Robo Romance

By Jedi-and


Chapter 6: Enter Evil Centurion


They turned the corner to find Centurion, standing there with his back to them.

“Brother? Are you okay?” he turned, his red eyes where now yellow, “brother?”

“he is under our control now!” suddenly, the Rubber Robo gang came out of nowhere,

“Damn you!” brass stood on her own, her strength slowly coming back to her. “why?”

“Centurion her was the basis of all Medabots, there for, he has all the moves of every bot.” They all laughed.

“We won’t let you get away with this!” Icky called out!

“So it is official!” Mr referee crawled out from under some rubble, covered in soot and grime, “this is a two on one submission robattle! You know the rules! GO!” Centurion took off his cloak, he was a mix of every bot, his legs where like Medabee’s but longer, more rounded, his the weights on his arms stretched out to two points facing inward, his torso was human looking, but it was more angular that most Medabots, but less angular than Medabee’s. he was huge, on his back he had large red angel wings that acted like boosters. He looked very intimidating. His eyes flashed gold as he stared at Medabee and Brass.

Medabee fired a shot, this was easily deflected. Brass saw something near Centurion, it was a medal, HIS OLD MEDAL! She ran as fast as she could up to the medal, picked it up and ran back, tripping on the way. She fell to the floor and landed on her front,

“MISS ERIKA! CATCH!” she yelled as she threw the medal to her master


“put it in your Medawatch!”

“right!” she did as she was told, she inserted it in to her Medawatch

“what happened to me?” a deep voice came out of the watch

“Centurion!” Brass yelled, Medabee was still shooting, but he moved over and helped up Brass

“BRASS! WHAT HAPPENED!” he called from the watch, deafening Erika,

“your body has been stolen!”

“what can you do to help us? Does your body have any weaknesses?” Icky asked,

“Give me time to think!” he called back,

“The one thing we don’t have!” Medabee barked, Evil Centurion pulled out 5 darts, each had a bomb on the end. he spun, deflecting Medabee’s shots and threw them in the spin,


“that’s a ninja Medabot move!” Erika called out, the darts came full force, Medabee blocked it with his arm, but still got one on his left shoulder pad but brass wasn’t so lucky, she got the other three in her stomach she grabbed hold of one, trying to pull it out, to no avail.


“AGGHHH!” they where both flung back, Medabee sat up, visor cracked and his left arm had ceased functioning.

“visual processor ceased functioning, left arm ceased functioning, torso 40%,” Icky’s watch bleeped out.

“BRASS! BRASS! WHERE ARE YOU?!” Medabee bellowed, he felt around his surroundings, looking for her,

“Argh… I’M HERE MEDABEE!” Brass was lying on her front, dragging herself forward

“BRASS!” Erika and centurion called

“part efficiency: legs; 10% torso; 40% head; 70% left arm; 20% right arm; 50%” Erika’s watch bleeped,

“I only just repaired her!” Centurion called out. She crawled over to Medabee and took hold of his hand,

“Brass! It has to be you!”

“yes Medabee! Now lets work together to get him!” he stood up and took Brass with him, her arm around his shoulder, the other pointing the gun where it had to go,

“you have to be my eyes!” she griped his arm, if only he could see how much he was blushing it was unnatural. 

“FIRE!” Medabee did so, he only spun out the way, and continued to walk toward them. “left a little! Fire!” he did so, Evil Centurion only sidestepped out the way and fired his mammoth of a gun, “LOOK OUT!” Medabee and Brass dodged out the way but they both fell to the floor, Evil Centurion walked over and pointed his gun right at Medabee’s cracked visor,

“finished him!” the female R.R.G member shouted,

“Not so fast!” called out two Medabots coming on to the scene, it was Peppercat and Neutranurse,, they jumped on to Evil Centurions back, hitting him and shocking him, he managed to grab the two and throw them in to a wall, or should I say through the wall.

“ow…” Peppercat said. “hay nurse girl… GET OFFA ME!”  she was underneath Neutranurse

“Opps! Sorry.” She scrambled off of her. Evil Centurion pulled out two more darts,

“HAY GIRLS! DUCK!” Brass shouted out,

“THAT’S IT! MY BODY’S WEAK POINT!” Erika looked at her watch,

“say what?”

“my body cannot duck and dodge quickly! If you have enough fire power, you might take it down!” Medabee and Brass stood up quickly, she pointed Medabee’s gun towards Evil Centurion,

“fire!” he fired, evil moved only to be shot by Brass with her other gun, he moved out of the bullets, but he ran straight in to a moonsault kick from Neutranurse, which made him land on a shock attack by Peppercat,

“YEAH! We’ve got him now!” Icky yelled, a bit prematurely, evil knocked pepper cat away, fired at  Brass and Medabee and pulled out a sword, it was wavy coming to a point, it came from his other arm and was aimed right at Neutranurse, you could hear a definite swish as it came down


“Sumillidon!” Sumillidon had come in and stopped the blade with his own,

“NOBODY HURTS HER!” Sumillidon shouted as he put all his effort in to pushing Evil Centurion back, he managed a few spaces, but the only thing going through Neutranurse’s mind was

“does he… like me? Oh I can finally admit my feelings!” Sumillidon was being pushed back quite easily,

“get out of here Neutranurse!” she just she shock her head and pushed on his back,

“Not with out you!” she wrapped her arms around his waist and help to push evil Centurion away, the blush on both of their faces grew and grew. Evil centurion had had enough though, he pulled back his other hand and hit them both away with a backhand punch. Peppercat was about to hit with a shock, but she disappeared just before she hit home.

“what happened?” Icky asked,

“She was teleported to another place!” the rest of the Medabots, even evil centurion, was on their last legs, so this was the turning point of the match. Brass and Medabee got up and decided to go for one more assault, Medabee walked, with Brass dragging her feet behind them, towards Evil Centurion, firing wildly, hitting evil centurion several times in the head, for a last ditch attempt, Evil centurion fired a rocket out towards Medabee and Brass, it hit, but they refused to stop firing, despite the fact they where in mid-air, eventually disabling Evil Centurion. He slumped to the floor as the medal popped out of his back,

“I think we best go…” the Rubber Robo gang then ran off, leaving the Evil Centurion Medal on the floor.

“The winners of this robattle are Icky and Erika!” they jumped around in glee,

“my poor body…” was all Centurion could say.  Brass dragged herself to Medabee,

“Medabee?” she took his hand,

“brass… you’re okay!”

“Barely…” she laughed, she leaned her head on his chest,

“I love you Brass…” he said, placing his arm around her,

“I love you too Medabee…” both of their systems failed just after they said that.



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