Robo Romance

By Jedi-and


Chapter 2: NO!

“Why it’s Medabee!” her faced flushed red yet again and her neural synapses filled with mixed emotions, fear, aggression, denial and rebellious tendencies.



“I said NO!”

“What has gotten in to you?”

“I’m sorry, I need to get some fresh air…” Brass ran up the stairs and out the house.

“Brass! Wait…” she noticed something out the corner of her eye, it was in the side of Brass’ chair. “Well, well what is this?” she pulled out the tattered picture that Brass hid before. “Oh Brass… is this why?”


Brass walked down the long street, thinking away to herself.

“Why must miss Erika and master Icky always fight?” she passed the Medabot store and saw an attendant hanging up a poster of the top three Medabots, Medabee was one of them. She put her hands on the glass and pressed her face up to the glass to get a better look. She sighed and walked away towards the beach.


On the beach, Medabee was watching the sunset.

“Why must they fight? I mean especially at this time of night.” He picked up a stone from the floor and stared at it. “Damn!” he threw the stone in to the sea. What are these feelings? My medal seems to swell when ever she comes in to my mind!” he held the sides of his head, “what is this sensation?! Is it… love?” he took another look at the ocean. “Must be!” he started pacing around and muttering to himself bout how Medabot couldn’t feel love for one another and trying to explain this feeling. The sentence “I bet she doesn’t feel this way” came across his mind more than once.


Meanwhile a little way up the beach was poor Brass, sobbing, silent and invisible tears streamed her face as she thought about how it wouldn’t work between them, how she was in love and the only thing he loved was his robattles. She stood wiping the indistinguishable tears away,

“It might happen… I wonder what I would say?” this plagued her mind; she decided to practice, just in case. “Medabee? I have to talk to you…I… no that won’t work” she put her hands on her hips and thought some more. “Medabee? We have been friends for a while and… no that’s not it…”


Medabee was still pacing murmuring to no one; he looked up when he heard a noise.

“Medabee? I have to tell you something… I… no… oh what’s the point?” he turned to see Brass, starting to cry. The next thing that came out of her mouth was a bit of a shock to Medabee. “Oh why do I bother? He doesn’t love me back!” now she was in a full sob.

“Love… me back?” those words played on Medabee’s medal as if it was a harp. “She loves me?” he had had enough of waiting. He built up the courage to talk to her and walked over. “Brass… um hi…” she quickly wiped away the tears and turned to him.

“Medabee?! Oh um… hi” she felt her face heat up again. She put her hand to one of her cheeks to try and ‘inconspicuously’ hide it. Medabee also had a sight blush as the silence became awkward.

“I have to tell you something!” they both blurted out in unison. They laughed and blushed, Brass became very interested in her feet and Medabee was very interested with the sky.

“Um… you first…” Medabee broke the silence.

“Okay… well Medabee I… I have been thinking for a while about something which is happening to me… and I knew it had something to do with you and… well I…”


“So it’s official! This is an official submission robattle! you know the rules! GO!” Brass and Medabee was broken from there own thoughts and looked around shocked, around them was Icky and Erika, Medawatches poised for a battle. With Mr referee clambering out of the sand, with great difficulty.

“Dude! What are you doing?!” Medabee turned to him and agitated would be an understatement.

“Robattling!  What else? Your going down Erika!”

“We will see icky! Go Brass! Fight him! Take his attitude down!” something quite unexpected happened...



“Brass?” from out of Brass’ small body came her loud plea.

“Please miss. Can’t you see we don’t want to fight?”  Her Medafighter just stood there stunned about the outcry; brass had her hands clenched in front of her chest, all most in tears again.

“Brass? What has happened to you?”

“I…I…” Brass stuttered. her small body trembled slightly at this uncomfortable question.

“We don’t know!” Medabee called out, “now just leave us alone! This match is cancelled!”

“You too?” Icky enquired,

“Yes me too!”

“Oh I think I know what is going on…” everyone paid sudden attention to Erika. “I think they are… in love!”


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