar was developing a new way of transmission between the Medabots and their Medafighters when a big bang is heard at the front gate. As she reaches for the emergency panel. She notices some strange information coming to her computer in the shape of Binary Codes!!!!

What could this Binary Code possibly means????

Well back with our three Japan elite we find them astonished as the Giant Robo-Emperor (not Giganko) approaches, with his medafighter on his shoulder.

Robo-Emperor's Medafighter: Finally Three birds with one shot. Now my team is the one that will go to the World RoBattle Championship.

Who is Robo-Emperor's Medafighter????? What are his plans?????? Well I guess you will have to wait until next time.


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