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The Unique Metals

Chapter 2: The Rumor


It was one week ago since the first spotting of the unknown Medabots.  Of course only the Phantom Renegade saw them.  And he didn’t get a good look.  But as the day went one, Ikki and Metabee we heading back from school.

“This was a slow day.” Metabee said.

“I know,” Ikki said. “School was boring.  There is no one to robattle.  Plus Erika was bugging me all day.”

“About what?” Metabee asked.

“About some rumor the Screws made up.” Ikki said.

Metabee stopped short.

“Like what rumor?” Metabee asked a little worried.

“Just something about…” Ikki started.

“Ikki!  Ikki!” Erika said running to Ikki.

She stopped because she is out of breath.  But Brass was a Medabot and she didn’t need to breath.

“Sir Ikki, Metabee,” Brass said. “Miss Erika was looking high and low for you.”

Erika signaled for a moment to catch her breath.  It took her a moment.

“Okay, okay,” Erika said. “I heard from the Screws that there are three Unique Medabots with three Unique Metals.”

“I told her it was a lie,” Brass said. “After all, it was the Screws.”

“But Henry said he saw the three.” Erika said.

Metabee started to panic.  He pulled away Brass.

“What are you?  Insane?” Metabee said. “The Medafighters shouldn’t know about the three Unique Medabots.”

“I couldn’t help it,” Brass said. “Miss Erika is very inquisitive.”

“Well she’s being a pain in my…” Metabee said.

“Uh Metabee,” Ikki said. “What are you and Brass talking about?”

The two Medabots panicked.

“Nothing, nothing.” Metabee lied.

“Didn’t sound like nothing.” Ikki said.

“I think they’re talking about how we are going to beat you.” A raspy girl’s voice said.

The four looked.  It was the Screws and the one that spoke was Samantha.

“You again.” Ikki said.

“And we know the rumor of the Unique Medabots and Metals are real.” Samantha said.

“Plus once we find them we’ll take all three of them on.  Right boss?” Spyke said.

“Stop calling me boss,” Samantha said. “Anyway.  Peppercat needs the practice.  So I challenge you Ikki and Metabee to a robattle.”

“I accept.” Ikki said.

“Same here.”

“Then it’s agreed,” A man said. “I officially declare this to be a submission robattle,”

Everyone looked around.  They saw an old man was standing on a pole.  He jumped down and landed not as he wanted.

“With this robattle I’ll be the referee,” the man said, “me, Mr. Referee.  The rules are simple.  The first Medabot that ceases to function loses.  And must summit a Medapart to the winner for keeps.  Medabots ready,”

The four nodded: Ikki, Metabee, Samantha and Peppercat.

“Medabots: Robattle!”


The two Medabot charged at each other.

“Laser Cannon.” Metabee attacked.

Metabee fired but Peppercat was dodging every shot.

“Now Peppercat: Spark Attack.” Samantha ordered.

Peppercat’s claw sparked as she punched Metabee.

“Warning: Left Arm Damage: 60%.  Right Arm Damage: 45%.” The Medawatch said.

“Be careful,” Ikki said. “Peppercat has light armor.”

“I know that.” Metabee said.

“Wait for Peppercat to get in close.” Ikki said.

Peppercat ran in without thinking.

Once she was two feet away Ikki ordered, “Metabee: Fire Homing Missiles.”

“Missiles Launch.” Metabee said.

He fired his missile and before Samantha or Peppercat could react the missiles hit.  Peppercat powered down as her metal popped out.

“Function Cease,” Mr. Referee said. “The winner is: Metabee.”

“Dude, I rock.” Metabee said.  

“Fine,” Samantha said. “You won.  But I’ll be the one that’ll defeat the three Unique Medabots.”

“You mean us?  Right boss?” Spyke said.

“Uh… Yes… and stop calling me boss.” Samantha said.


On the building beyond their eye sight was the three Medabots.

“So the humans are after us.” The black Medabot said.

“I think they want our metals.” The silver Medabot said.

“If they can find us It’ll be fate.  But defeating me will be impossible.” The green Medabot said.

“Defeating you is too easy.  But I’m tougher.” The black one said.

“But I’m the hardest.” The silver one said.

The two others got mad and they started to fight.


Narrator: Who are the three Unique Medabots?  What are the three Unique Metals?  And will they stop fighting each other to fight the Medabots?  Find out on the next Medabots.


Today’s robattle: Peppercat loses legs to Metabee.  More Medabots-More Power.


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