Robo Romance

By Jedi-and


Chapter 4: don’t abandon me!


Brass walked down the lonely streets of the town, past them through to the suburbs. She cried all the way home.

“How could this have happened? Why!?”  She fell to the floor, her mind in a jumble, all time ceased to exist, just her, her tears, and the feel of rain coming down on her body. She thought of what to do know, the possibility that he will go looking for her, the chance he won’t, how life had slapped her, then spat in her face and where to go from here. All she wanted to do was to crawl up and die… but she didn’t even have that option.

“BRASS! BRASS oh god where are you?” Medabee ran thought the streets looking for her, tripping a few times on the way. The rain came down harder, the harder it came down, the more determined Medabee became. He ran faster than ever “gotta find her!”


“Sitting in the rain is no good for a electric cat… but I suppose being a sailor, you’re fine…” Brass looked up to see Peppercat, under a ledge of a building.

“Peppercat? What are you doing here?” she laughed at her wet comrade

“Looking for you…” the blue bot stood up.

“Well… you found me…” she was still sniffing and a little teary.

“It’s about Medabee…”

“What about him? Is he hurt? Tell me!” she quickly butted in, jumping to conclusions.

“No… he is looking for you… franticly… if I didn’t know better, I’d say he had something very important to tell you… I think he likes ya…”

“Oh Peppercat… thank you so much! Now I can find him and tell him that I love him!” Peppercat nodded, she pointed left.

“I came from that way, go that way and try to find him…” she was about to run off until…

“Wait… why are you helping me? You never did before…” Peppercat slightly turned pink, and turned to the side, folding her arms.

“Lets just say I want a fellow bot to be happy…”

“Oh I get it… you love someone! And you want me to be happy just in case you can’t be…” Peppercat ran in to the rain and covered brass’ mouth.

“SHHhhh…” she put her hand down, her ears on her head turning floppy, “don’t tell the entire town! I have a reputation to maintain here.” She nodded and ran off.

“But brass,” Peppercat put one hand on her hip “your dead right… girl, you are dead right…” she walked down the street in the opposite direction, not caring about the wet.


“BRASS! BRASS!” Medabee was running at full speed down a street, all his thoughts where concentrated on Brass. Was she Okay? Will she forgive me? I should have said that I loved her first! And other thoughts raced through his mind. The wet brick became slippy and hard to grip, but he didn’t care, he just ran. His thoughts where so centered on Brass, he neglected to notice a pink pole, strewed across his path.

“WHAT THE?!” he tripped and cracked his head on a near by rock, “ACK!”

At Icky’s house, his Medawatch bleeped out,

“# Head damage 50%#”

“What is going on?” Icky shouted

Back at the street, Medabee went to get up, but a strong foot on the back slammed him back down.

“Damn it!” he looked around to see Sumillidon and Oceana, “Sumillidon?! Why?”

“Good night!” was all that Sumillidon said before he stamped on Medabee’s head, knocking him out.

“Come Sumillidon… let us leave.” She looked down at the broken bot. “don’t forget him.” Sumillidon picked up Medabee’s lifeless body, and walked. The patch on Medabee popped open, ejecting his medal. This neither of the others noticed.


“MEDABEE! WHERE ARE YOU?” Brass screamed as she ran down the dark, we streets of the night. She tripped over a lose brick in the access, as she fell. “Damn it!” she couldn’t stand for a while; she caught a glimpse out of her eye of a gold metallic item. She dragged her body over to the object. It was Medabee’s medal. She cradled it in her hands; she stared at it, thinking

“Medabee would never loss a fight! Unless he was jumped on from behind!” she crawled over to the wall and used the wall to help herself up. “Damn! My legs!” she read over the stats in her mind, “legs 80% damage, right arm 30%, left arm 40%, torso and head 50%” she breathed heavily “damn!” she walked, using the wall for support “that last fall really took it out of me… not to mention all the other falls and things that have happened…” she looked down at the medal “I best keep this safe,” she reached around and opened the hatch on her back, she put the medal inside and closed it. “That should keep it safe, near my heart.” She would smile if she were able. She continued on, limping all the way in the direction that Medabee was taken… well she thinks it’s that way…



“I beg your forgiveness mistress Oceana, I failed to notice that his medal had been expelled from his body.” In a run down building, lay a large tank, full of water, lots of tools, and Medabee.  Oceana was shouting at her ‘latest catch’. Unaware that they where being watched by Brass,

“You better find that medal Sumillidon! Or your history! Understand?”

“ Yes mistress Oceana…”

“And what are you suppose to say?” she looked at her fingernails, waiting for a reply.

“…” Sumillidon wondered of a while, then realized “we love and are devoted to our ruler, mistress Oceana!”

“Oh please…” Brass thought to herself. But the section of wall she was leaning on was old and unstable, it couldn’t take Brass’ weight and she fell though. Both the other robots homed in on her

“You again!?” she turned to her body guard “Sumillidon? Darling… take care of her will you?” he nodded and walked slowly towards Brass, even if he stopped for a break half way through, the out come would be the same… the fall through the wall had all but finished off her legs, Sumillidon picked up Brass by the throat, dangling her inoperative legs below her. “Good Sumillidon, now finish her darling and we can continue with our plan.” She wrapped her arms around his waist.

“Yes dear…” he drew his sword,

“Sumillidon! It’s me! Brass!” he pulled back his sword,

“It’s no good. He is my love!”

“SUMILLIDON! You don’t love her!” his sword started to come down, “YOU LOVE NEUTRANURSE!!!”



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