The Strongest Bond

  By Jedi-And


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Authors note:

I’m back! With another installment on a good idea gone wrong… what can I say? I’m not a superb writer. *Shrugs* anyway, this is the sequel to ‘Robo Romance’. I’m going to cheat a bit and put a bit of last chapter of the first fic as the opener. My bad… it’s just so you roughly know what is going on. Enjoy (or hate)




Chapter one: a form of a prologue.


For the show at ninja world, Medabots sat at the front, due to their height and everyone else filed in from there. An announcer came up on stage, holding a microphone, Medabee wasn’t paying much attention to her because his eyes where locked on to the lovely pink eyes of Brass, the only person that mattered. He held her hand,

“Happy anniversary,” he whispered, Brass seemed very happy when he said that.

“Happy anniversary to you too.” She gave him a small peck of the cheek, making him turn a bit red.   

“Hello everyone!” the crowd responded to the lady on stage, “My, we have a lot of people here today. But out of interest… how many Medabots do we have?” groups of Medabots and the front row put their hands up. “Well does any of you know two Known as ‘Medabee’ and ‘Brass’?” they perked up, before the couple hadn’t been paying much attention to her but when their names where called out it made them fully alert. 2 Medabots in the front row put up their hands, which weren’t the aforementioned bots… it was Sumillidon and Neutranurse and a few others did by their reputation. Being the Tag champions of that year had made them a little famous. 

“Oh dear…” was all Brass could utter…

“…” Medabee couldn’t say anything.

“Well a year ago, this park had been taken over by the Rubber Robo Gang… and those two bots helped save this wonderful park. However they, to put it frank, are not the hero type. One is sickly sweet and the other is arrogant.” Medabee had to be restrained by Brass, “Now, we have a video of their escapade through this park and though the ninja fun house, this is an opener whilst the actors are getting ready. Enjoy!” she walked of stage, the lights went dark as a video screen appeared on the stage,

“They wouldn’t…” Medabee reassured himself, the movie started, it was titled ‘the imperfect heroes’ and they saw their feet run past the screen.

“They would…” Brass said in defeat. She held his hand for support. “Don’t worry… they didn’t have cameras everywhere…” she thought for a second “should we go Hun?” she looked over at her partner

 “I think we should stay, they will forget this during the Ninja show and by the time we get out, it won’t matter, hardly anyone knows us.” Medabee put a hand on her shoulder; she relaxed, giving out a sigh. They both stared at the screen, horrified while the rest of the audience laughed their heads off.




==========================On the screen=========================


Medabee: hurry up brass!

Brass: hay! leave me alone! I’m going as fast as I can!

Medabee: All right where are we?  *Medabee looks at the map while Brass walks up to him, her foot suddenly won’t move, *

Medabee: okay, we seem to be at the waterfall.

Brass: err… Medabee?  *Brass tries desperately to move her leg, to no avail what so ever, *

Medabee: it looks like you hit some chewing gum…  hold on… *he grabs on to her leg*

Brass: h…h…hay! *Blushes a little*

Medabee: Okay… on my count… 1…2…3! *They both pull as hard as they can, her leg moves slowly, then all of a sudden the gum brakes and she goes flying in to the water with a big splash*


“Oh dear… I’m never going to live this down…” the audience, save brass, where in hysterics, even Medabee laughed a little. Brass just shot him an evil glare, he realized what he was doing… he was laughing strait in the face of his girlfriend.

“Opps… sorry… I didn’t think…” he rubbed the back of his head. She lightened up,

“Don’t worry, I forgive you. But please try and restrain yourself.” He nodded and kissed her hand. She blushed a little as it continued.


It went on for half an hour. And by the end of it, Medabee was slouching in his seat and Brass was leaning forward, her head in her hands nearly in tears from embarrassment.  The lights came back up, and the audience applauded, all except Brass and Medabee. The announcer reappeared on stage

“Okay! Who enjoyed that?” everyone’s hands shot up, excluding Medabee and Brass. Medabee had resorted to giving her an evil glare and Brass no longer cared… Medabee leaned over and hugged his girlfriend, stroking her back saying ‘it will be okay’ and ‘it’s all over now’ over and over. “The entire audience, except two, liked that! This means that we will keep it going!” Brass and Medabee’s eyes just widened, Brass cried silently, whist Medabee had the whole anime head vain thing going on. “Who wants to see it again?” everyone started shouting ‘again’ over and over. When the TV screen came down, Medabee had had enough because this was hurting Brass, the video started but something happened.


The TV was destroyed; smoke poured out of Medabee’s rocket pods. You do the math…

“Lets go Brass…” he picked up the crying Brass and headed out. The audience just laughed, thinking it was part of the show,


“Oh hello Medabee, Brass… how was your date?” Icky’s mother enquired, neither of the Medabots said anything, they just sat at the table, Medabee stared down whilst Brass again had her head in her hands. “Oh…I…” she was cut off by the sound of the door knocking and then opening.

“Brass? Medabee? Are you in guys?” it was the soft voice of Neutranurse,

“We came to congratulate you guys on a stunning first night!” Sumillidon’s voice was next to be heard. They came in to the kitchen and continued talking.

“That was a great show guys, it had me in stitches! I hope that we will see more and…”

“SHUT UP!” Brass started to do what she seemed to do best… cry.  Medabee held her close and gave Sumillidon a malevolent glare,

“You are such a fool at times!”



After a while Brass had explained to Neutranurse and Icky’s mother that it wasn’t an act and it actually happened over some tea.  Medabee told the same thing to Sumillidon, over a video game…

“Those two are like children sometimes…” Brass sighed.

“So it wasn’t a movie? You didn’t get paid?” Neutranurse leaned over the table,

“Nope... it’s what actually happened…” she slumped forward. Neutranurse rubbed Brass’ arm,

“Don’t worry about it.” she nodded. “I mean it’s not like they are actually going to continue it.” Brass took her hand,

“Neutranurse… you’re a true friend…” Neutranurse blushed a little

“Why, thank you.”

“Well… I’m going to get some rest…” Brass had decided to live at Icky’s house one week and Erika’s the next and swap between households, wherever she went, Medabee went. She decided to stay at Icky’s this week.

“I’m a bit tired as well…” Neutranurse yawned. “Um… Mrs Teniryo?”

“Yes Neutranurse?”

“I know this is a pain but could me and Sumillidon stay the night?”

“Of course, you might need to phone your Medafighters though.”

“Thank you so much!” she ran off to the phone to call Karin.

“Come on… lets get some sleep… and forget this ever happened.” Medabee said, kissing Brass on the cheek. She nodded and went upstairs. However…


“That was such a big hit!”

“We must continue! It will rake us in a fortune!” all the executives at ninja world where talking about the movie premier of unlikely heroes.

“Yes… we must get hold of Brass and Medabee somehow… and then, we will be in it big, boys!” an evil laugh was emitted though out the entire board room…


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