I am a fan of the show Medabots.  I do not own any of the characters but I made up a term.


The Unique Metals

Chapter 1: The Legend


On a dark and stormy night, the Phantom Renegade was looking for Rare Metals.  He hated the fact he was having no luck.  He leaped from building to building.  He was always looking.  He also was getting very wet.

“This is ridiculous,” the Phantom Renegade said. “I have spent too much time looking.  When will I find those Rare Metals?”

His question was quickly answered as three wild Medabots appeared at the side of his eye.

“What’s that?” he quickly said.

He quickly but not to swiftly landed close to the three wild Medabot.  He got up and sneaked in close.  From the bushes he saw three unknown Medabots.  They were fighting and doing a lot of damage to everything but each other.

“Whoa,” the Phantom Renegade said. “These Medabots must have Rare Metals.”

He wanted to get the Metals but a blast from the silver Medabot destroyed his cover.

“Oh no.” the Phantom Renegade said.

The three Medabots looked angry.

“A human.” The black Medabot said.

“I think he is the Phantom Renegade.” The green Medabot said.

“If he’s looking for Rare Metals,” the silver Medabot said. “He’s out of luck.  We are the owners of the three Unique Metals.”
”What are Unique Metals?” the Phantom Renegade asked.

“You’ll never find out,” the green Medabot said. “Teleport Gate.”

A gate opened behind the Phantom Renegade and sucked him into it.  The Phantom was teleported to a whole other place.  Namely the roof of the 24 Hour Hop Mart.

“Man, I will find out what Unique Metals are.” The Phantom Renegade said.


Narrator: Will the Phantom Renegade find out who and what the unknown Medabots are?  And what are Unique Metals?  Find out on the next Medabots.


Today’s Robattle: The three unknown Medabots’ robattle is undecided.  More Medabots-More Power.


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