The Strongest Bond

  By Jedi-And



Chapter 5: we always come here…


“It’s ninja world…”

“Well this seems all to familiar…” Medabee stared blankly at the theme park,

“Come on… out!” they all shuffled out of the van, each holding their partners hands, except Peppercat, who was on Centurion’s shoulder. Sumillidon has one arm around Neutranurse, holding her stomach, and the other hand is holding one of hers. Her hands are holding on to his, her eyes where closed. They where taken in to the fun house, they where all placed in to a cage…  well two cages… the men and the ladies.  Neutranurse was holding her stomach, Sumillidon watched his girl friend… he wanted her to become something more… if possible…

“Why are we here?” Centurion asked,

“I think they want us to make a second movie…”

“We’ve got to get out of here!” Brass started to panic,

“Lets think…” they waited for a while, they looked out and around the cages, and there were two guards and the keys where on the ledge,

“I think I’ve got it…” Peppercat spoke up, “all we have to do is…”

“HOW COULD YOU!” Brass shouted at Peppercat,

“IT’S NOT MY FALT YOU DON’T LOVE HIM ENOUGH THAT HE ISN’T HAPPY!” Peppercat shouted back, Brass started to cry,

“But why? What did I do wrong Medabee?”

“Err…” Medabee was stunned

“You cow! I’LL KILL YOU!” Brass dived at Peppercat,

“Not so rough!” she whispered,

“Sorry, I have to make it look real…” she whispered back,

“You couldn’t KILL ME if you had a nuke!” they where in a scuffle on the floor, Brass had Peppercat by the neck, the guards ran over to the cage, unlocked the door and walked in,

“Hay brake it up!” the guards pulled them apart, while they where distracting the guards; Neutranurse relieved them of their keys. They separated the two, and went out the cage. They sat down… after an hour the guards fall asleep. And the bot started to work, after figuring out with key does what, the escaped from the cage and undid our cuffs, after they crept past the sleeping guards. It worked… until Neutranurse started to feel ill again. She again put her hand to her mouth and one on her stomach and looked around. She closed her eyes and ran. Although there was no physical evidence of it, you could here her being sick. She bumped in to Centurion, who stumbled, making Peppercat fall off his shoulder and knock in to Medabee, who was holding on to Brass, who grabbed Sumillidon and pulled him down the stairs, he grabbed hold of Neutranurse, who grabbed Centurion by the cloak, who was picking up Peppercat and they all fell down the stairs in a big crash, not only waking up the guards but people in other countries.

“Ow…” Sumillidon moaned.

“Well… at least I’m not on the bottom this time…” Peppercat looked under her, somehow, Medabee ended up on bottom, then Sumillidon, then Brass and Neutranurse then Centurion and THEN Peppercat.

“Well, I’m glad Hun… but don’t you think we should move before someone comes?”

“Yeah, in other words… GET THE HELL OFFA ME!” Medabee screamed from the bottom of the pile. They all started to shuffle around, trying to move.

“Hay! There they are! Get them!” a guard came to the top of the stairs, all the bots looked up to see two heavily armed guards,

“RUN!!!” they all scattered and ran as fast as they could down a narrow corridor, followed by what was now a few armed guards and ninja Medabots.

“Lets spilt up!” they came across the section with the secret doors, Centurion ducked left, Medabee and brass took the right, and Sumillidon and Neutranurse went strait on.


Centurion ran up the stairs full force,

“Where are we going!?” Peppercat asked, taking the easy way out by going on to Centurions shoulder.  

“Do you think I know?!” he yelled back, he skidded to a halt.

“oh, a door!” pepper cat said,

“A WAY OUT!” the both screamed out in unison. He pulled hard on the door, only to reveal…

“oh very funny… another door… how enjoyable…” Peppercat said, eyes half-closed, not amused.  He looked down at the button and went to push it,

“Hay wait!” Peppercat shouted urgently, “It says ‘don’t push’!”

“but can you see another way out?” the looked around, then back down the stairs where they saw 4 guards and a dog,

“AH! A DOG! GET US OUT OF HERE!” Centurion sweat-dropped at the fact Peppercat was more scared of a dog, than of 4 guards, which are armed to the teeth with tazer sticks, shotguns and any number of knifes… but then again being a cat might effect her perspective… 

“Right!” he pushed the button, a trap door appeared under them, they stayed there for a second before falling, shouting all the way.


“Come on Brass! Don’t slow down!” Medabee and brass where running up even more flights of steps,

“I… hate… these… stairs”  she said, panting between each word, out of breath because fast-legged Medabots had chased them. Brass and Medabee where not fast but they ran as fast as they could… 

“well… this… seems… familiar…” Brass said, as they came across a large button with the label ‘push’.

“Well, we know how this works… but…” the other Medabots where nearly at them,

he reached and pushed the button, “DUCK!” he and Brass did, the other bots flew strait in to the lift and where shot upwards, though in to the attic, Brass and Medabee ran the other way, down towards where they came, only to run strait in to Neutranurse and Sumillidon,

“again? We seem to be attracted to each other.” Brass said from the middle of the pile.

“you WON’T get away Medabots!” the guards had caught up with them, they all scattered, again changing groups, the boys and the girls left in separate directions,


“Keep going Centurion!” Peppercat called out, looking behind at the fast approaching guards,

“Hay… I’m running… as fast… as I… can!” he started to get breathless as more guards joined the pursuit for the large Medabot and his small companion. He stumbled a pace because the floor seemed to go from under him, “ack!”

“I guess this part is a bit shabby…” Peppercat said to herself, looking back at the depressed floor tile, then big red punching gloves came out of the wall, impacting with the guards, “Or not…” they continued to run up the stairs, eventually running in to Brass and Neutranurse, Peppercat jumped off his shoulder and joined the girls,

“take care Peppy!” Centurion shouted from the other direction

“Peppy?” Brass laughed as they ran,

“Oh and I’m sure Medabee doesn’t have a pet name for you.”

“Err… well…” she tried to get out of it, “Lets keep running!” so they did,


After about what felt like a decade of running, they found a way out… or should I say made a way out…


“you have a habit of doing that don’t you Centurion...” Medabee said, not looking too impressed by the big Medabot’s  work,

“So? It’s affective isn’t it?” he said running outside, a little later the girls ran outside to join the boys, all out of breath,

“I… am… not… doing…that…again…”Brass said, leaning on her knees,

“yeah… you…said…it…” Neutranurse puffed as she tried to speak, Neutranurse was leaning back to back with Peppercat,

“I …I …” Peppercat tried to say something but nothing came out, she was just too tired.  Centurion just laughed as did Medabee and Sumillidon, the girls slowly got up and they walked down and found themselves by a big pit with a pillar in the middle, it sort of looked like a Medabot battleground. But any battle fought there looked like it was to the death… they walked across the old bridge that went across the pit and they got to the pillar, suddenly all bridges fell, falling to the bottom, Peppercat looked over the edge,

“my, that is a long way down…” Brass said looking over the verge,

“yep… very long way down,” then they herd a low thud as the bridge hit the bottom,

“Epp…” was the only word that could be uttered by Centurion,

“NOW we have you!” a guard called out, then, out of nowhere the strange man with the blue eyes came back,

“thought you could run away did you?” he pulled his Medawatch up and pressed the button for transport.



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