Robo Romance

 By Jedi-and


Disclaimer: I own nothing… life hates me sometimes… except made-up robots


Authors note:

Hiya, I’m back. This is my first attempt at a Medabot romance… or even a Medabot fic… so please go easy on me... but still review, only one of my 5 fics is liked. It’s kind of sad. (Sigh) anyway, on with the show, Enjoy (or hate)


Chapter one: it starts…


 “What about this one?”

“Oh yes miss Erika. That is defiantly you.” Erika and brass was out shopping. It was a typical summer in Japan, all the Medabots followed there masters around all of summer, so they can spend time with each other before they have to go to school or work.  At this point in time, Brass had to help ‘admire’ dresses and new cloths with Erika. Though she always seemed to wear the same stuff. She ignored the feeling of complete boredom and turned on her ‘girly’ side. For a laugh she walked over to the rack of tops and held one ageist herself, it was far to big, so it was more like a full-length dress. Erika just laughed. She put it back and looked out of the store.

“Brass? What about… Brass?” Erika called to her bot, however her minds where on other matters…


For outside was the only bot in probably the country that had a master, but did not follow him. Medabee. She felt the panels on her face heat up a little and they turned red. She didn’t know what she was feeling; she had known Medabee for a while now. They hung out quite a lot, and when either one of them had a problem they always talked. He looked over at her, and in doing so; he made her entire face turn red. The bright magenta was quite visible but she tried to hide it.

“Um… Brass?”  Brass nearly jumped out of her Medaparts, she turned on her heals and faced her annoyed looking master, a hint of magenta still on her cheeks. “Brass, what where you looking at? Oh Brass… do you have a crush on one of the Medabots out there?” her master giggled.

“NO!” her face had flushed red again; she held her hands out front as she backed away.

“Oh really? Well I wonder which one it is?” she looked at all the Medabots walking with their masters, some carrying things. Brass backed away and turned.

“Phew…” she said to herself, wiping invisible sweat from her white brow.

“Oh Medabee! Hi!” Brass jerked as she heard her owner call his name… her face was now glowing a rosy red. She put her hands over her face as she took notice of metallic footsteps come closer. She hid as he entered the store.


“Hay Medabee! How are you?” Erika asked the golden robot,

“I’m feeling great. It’s such a nice day!” he looked around and behind Erika. “Um… where is Brass?”

“Well she was in here a moment ago… I think she is around somewhere.” Medabee nodded. “I can get her for you…” he perked up as a slight hint of the same magenta colour appeared on his face at the mention of her name. It was a shame Brass didn’t see it, because she was hiding behind a cloths rack.

“No, no. I’ll wait.” There was a slightest bit of panic in his voice. “If you see her, tell her I’m looking for her.”


“Thanks, I gotta go! Later!” he waved and ran off… cursing himself all the way.


“We’re home!” Erika called out in to the hallway, Erika’s mother welcomed her and she went to watch TV.

“I’m going to go rest, okay miss Erika?”

“Sure! Take a load of your feet Brass.” She nodded and left and went in to the basement. Her basement. It wasn’t much all it had was a large, tatty, comfy recliner, a small TV and a little desk with a lamp, pencils and things, and a little clock CD system, which was also quite old. But… it was her room. She didn’t care if it was a bit small and cluttered with stuff. it was her home. She walked down the wooden stairs and made her way towards ‘her chair’. She put her hand down the side and fumbled around for a while, until with a triumphant ‘aha’, she found what she was looking for. It was a picture of Medabee, in a small painted wood frame, which she stole from the report on Medabee, which Erika did. She looked at it and was lost in her thoughts about what these feelings were… eventually coming to the conclusion that she loved him… the only thing she couldn’t have. She put her hand on it,

“Oh Medabee… why don’t you like me?” she gave a heavy sigh and held the picture in both hands. She lifted it to her face and ‘kissed’ it. She put it to the spot her mouth would be and made a kissing sound. She looked at it again and hugged the picture. Forgetting time.


“Brass! Brass! Where are you?” Brass’ eyes lifted open as she realized she had fallen asleep with the picture still in hand. She panicked as she saw her Medafighter’s feet coming down the stairs. She fumbled the picture, and dropped it; the crash was loud as the glass on the picture broke.

“Brass? What was that crash?” she started to run down the stairs, Brass quickly gathered up the picture, leaving the glass and threw it inaccurately down the side of the chair and stood in front of the glass.

“What’s the matter miss Erika?” she asked with a bit of alarm in her voice.

“Oh there you are brass!” she skipped the rest of the way down the stairs “I want you to robattle someone, just a small friendly match.” Brass was questioning about who the Medabot was.

“If you don’t mind me asking miss Erika, who is the other Medabot?”

“Why It’s…”    

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