The Strongest Bond

  By Jedi-And


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Chapter 6: out of the frying pan…


Out appeared a huge beast of a machine, it was bigger than Centurion by a foot. It was green and grey, it’s face was like a swat mask, with a red strip for eyes, it’s hands where huge, his legs where powerful and gigantic, he had a sword on one hand, which was large and broad, his shoulder pads where like centurions, except they had no weights on them. He had, what seemed like no guns but a large shield on the other hand. “Meet, Annihilator. One of the most powerful Medabots in the world!”



Medafighter: ‘Freaky Eyes’ Dave

Specialty: close combat fighting

Weakness: Unknown


Centurion back away a little, knowing this bot all to well, But before he could recall the event, two smaller teleports occurred, ether side of Annihilator, “oh and to take the rest of you we have a little surprise…” a male and female bot appeared,



Medafighter: Male Guard

Specialty: Charge attack, being able to blend in to forest.

Weakness: Visibility


Chun Xiou (Fang):

Medafighter: Female Guard

Specialty: uses of its fan weapons, martial arts and speed.

Weakness: Hearing when moving at high speeds


A Medabot stepped forward, it was camouflaged in a woodland cammo scheme, it had a large hat with metal ferns hanging from it, going down, covering the back of its head, the torso had a large built in collar that went up to the bots eyes, the black visor covered his eyes, which glowed a woodland green. Its arms had two large guns on them but his legs where stumpy and heavily armored, in fact HE was totally covered in amour. The other bot had black metal hair, with a metal strand of hair. She had a white face with pink eyes and had a white and gold top body plate, the bot had a larger chest than Brass, (which needless to say, got her a little jealous…) and was taller than her, but she wasn’t as tall as tank. Her leg plates where the same size as Brass but it extended down to her ankles at the back, she had two metal fans with sharp edges.

“Lets robattle!” shouted the female guard,

“yeah!” shouted the male guard,


“Then it’s official!” Mr referee climbed up the edge of the cavern towards the crew, “I declare this an of… AGHHHH!” before he could finish he slipped off and fell down the huge crater. Everyone sweat dropped… until tank had had enough and charged,

“EAT LASER!” Medabee fired his gun at tank, but it did nothing, not even a scratch. “what the?” tank continued to run at them, but was dodged, Brass attacked Fang with her short shot but it was deflected by the fans, Peppercat jumped on her but was knocked away with a swift hit to the back of the head. Neutranurse tried a flying kick, but was prevented by a slice up. Centurion was in a dead lock with Annihilator, fist, clasped in fist,

“So we meet again, long time no see…” Annihilator’s voice was low but lizard like,

“indeed it has been a while. But this is where your immorality ends!” Centurion broke free of his grasp and hit Annihilator in the gut, moving him back.

“you are stronger Centurion… but then again, so am I!”  he dived back in to the fray and the fight continued.


Brass, Neutranurse and Peppercat where standing back to back as Fang whirled around them, as fast as one of those ninja bots.

“Damn it!” Brass cursed at the other bot, “how are we going to defeat her?” Peppercat looked over at the boys, fighting valiantly against Tank, then a brain wave hit her,

“HAY FATBOY!” she called over to Tank, who turned, “YEAH YOU! BET YOU COULDN’T GET US! NAH NAH” she put her hands to the side of her head is if she was poking her tongue out at him…

“what are you doing?!” Brass asked,

“you’ll see!” she continued to taunt him “Ya know, I have a can opener with your name on it!” he started to get really annoyed now, “your mamma was a can of BEANS!” he charged at them, steaming with rage, “perfect!”  he ran in to them, not seeing his counter part, as she ran in to him, knocking them both over, the girls ran in to the boys to see if they where okay. Tank and Fang got up, but instead of going after the others, they shouted at themselves,

“Watch where you’re going!” Tank yelled

“why do I have to? You’re the one hiding under a hat!” Fang yelled back

“WHAT?” they started to get in to a large argument about each other’s flaws, while the others crept away, unnoticed,

“talk about a lovers tiff…” Medabee said to Brass “I’m so glad I don’t have them with you…”  they walked over to the edge and saw a thin rope, but it was thick enough to take Medabots across. They managed to get across, but Peppercat didn’t cross,

“what about Centurion?” The looked over to the large damaged bot; one arm was not working as he was fighting.

“Go! Get out of here!” he called,  “now is not the time to wonder why, but the time to preserve the future! As I am of the past I have less years in front of me than behind… please get out of here!” Again the two Titians where in a dead lock,

“Oh very touching Centurion… but once I finish with you, then your friends will follow you in to oblivion shortly!” he pushed Centurion back to the edge,

“I SHALL NOT LET YOU HARM THEM!” Centurion dropped and threw Annihilator off the edge, but Annihilator grabbed one of his legs, causing him to fall off the edge as well, Peppercat ran over and tried to pull him up, “it’s too late Peppy…” 

“No! I will not let you go!”

“I am too big to pull up… one of my arms are damaged and I am slipping off the edge… please go…” he started to slip from her grasp,

“No! I can save you!” she pulled her hardest, but still was moving towards the edge,

“Peppercat…” she looked him in the eyes, “Please… you must look towards the future… just let go…” she let go of his hand “I’m sorry… my love…” she fell to her knees and cried… out loud and unashamed. She cried as her only love fell to his doom, with his enemy, to rid the world of an evil Medabot. She felt in pain and destroyed. Brass had just come across the rope to get her.

“Come on… time to go…” she said in her softest tone. Nearly in tears herself.  Peppercat was pulled up to her feet. She held on to Brass and continued to cry, Brass started to cry as well, hugging Peppercat for support, the other Medabots stood their, silent and in deep sorrow. Tank and fang where also morning the loss of Annihilator,


“I KILL YOU ALL!” tank charged at the 2 girls, Brass saw him and tripped him up, he landed face first in to the dirt. He started to get up, but gave up and started to bang the ground with his fists, causing mini craters and lots of cracks in the floor, trying to hold back the tears, “DAMN IT! I can’t even avenge my teacher!”  His head hung low as he rose to his knees, his hands on the floor, silently sobbing. Fang walked over to him slowly and helped him up; he still was limp from the pain of loss.

“It is a great loss for us all…” she started to say, “we apologize for anything that we have done to you… with that… we… shall leave…” she started to cry at that point, they both walked off, holding each other for support, her hand to where her mouth would go crying in full view, while the other cried to himself. They walked to the rope the other side and got across safely…

“HAY!” the guards shouted at them, “what are you doing?!”

“You have to destroy them!!” they said nothing as they passed their Medafighters and in to the building. “Boss? Aren’t ya gonna stop them?” Dave (the man with the blue eyes) just turned and walked away, putting on his shades. The guards walked away in defeat.

“Come on now Peppercat… time to go…” Brass said as they walked away, “good… good bye brother…”

“Good bye… good bye my…my love…”



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