Robo Romance

By Jedi-and


Chapter 5: determination


“What the… Brass… what are you doing here?” the sword had stopped just above her head.

“Phew…talk about a close shave…” Sumillidon put her down, her legs where so weak however, she had trouble standing, her legs shock and, eventually, she fell to her knees.

“Are you alright?” Brass gave him a look as if to say ‘do I look alright?’ Sumillidon bent down to help her, however he stopped and fell over.

“Sumillidon!” Brass looked up to she Oceana with a teaser staff, “you… you little!” before she could finish her sentence, she was hit across the face which sent her flying over to a fissure in the ground that lead to the sewage tunnels. She hit the back wall and fell down, hitting outcroppings as she fell.

“Hump.” Oceana walked over to the tank Medabee was in and pressed a few buttons and the water drained.


Brass painfully and slowly lifted her head; she read the stats to herself

“Legs; function ceased, left arm; function ceased, right arm 80%, head and torso; 80%.” She flipped her body over and started to drag herself up a slope to get to the top. “If you think… I’m giving up… then you have another thing coming!

At Icky’s house, Erika was nearly in tears with the stats.

“What has happened to you Brass?” she cried full out, “please come home.”

Although Brass couldn’t talk to her, she could hear her master perfectly.

“Don’t worry…” she jolted in pain “I’ll be back…ack… soon.” She continued to crawl, falling back down a few times, till she reached the top. Medabee was out of the tank and on the workbench.

“Phew! You’re heavier than you look…” Brass pointed her gun arm and got a lock on to her head,

“Take care of this!” she fired. The laser hit home and took out all her functions, as she fell her back hatch opened and… nothing happened. Then she heard a noise, a sort of voice.

“Obstruction, obstruction, medal cannot eject.” It was coming from Oceana. Brass crawled over and took a look. It seemed to be some sort of microchip that covered the medal. She pulled it off and the medal flung out, hitting Sumillidon. She crawled over to Medabee. She opened the hatch on her back and took his medal; it hadn’t been damaged, luckily.  She pulled herself up to look in his back hollow to replace the medal. She put it in and waited, and waited, and guess what? Waited… nothing. Her strength, or what was left of it, gave away from under her. She fell to the floor.

“Medabee… I’m sorry… my love…” her body gave out and her medal was driven out of her wrecked body.

“What the… oh, my head!” Medabee seemed to respond to the ‘my love bit’ and awoke just as her medal was ejected. “BRASS!” he jumped down and picked up her damaged corpse of a body “oh brass… why didn’t I listen to you? Why didn’t I protect you?” he let a tear shed.




A large blast came from behind him, he put Brass down and turned around, gun ready. A colossal Medabot walked through the gap, he had a brown cloak on, which covered his arms and went down to his feet, his head looked like a red helmet, with a centurions plume going from the front of his face to his back he had a silver mask and a black visor with red eyes. He strolled in casually. He was huge, At least 2 times the height of Medabee. He identified the bot as Centurion, his specialty was shooting but he looked like he could take on everyone.  He looked down at Medabee, then noticed the blue and white legs behind him, he ran around to have a closer look.

“BRASS!” his voice was deep, but it sounded full of sorrow and pain from seeing her lifeless body. He looked at Medabee, his eyes where glowing, “What did you do to her?! ANSWER!” Medabee looked at him

“Hay, I didn’t do this!”

“LIER!”  Centurion charged at Medabee, he dodged and fired his gun; centurion just darted and pointed his gun, as did Medabee. They hit a stalemate. Centurion’s arms where similar to Medabee’s in design, but the shoulder pads where a lot bigger, as was his gun, it was the size and style of Medabee’s rocket pods. And this was on his arm.

“I tell you I did not do this! I would NEVER do this to brass! I… I…” again pride reasserted it’s self.

“Speak up boy! Tell me what is on your mind!” his deep voice was now booming and loud. His love and anger was fighting his pride again, and yes. It won. Again.

“I LOVE HER DAMN IT!” Medabee shrieked. Centurion lowered his gun.

“Is that so?” Medabee nodded, not lowering his weapon. “So sis has an admirer.” Centurion chuckled a little. Medabee dropped his arm,

“Sis? What are you going on about?” centurion folded his large arms

“When I was hurt one time, brass helped me out. We became friends and I suggested we should keep in touch, eventually we became like brother and sister so we called each other by it.”

“Nothing more?” Medabee asked.

“ Afraid not, you see I’m an older Medabot… I’m nearly twice her age.” Medabee gave a sigh of relief “and besides, compare my size to brass… not a lot of Medabots even like such an outdated model such as me.” He sighed a little, then he unfolded his arms and walked over to the bench and looked over all the tools “these should be sufficient to repair brass… he’ll me get her on the bench.” Medabee took the legs, Centurion took the arms, Medabee looked up to see Centurion’s gun in his face

“Whoa! What have I done!?”

“don’t you dare take advantage of her and look up her skirt when she is unconscious!”

“hay! I wouldn’t do that! Trust me!” centurion lowered his gun and they took her to the bench.

“lets get to work.”


It had been three hours since they started work, Centurion was making the final touches whilst Medabee was sitting on a rock, staring at her medal.

“I’m sorry Brass…” 

“Hay kid! Don’t worry, I’m almost done! Then we can work on your friends…” Medabee ran over to see Brass, intact and unblemished. He’s face became hot again, he flushed a rosy red as he looked upon her. Centurion just laughed as he sat her up and opened her medal hatch. “give me the medal…” Medabee followed the larger bots orders and handed it over,

“See ya soon Brass…”

“young love… no bond is greater.” He placed her medal in. and stood back… nothing.

“why isn’t anything happening?”

“I don’t know!” Centurion started to panic “I put everything back the way it was!”

“you better do something!” Medabee was now infuriated, and seething with anger, “the only Medabot in the world who I love and you have screwed her up!” Brass flickered in to life, though neither of the other bot noticed.

“Hay! I did all I could!”

“Yeah, and ya still messed up!”

“are you saying I would damage brass on purpose?” 

“Maybe! Or maybe you’re just incompetent!”

“I’ve been repairing Medabots before you where even a thought in your designers mind!”

“well… well you so messed up here, and your going to pay!”

“Bring it on little boy” again they where at their stalemate, gun to gun, growling at each other. At this point Brass thought it would be a good idea to speak,

“umm.. guys?”

“keep out of this brass!” they both shouted in unison, realizing who was speaking, “BRASS!!”  both Medabots ran over to Brass’ side,

“brother, I thought you would have liked Medabee…”

“well I… um…” trying to put it politely…

“I’m glad you’re back Brass!” Medabee blurted out, blushing intensely

“hehe…” she turned bright red, Centurion just laughed at the pair. Brass got down from the bench, falling over, Centurion went to catch her, but Medabee caught her. “what happened to my legs?” she red the stats though her mind, “you call this repaired!” she shouted at centurion,

“Hay, my skills only go so far sis! You legs where so badly damaged I could not repair them! I tried my best but all I could get was 30% efficiency!” she took a step, still holding on to Medabee, her legs were shaking and she had trouble walking. She nearly fell over again, but she was able to keep balance, “don’t scare me like that sis!”


“you will also find that you are a bit fragile I managed to get 109% efficiency on your torso and head, but your arms are a bit delicate, so be careful.” She nodded

“Lets get home…” Medabee put his arm around her for support, he blushed and she blushed even brighter than before.

“err… Medabee or what ever your name is, don’t have something to say to her?”  he cursed him, a run down building isn’t a good place to tell someone you love her. But he was forced in to a corner. “and with that I take my leave… I’ll be around sis.” He waved and walked away.

“Bye Bro!”

“Brass I…” she put a finger to where his mouth would be,

“I never finished telling you what I wanted to say…” he nodded and took her hands “the feelings which I felt for you have only gotten stronger… all our adventures I’ve always wanted to say something, but I wasn’t sure what would happen… the fact that you where looking for me franticly proves it.” he looked down, she brought his head so they looked in to each others eyes,

“every time I wanted to say something to you I never could… my pride and stubbornness always got in my way… I didn’t understand these feelings until I started seeing others who felt this way about other Medabots,  and then, looking at your photo one time, I realized what I had been denying, and today on the beach, it only confirmed what I had known all along…” Medabee was finally giving up his pride, he brought their hands up to their chests and moved closer together

“I…” they said together, “I… L…”

“MEDABEE! BRASS!” they both looked over to see their Medafighters running up to them,

“Damn, why is it that something like this always happens when I’m going to say…” he was cut off by a loud yell and several gunshots,

“BROTHER!” Brass tried to run, but she fell flat on her face. “ow…” Medabee picked her up,

“remember what he said, your not complete yet.” She nodded “lets go find him!” she nodded as they took off, Brass in Medabee’s arms and with their Medafighters in hot pursuit.



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