Robo Romance

By Jedi-and


Chapter 7: Explanation


“so the Rubber Robo’s put a chip in to me that made me go bad?” Oceana was sitting on a blanket in the park along with Brass, Medabee, Centurion (in his cloak), Neutranurse, Dr Aki  and their Medafighters enjoying a picnic,

“that’s right and after that you took over Sumillidon, but when Brass mentioned Neutranurse he came out of his trance. He must have had a strong link to Neutranurse or it might not have happened.”

“I’m ever so sorry about trying to ruin your relationship though… I guess I wasn’t myself.” Brass was sitting in front of Medabee, with his arms around her waist.

“no need to apologize, you weren’t yourself.” Medabee stated.  Neutranurse sighed.

“what’s wrong little one?” Centurion asked, he was sitting next to her, which was quite funny because she was small and he was huge.

“I wonder where Sumillidon could be…” she put her chin in her hands and slumped forwards.

“don’t worry, I’m sure he will show.” Karin said, and almost if on cue, up came Sumillidon with a huge bouquet of flowers behind him. Trying to hide it, and failing miserably. He walked right behind Neutranurse, a huge blush on his face,

“um… Neutranurse?” she stood up and looked at him, “I have been thinking for a while and… um…” the blush became bigger as he passed the flowers, her hand touched his by accident and both of them blushed to the full extent of their capabilities, “well I… that is to say I… well…err…” he moved closer,

“smooth move bro…” Medabee said with a laugh, he got a glare from Sumillidon, who turned back to Neutranurse, “please forgive me… this is the only way I can describe how I feel…” he moved a bit closer,

“I don’t unders…” she was cut off because she was kissed by Sumillidon,

“Wahoo! Go bro!” the others started to chant and cheer at the scene, he pulled back and most of Neutranurse’s parts where a bright red. She fell over.

“!” Sumillidon caught her and brought her back up, still holding her around the waist.

“well forgive me too,” she took his face and kissed him back, Brass’ jaw would have dropped if she had one.

“I never knew she had the guts to do that.” Neutranurse pulled back, her arms around Sumillidon neck

“I love you…” they said at the same time, they laughed and got applause from the crowd, they just bowed.

“and why don’t you sweep me off my feet?” Brass asked looking around at Medabee

“well…” he quickly grabbed Brass’ face and gave her a very passionate kiss… well as passionate as possible for a Medabot… Brass’ arms and legs where going everywhere, but she settled down and enjoyed it, after it everyone was gob smacked, Centurion dropped his teacup and froze on the spot, Icky and Erika where staring wide-eyed as was Dr Aki, Karin had fainted and Sumillidon and Neutranurse… weren’t paying attention… because, guess what? Yes, they where also kissing…

“oh… my… god…” Brass was out of breath and so was Medabee “you don’t… realize how long… I have been waiting… for that!” she said,

“me too!” Medabee added,

“you’re right… young love is the strongest bond of all!” Medabee stated.

“uh huh…” Centurion was still shocked from the display of affection that Brass took part in, still in that frozen pose.  The others just laughed at him…

“true love… what a feeling that must be…” Peppercat thought to herself as she jumped out of the tree over looking the group and left, holding a picture of Centurion in battle mode. “maybe I’ll get enough courage to ask someone one day…”



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