The Strongest Bond

  By Jedi-And


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Chapter 3: um…


“You’re joking me…” Sumillidon just looked at them, flabbergasted. They had explained to him everything that had happened “Brass couldn’t have…”

“It’s not as bad as it sounds…” everyone turned his or her attention to Neutranurse

“NOT THAT BAD!” Medabee was now severely aggressive, for his partner, the only one he loved, was laying on a couch and had gone insane just a few moments before.

“Calm down Medabee… let me explain… after seeing the news, her sensors sent an overload to her neural synapses and caused her tin pets functions to cease, this damaged her positronic brain and caused massive internal injury…” everyone stared astonished at her… “Err… what I mean is that it’s only temporary… it’s because she stressed out and it damaged her… she was also trying to reason with herself why it happened…” she had an anime sweat drop and she put her hand behind her head… the Medabots understood but Icky and Erika continued to stare, confused. “She had a blow out! She needs time to repair!” the confusion remained constant. “SHE’S MESSED UP! IT WON’T LAST LONG!” they human pair suddenly got it.

“Oh!” Neutranurse just sighed. Brass suddenly sat up,

“Brass!” Medabee ran up to her,

“’Brass’? Who is this ‘Brass’? My name’s Sailor Multi…” she looked at him then at everyone, “And who are you people?” Medabee just turned to Neutranurse; he grabbed her nightgown and raised her off the floor a little,


“PUT HER DOWN!” Sumillidon pulled her away from the crazed Medabee, he hit him, Medabee just crumpled up on the floor, and he put his head in his hands.

“What went wrong Neutranurse? What went wrong?”  She shook her head…

“I’m not sure…”


She walked over to Bras… Sailor Multi and scanned her, Brass backed away slightly  “don’t worry Sailor Multi… I’m a friend… I’m just checking if you’re okay.” She nodded and took the results to the rest. “Okay, she is in top form… but she needs her memory jumpstarted…” she walked back over to Brass, “um… you don’t mind us calling you Brass? Do you?” Brass agreed “okay Brass, I’m Neutranurse… that is Sumillidon” she pointed he waved, “he’s my boyfriend… and…” Brass laughed, “What’s funny? Thought of a joke? Do tell.”

“No, you… Medabots can’t have relationships…” Medabee stood and ran out, Sumillidon followed quickly behind. “What is wrong with him?” Neutranurse looked back and sighed.

“He is… was your boyfriend, that is why he became quite angry with me… you see…you have lost your memory…”


“And he was upset because it was because of me that it happened…”


“Medabee, you okay bud?” Medabee was sitting on the windowsill of his room (Brass and Medabee have their own room…) with a photo of Brass in his hand. He did not reply to Sumillidon’s stupid question.

“Bud?” he walked closer, “Hay, don’t worry…”

“‘Don’t worry’ he says… don’t worry despite the fact you girlfriend, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, can’t even remember your name…” he said in a mocking tone, “give me a brake…”

“Don’t moan at me! Look she will be fine! She just needs to remember things…” he nodded, “and the only person who can do that is you!”


“Because you love her damn it!” Medabee looked at the picture and put a hand on it. “I’ll see you down stairs in a few minuets Medabee…” Medabee nodded and sighed, Sumillidon walked out the room.

“Oh Brass… what happened?” he put the picture down and ran off to get Brass,


He ran in and grabbed Brass’ arm,

“Hay! What are you doing!”

“I’m going to help you remember by showing you things and sights that we say together!” before Brass could say anything she was dragged upstairs,

“You think it will work?” Icky asked,

“It has more chance to work than anything…”

Upstairs, Brass was sat on their bed, she felt the covers, it seemed familiar, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

“Here we go!” Medabee pulled out a huge book; it was a photo album of the two since they first dated. He opened it to their first date. It was a fireworks display,

“Do you remember anything about that?” she shook her head, the next picture was of them holding each other with a heart shaped firework explosion in the sky, he looked up at Brass, hoping that this would jog her memory even a little, she looked up and shook her head again… he sighed, they worked through the photos, a few laughs and giggles but nothing much in the way of restoring her memory.

“I’m sorry… it was worth a try but I still can’t remember anything…” he nodded…

“I still have a few other things if you wouldn’t mind Hun…” Brass suddenly held her head, “you okay Brass?”

“I’m okay but it’s when you called me ‘Hun’… I remember someone asking if it was okay to call me that but it’s still a blur…” he nodded enthusiastically,

“That was me!” she looked up…

“At least it’s a start…” Medabee grabbed her hand, she blushed a little as he dragged her downstairs, “now where are we going?”

“I’m going to take you to all the places we have ever been on a date!” they ran out the door, they went to the Medabot restaurant, the pear, the carnival fields, the cinema and theatre, the mall, every where… nothing…

“There is only on last place to go…” Medabee sighed, as did Brass, he looked over at her… “What’s wrong?”

“I want to remember these times… but I can’t…” they strolled along to the beach. They looked out in to the sunset, Medabee turned her to face him, so her pink eyes stared straight in to his, and he grabbed both her hands

“This was the place where we tried to explain our feeling to each other… but then we where interrupted… a lot… so the next day, we came back, around sunset and told each other out feelings… and we accepted the fact,” he brought her hands up closer to their chests, “that we had fallen in love the first time we met, and that our feelings had grown stronger…” they both blushed a little, he moved his face closer to hers, she didn’t move, “and, despite all this… I still love you…” he kissed her, but something happened, a spark came from the point of contact, they both jolted back and looked at each other,

“That never happened before…” Brass said,

“Brass! You have your memory back!” Medabee hugged her, she hugged him back, they moved away, still holding hands.

“Yes, but that spark never happened before when we kissed.” She tilted her head

“It felt kinda good though…” she nodded quickly, “want to kiss again?” she nodded and they closed their eyes and kissed, causing electric sparks to fly off. They held each other close and enjoyed the moment for a while. Until…

“MEDABEE WHERE ARE YOU?!” Icky shouted in to his Medawatch

“BRASS! WHERE ON EARTH ARE YOU?!” Erika did the same,  Medabee and Brass held their heads in pain at the volume of their Medafighters in their head, their question was quickly replied,

“how come when ever me and Medabee want ‘Alone time’ you ALWAYS seem to INTERRUPT?!?!”   their Medafighters just stood there dumfounded,

“I guess you have your memory back…” Erika said…

“yes… now what is it?” Brass was not happy.

“we called to get you back here! Sumillidon and Neutranurse are missing!”

“you joking.”

“no joke…”

“yeah, and we are gonna follow suit!” Medabee and Brass looked around to see men in black suits and tazer sticks had surrounded them.



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