The Strongest Bond

  By Jedi-And


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Chapter two: One word… Damn…


The next morning, brass was the first to wake. She had trouble sleeping the night before; she couldn’t get her mind off everything and to top it off; she had had a nightmare. She walked down stairs in her nightgown. Yes Brass had a nightgown, it was white with pink and blue lace, and it was one of those small flimsy things. It drove Medabee wild though. Anyway, she sat down in front of the TV. She looked at the clock. It was only 5:55 am. She thought she would watch the news. She stood and grabbed the remote off the side and flipped through to the news channel.

“Top story, Medabot abduction. In the last 48 hours, about 30 Medabots had been taken without a trace. More at 6.” She waited to see if anything came on TV but most of the stories where boring; Medabot abduction, grades dropping at local schools, nothing much. Brass stood up and went to the kitchen “and we have a rather enlightening and laughable news bulletin. The smash hit ‘the Imperfect Heroes’ has been set for another movie. The date isn’t set, nor is the contract, but according to the head of the board…” Brass slowly moved in to the lounge, staring wide eyed at the TV. The head of the Board appeared on the Screen.

“Because of popular demand I hereby announce that a new movie will be made! Although we have to convince Brass and Medabee to star in it.”


Brass, poor Brass… she fainted…  Neutranurse was next to awake; she slept on carry mats in the office. She had quite a passionate night actually. No one would have guessed that the innocent Neutranurse was like that. She walked in to the lounge, still half asleep. She was wearing the same sort of thing as Brass, only slightly longer. She walked out to the kitchen,


This time it was Neutranurse’s turn to fall over, over Brass.

“Ow… um Brass? You okay?” she crawled off the still unconscious Brass, looked at the TV then looked back. “Maybe I should get Medabee…”


A while later Brass was on the sofa covered by a blanket with a damp cloth over her forehead, Medabee and the others looking over the news to see what she fainted at.

“Err… Medabee? Perhaps if this upset Brass so much that it might affect you too… perhaps you should leave and we tell you what we find…” Medabee nodded and sulked away

“I’ll get the post then.” He walked over to the door and opened it to go to the mailbox.  He came face to face with about fifty reporters.

“Are you going to star in the next movie?”

“Are you and Brass an item?”

“Was it you who damaged the park by firing rockets in to the TV?”

“Will there be other Medabots in the next film?”

“What’s your secret to comedy?” Medabee just closed the door quickly and leaned against it, staring wide-eyed at the floor. He could still hear the reporters shouting outside.

“Hay…Medabee? You okay?” he walked slowly in, he pointed at the door and stammered a little,

“R…r…reporters are at the door wanting an interview with me and Brass… what should I say?”

“Um… say your busy…” he nodded and walked back to the door, he swung it open and put on his ‘tough guy’ act,

“Hello boys… I’m sorry but me and Brass are busy today and for a while… if you want an interview, we will contact you.” He leaned against the doorframe, most of the reporters shuffled off, grumbling, but there was one who came up to Medabee,

“Sorry to bother you sir…” it hit him that the kid was new to the journalist business,

“Hay kid…” Medabee motioned him over. “Just between us… we had no idea that they wanted a second movie… and we don’t want to star in it… we will do an official statement with you first okay? But it has to be you or we won’t say anything…” Medabee patted him on the shoulder “keep it under your hat for now, okay?” the young man nodded and smiled,

“Thank you so much sir.” He ran off and Medabee smiled inwardly and walked back inside.

“How is Brass?” he asked as he walked back inside,

“Still out Medabee…” Neutranurse removed the cloth from her forehead.

“Well I found out what had happened…”

“So have we” Icky stated as they watched through the report.

“We have to tell the people that we do not want to do this again…” Medabee Uttered.

“Hay Brass is awake!” Medabee ran to her side whilst everyone else turned to look,

“Brass! How are you feeling?” Medabee held her hand; she just stared at the ceiling,

“I’m the laughing stock of all the Medabots… the butt of the joke…” she started to say, “what have I done to deserve this? I’ve always been a good girl… yes a good girl…” she gripped her blanket and pulled it further up her chest, reaching her neck, he breathing became short and sharp,

“Err… Brass? You’re scaring me here…” Medabee leaned back a little looking at his dazed girl. 

“Here lies Brass, beloved fool… the only Medabot to play a prank on…” she stretched out her hand as if she saw it in front of her, “the only person in the world who we can laugh at and not feel any remorse…”

“NEUTRANURSE!” Medabee called for help,

“She’s finally cracked… it was going to happen one day… living with you and all…”

“HAY!” Medabee and Erika called out at the same time,

“Every thing has gone wrong… it all started when I was little… I never should have put mud in that pie… mama was angry…”

“HURRY UP NEUTRANURSE!” he looked down at his partner, poor Brass… cracked under pressure and stress…

“I did all I could at school… I even managed to pass… but it still all went wrong…” Brass continued, Neutranurse walked up with a ‘Medabot syringe’ with a robot sedative.

“Is that safe?” Medabee asked the pink bot, she nodded and put her hand on to Brass’ shoulder.

“Come on now Brass… I’m here to help…” Neutranurse said in her softest tone possible,

“Thanks nice pink lady… you’re the only one to help me… you and that pretty looking gold man…” Brass gestured to Medabee,

“I want you to get some rest…” Brass nodded “Good night.” She inserted the sedative

“Night…” she fell back asleep, they hoped that she would be in a better state of mind when she awoke again.  Sumillidon walked downstairs,

“What was all that shouting?” everyone just looked at him dumbfounded.


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