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The Unique Metals

Chapter 3: Who’s That Medabot?


After a few days the three unknown Medabots were jumping from place to place.  They were arguing with each other.

“Stupid human,” the black one said, “with their terrible Medafighters.”

“What did you expect?  Those Medabots are not self-aware.” The silver one said.

“Plus some of them have rare metals,” the green one said. “Inferior versions of our Unique Metal in length of power.”

“The Medaforce is strong but compared to me,” the silver one said. “It is useless.”

“It is useless compared to me not you.” The black one said.

“You’re both useless,” the green one said. “I am the strongest and you two know it.”

The three started to fight again.  But they stopped short.

“This is getting us nowhere.” The black one said.

“For once I agree.” The green one said.

“Then what can we do?” the silver one asked.

“We can fight the humans’ Medabots.” The black one said.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” the silver one said. “But he’s right.”

“What’s not to believe?” the black one said.

“I’m not touching that.” The green one said.

The black was wanted to blast the green one into atoms.  But his beef was with the humans’ Medabots.  The three leaped off and to the Medafighters.


As they did so, all the Medafighters were at the 24 Hour Hop Shop.  They were looking through the updated catalog for a Medabot with the attack: Teleport Gate.  But none of them looked even capable to teleport themselves without a Medawatch.  Even Rokusho was clueless.  Unfortunately he was not speechless.

“Do you think there are any Medabots like the ones you saw?” Rokusho asked.

“No,” Henry said. “It was dark and the Medabots were very secretive.”

“They sound like bigger Medabums then when I first met Rokusho.” Metabee said.

“True but they must be very rare and powerful.” Ikki said.

“I would love to take a picture of them.” Erica said.

“But Miss Erica,” Brass said. “They may be dangerous.”

“I know they're dangerous.” Peppercat said.

“Why do you think that?” Samantha asked.

“No real reason.” Peppercat said.

“It must be the Unique Metals.” Henry said.

All the Medabots panicked.

“What’s wrong with you all?” Spyke asked. “You Medabots act up every time we mention the Unique Metals.”

“But boss,” Cyandog said. “We’re only trying to protect you humans.”

“I see,” Spyke said. “And stop calling me boss.”

Everyone sighed.


After a minute, the three Medabots appeared.  The black one attacked.

“Shadow Attack.”

He fired at the ground near everyone.  As they looked, the ground zapped turned dark and faded out.

“What was that?” Karin asked.

They looked at the Medabots in shock.

“It’s you!” Ikki said.

“Who were you expecting?  The Mon Colle Knights?” the green one asked.

Everyone looked confused.

“I got to take a picture of them.” Erica said.

She grabbed her camera as the black one took aim.

“Shadow Attack.”

As the blast of pure darkness came at Erica, Brass tackled her.  She knocked Erica out of the way but the camera was hit.

“My camera!” Erica said. “Brass how could you.”

“Look.” Metabee said.

The camera was drained of all color as it turned black.  It then faded out.

“That… that could have been Erica.” Koji said.

“Brass,” Erica said. “Thanks.”

“Who are you?” Samantha demanded.

The black one stepped forward.  He was a big Medabot with vents on his arms.  He seemed to hover a little.  His face looked like a demon, his eyes to bright red.

“I am Shadowwall.”


Medabot Stats

Name: Shadowwall

Type: Shadow-SDW

Number: 451084

Medafighter: None

Specialty: Shadow Attacks


The green one was next.  She looked like a worm.  She had legs with a lot of armor.  Her arms were blaster with fingers around them.  Her face looked like her mouth was sewn up.  Her eyes were golden.

“I am Telewarper.”


Medabot Stats

Name: Telewarper

Type: Worm-IDT

Number: 093852

Medafighter: None

Specialty: Teleporting


The final one walked up.  He looked like a wizard.  He had an orb on his arms and didn’t seem to have a lot of armor.


“I am the strongest of them all,” he said. “I am Silverspell.”


Medabot Stats

Name: Silverspell

Type: Magical-SPL

Number: 011001

Medafighter: None

Specialty: Magic Attacks


Everyone was confused.

“I never heard of Medabots named that.” Rokusho said.

“Yeah and I never saw any Medabots like them.” Metabee said.

“We were invented for a reason,” Telewarper said. “But that’ll be a secret.”

“You Medabots are primitive,” Shadowwall said. “And since us three cannot decide who is the strongest.  We decided on one thing.  The only thing we ever agreed on.”

“What?” Erica asked.

“We want to take all you human loving Medadorks on in a robattle.”

“Well then…” Metabee started to say.

“I accept your challenge.” Rokusho said.

Everyone looked at Rokusho.

“Are you insane?” Ikki demanded. “You don’t have a Medafighter.”

“Us neither,” Silverspell said. “And if I win.  Then I take your Metal.”

“Fine,” Rokusho said proudly. “But I will not lose.”

The two stared off.

“Then it’s agreed,” an old man said.

As very one looked, the old man appeared from a cloud of smoke.

“I decree this in official robattle,” the old man said. “As of which I will be the referee.  Me, Mr. Referee,”

Silverspell was annoyed.

“This is the first time I refereed a non-Medafighter robattle.  Oh well,” Mr. Referee said. “Medabots ready,”

The two nodded.

“Medabots: Robattle.”

Rokusho charged at Silverspell.

“Samurai Sword.”

Rokusho slashed at Silverspell but he missed and missed badly.  He slashed wildly but missed every time.

“He’s fast.” Cyandog said.

“Must be the light armor.” Neutranurse said.

Silverspell heard that and purposely got hit.  He got hit several times in a row but seemed not to take even a dent.  Rokusho backed off in shock.

“I put all my strength in it,” Rokusho said. “How can you withstand my hits?”

“My armor is light,” Silverspell said. “But strong.  Stronger than any Medabot on the market.”

“That’s way he was discontinued.” Ikki said.

“Wrong,” Silverspell said. “I am unique for a different reason.”

Rokusho was mad, extremely mad.  He did a last resort move.  Focusing all his power from his Rare Metal he aimed and yelled, “Medaforce,”

He fired at Silverspell.  Oddly he didn’t dodge.  In fact, he moved in the direct path of the attack.  It was a critical hit.

“Got ya.” Rokusho said.

As Mr. Referee was going to end the robattle, was smoke cleared and Silverspell was standing strong.

“Impossible.” Ikki said.

Silverspell glared at Rokusho. He raised his arm with the orb on it.

“Spell of Darkness.”

He fired a blast of some unknown energy force.  It hit Rokusho with more force than anyone could have predicted.  Rokusho powered down and his metal popped out.

“Function ceased,” Mr. Referee said. “The winner is: Silverspell.”

Everyone was shocked and dismayed.  They never saw Rokusho’s metal pop out.  Silverspell took the metal and laughed.

“Is that the best you got?” he said.

“I’m better.” Metabee said.

“The next time we meet,” Silverspell said. “We’ll take on another Medabot and their metal.”

The three laughed as they leaped away.

“They took the metal…” Ikki said.

“Rokusho…” Brass said in sorrow.


Narrator: Is this the last time we see Rokusho?  Will the Unique Medabots strike again?  And who’ll be their next victim?  Find out on the next: Medabots.


Today’s robattle: The three Medabots are introduced and Silverspell defeats Rokusho and takes his metal.  More Medabots-More Power.


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