The Strongest Bond

  By Jedi-And


Chapter 4:RUN!


“My, my. All those nice men gathering around us… I wonder what they do when they not so busy…” Brass said standing back to back with Medabee,

“drink, smoke, watch TV and robattle… it’s a tradition…” Medabee said calmly,

“get ‘em.” One of the smaller ones said, and the bigger ones moved in. the circle suddenly moved in, ever growing smaller. The pair stood back to back, holding their guns out,


“WAIT!” Brass shouted, “We can’t hurt these people! They aren’t Medabots!”

“So what are we gonna do? We may not hurt them but they look like they want to hurt us!”

“We may not be able to hurt them but…” she looked around, circles and lines could be slightly seen in her eyes, analyzing the situation, “we can…RUN LIKE HELL!” both Medabots ran for their lives, one went for the shortest and jumped over him, stepping on him through out, and the other ducked under the tallest man, both escaped, but the gentlemen where in hot pursuit,

“NOW WHAT?!” Brass asked, running her hardest,

“JUST KEEP RUNNING AND DON’T LOOK BACK!” Medabee shouted back, they ran around the corner and Brass started to lag behind, he grabbed her hand “DON’T FALL BEHIND!” they continued to run faster and faster, gunfire started and the pair ducked down and carried on going. They ducked in to an ally; Medabee pulled Brass behind them as well. The men ran past, Medabee let out a sigh of relief and Brass just looked down,

“Um… Hun…” Medabee had unconsciously put his hands on her chest

“Huh?” Brass took his hands and moved them down, off her chest so the where holding each other around her waist.  “Opps… sorry…” he blushed a bit.

“That was too close…” they looked around the corner to see if they had gone. They ran in the opposite direction, “how do you know that they won’t be around here?”

“I saw it in a movie!” they ran around the corner they passed before. And ran in to the men again, “oh… well I guess they saw the same movie.” they turned to run, but one of the men grabbed Brass by the leg and lifted her up so she was in line with his torso. It was that Neanderthal man she ran under earlier

“Ha ha… we’ve got one wid purdy legs…” he stroked her legs. That pushed Brass over the edge,

“PURDY THIS” she rammed her short shot into his gut and fired, this made him drop her. He stumbled a little; she got up a bit dazed and ran as fast as she could after Medabee, who was about to burst a vain… if he had one…

“How DARE they!” Medabee had a green glow around him “THIS will teach you to touch MY girlfriend!” he threw his hands up in to the air “MEDAFORCE!” he fired the Medaforce forward, he missed most of the men, but he wasn’t aiming for them… he was aimed at this truck nearby, he made it explode with a huge ball of flame which knocked most of the men down,

“Remind me to take your guns away when we get home…” Medabee was breathing heavily and his gun arms ached, but he was laughing. “Now you’re scaring me…”

“Opps sorry…” they took off, around the corner, looking behind to make sure that no one was following. But…


Not looking forward was their downfall… they ran straight in to Sumillidon and Neutranurse. Oh and a fresh batch of men in black twinsets… 

“Watch where you’re going!!” Sumillidon shouted out,

“Me?! Why don’t you watch where you’re going?!” Medabee countered

“I think I broke my arm…” Brass said…

“Um… Summy? I can’t feel my legs…” Neutranurse stated, trying to get up…

“Well, Well… what do we have here?” a big man stated. He took off his sunglasses to reveal his bright blue eyes. He picked up Neutranurse, “you’re a cute little thing, aren’t ya?” he slapped a silver collar on her it was the width of her torso and went up to where her mouth would be. “Next time sweet cakes, don’t try to run…” he kissed her on the cheek; she shocked him with a spark, he jolted back and she squeaked in pain.

“Only one person kisses me…” she tried to sound as menacing as possible, but failing miserably.

“Damn you,” he threw her to the floor. “Cuff ‘em!” Sumillidon ran to her aid, being ‘cuffed’ on the way. Medabee and Brass where still tangled, so they where cuffed on the floor. Medabee got up and tried to fire his guns… to no benefit…

“Hay! What the!”

“Like it?”  The man laughed, “It’s our home made anti Medabot band… it prevents Medabots doing their attacks.”

“Aw man! Give me a brake!” Medabee put his hands on his head.

“Now… in the truck…” they pointed towards a 7.5-ton lorry, which looked identical to the van that Medabee destroyed.

“Hay Brass… didn’t I trash that truck?” she just shrugged.

“I’m guessing we don’t have a choice…” Brass looked at the man,

“Oh you have a choice… get in the truck… or be thrown in to the truck…”

“Err… I think I will walk on to the truck…” Brass said, moving on to the truck, the rest followed suit.


“Huh? Oh they got you too…” in the truck was Peppercat and Centurion. Centurion had two collars around his wrists, because it didn’t fit his neck. Peppercat just wore it normally. Medabee and Brass growled, Sumillidon just comforted a crying Neutranurse (their seems to be a lot of crying in these fics)

“Yeah… but we would have gotten away if Sumillidon was looking where he was going!”

“ME? YOU WEREN’T LOOKING ETHER!” he stood up and pointed.


“YEAH!” they both dived at each other, only are caught by Centurion. They where still trying to hit each other, be he held them apart enough so they weren’t even close.

“Brass? Do you get the feeling that we are lucky to have them… yet unlucky?” she just nodded to Neutranurse. She went over and consoled her still crying friend whilst the men sat on the other side, Centurion in the middle with Medabee and Sumillidon ether side. They all hand their arms folded, and the girls sat on the other side, Neutranurse has her head in her hands, Brass has her arms around the distressed Medabot and Peppercat is bent over leaning on her legs.

“Well this sucks…” Centurion just nodded as his partner said that.


After an hour the van was nearly at its destination, and everyone has shuffled around again, all with their partners, Brass had fallen asleep on Medabee, Centurion was holding on to Peppercat, and Sumillidon was kissing Neutranurse.  A few sparks flew; Medabee thought now would be a good time to ask.

“Why do sparks fly off when you kiss?” the pair looked at the gold Medabot,

“Um… I think when you reach a point in your relationship it happens… after a year I think…” Neutranurse said, unsure of herself… “Why did you ask?”

“Oh, it’s started happening to me and Brass…”

“Oh.” Neutranurse’s cheeks became quite rosy and she put a hand on her stomach. “I feel sick…” the others just looked at her, wondering if a Medabot could be sick or have an illness.

“Err… dear? You don’t have a stomach to feel sick with…” she put her free hand to where her mouth would be.

“Uh… oh I’m going to be sick!” she ran to the corner and started to cough and splutter, Sumillidon held her from behind, reassuring her, till eventually they herd a noise that resembled throwing up, most of the others just shuddered and felt sorry for her.  Suddenly the doors to the van flew open, to reveal where they where.

“Oh… I don’t believe this…” Brass woke up and looked out,



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