Robo Romance

By Jedi-and


Chapters 3: Blush!


After that, the bots turned red, their masters just laughed and Mr referee became confused.

“Well… I … err” both Medabots where lost for words,

“You see… I found this in Brass’ room after she left.” She held up the photo of Medabee that she kept. Brass could have melted from embarrassment, she was a beaming red, her circuits overloaded as she felt the heat escape from her body. Medabee just stared in shock.

“You had… a photo of me?” Brass just nodded slowly looking down.

“Well I found this under Medabee’s bed…” Icky held up a picture of Brass in an identical frame, Medabee froze as his face did a copy of Brass, he became so hot, he steamed from his rocket vents.

“Hay! Give that back!!!” he ran up and tried to grab the picture, Icky held it just out of his reach.

“Medabee, I never…” he turned and faced the equally red Brass.

“Well I… err…”

“Medabee and Brass, sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.” Icky started

“First comes love, then comes Marriage,” Erika continued

“Then comes Brass with a baby carriage!” Mr referee finished, they all started to roll around on the floor from laughing. Steam poured out of Medabee’s rocket vents out of anger.

“Come on Medabee…” Brass took his hand “lets get some privacy” they both blushed at each other as they walked down the beach, hand in hand. Once the humans stopped laughing they looked down the beach to see Medabee and Brass holding hands. Icky laughed loudly, until a rocket was coming towards him…




“That wasn’t needed Medabee…” Brass said,

“Sure it was! Now we have peace and quiet!” he quickly responded, Brass laughed. He turned to face her. “You where saying?”

“Well… I had been feeling things… every time I looked at you or talked to you I felt my medal grow and my face became hot, and I felt strange… and I finally figured out what it is… it was…” he grabbed both her hands and looked in to her eyes. “It was that I…”

“ MEDABEE! My knight!” Both Brass and Medabee eyes widened, they knew in an instant who that was…. Oceana. They let go of each other and looked at the fast approaching mermaid. “Oh it has been such a long time! I’ve missed you!” she latched herself on to Medabee, nearly knocking him over “it’s good to see you again!” Medabee was stunned, he didn’t know what to say, and Brass couldn’t believe fate had done this to her… she was finally going to confess her feelings for Medabee and then ‘she’ turned up. The only Medabot in the entire world that could ruin it all had turned up! If only she had been a few more seconds! So she could finish her sentence… that’s all she had to do… say ‘I love you’, that was all. Oceana looked at Brass over Medabee’s shoulder and waved her away. “Shoo, go on, we want to be alone.” She whispered, although she was hugging him around the neck, his arms where out wide. Brass looked down at the floor “go on, go.” She nodded slowly as she turned and ran, crying all the way. Medabee pushed the mermaid off him.

“What do you think you are doing?!” Medabee bellowed.

“Huh?” Medabee looked around for Brass “what are you looking for?”

“BRASS! BRASS!” he called out to her but she didn’t stop running.   

“Oh you’re looking for her. Why do you want her?”  She put her hands on her hips.

“Because I… I…” he paused, anger and love getting the better of pride “I LOVE HER DAMNIT!” this shocked Oceana

“But… but… I thought you loved me! ME!”

“I did! But you left! I never saw you again! I waited for a month, maybe two! I lost track of the time! I was even being distracted from my robattles! You were all I could think about! But you never came back! Brass helped me trough it all! We hung out, became good friends; she even helped me out of a jam once! Then I started getting strange feelings for her! Like the one I had for you, but it was stronger! Bigger! BETTER! And I was going to tell her so tonight! But then our Medafighters wanted us to battle then you show up and now she has run off!” he was breathing heavily, his eyes where green triangles in his black visor.

“If that’s the way you feel…” she turned her back “good bye…” he stretched out a hand to stop her but no sound came from his vocal processor, he watched her float off, before dropping his hand, then dropping to the floor. He howled, his heart and mind where destroyed. He fell forward, break down, leaning on his arms.


“Medabee? That you bud?” Sumillidon came around the corner. Sumillidon was a bit of a stiff but he was a friend in Medabee’s opinion.  Sumillidon had to act quite proper sometimes so he enjoyed hanging out with Medabee and brass and the others. Medabee pulled himself together and looked up, his eyes where full of grief and pain. “What happened bud?” Medabee told him everything… about Brass, the mall, the beach, the Medafighters, Oceana every last detail.  “That’s harsh…”

“Tell me about it… now brass has gone… I’ve lost two girls in one night!” however Sumillidon was in his own world

“I wondered what it was I felt for Neutranurse…”

“Trust me. Tell her as soon as possible… or it will go wrong…” he stood “I’ve got to find her!” Sumillidon nodded,

“Right!” Medabee ran off, whilst Sumillidon thought about his words.


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