The Strongest Bond

  By Jedi-And


Chapter 7: eat drink and be merry!


“Whoa… what a view!” it was ½ a year since that fateful trip to Ninja world, and they where in a glass lift, going to a dinner party (I think they can eat… look at the Medabot big brother thing. It’s in the humour section) for the new movies success. Yes, you guessed it. The abduction and the run around Ninja world was the new movie. It sent the ratings though the roof! The company that made the movies had apologized for the loss of Centurion and will never bother them again to make a movie; this party was also to commemorate his memory. Their Medafighters where all in smart dinner wear, and there Medabots where all polished and pristine, Brass stared out of the window as did Medabee, Sumillidon was holding Neutranurse, who seemed larger than before in width. Peppercat stood there with Totalizer, and Oceana just floated there thinking.

“Um…I know this may seem like a silly question but what am I doing here?” she asked,

“Each person on the movie is allowed to bring a guest. You are Sumillidon and Neutranurse’s guest.” Brass answered,

“Oh, and where is your guest?” Sumillidon asked, still latched on to his girl.

“He is… around somewhere…” Medabee slyly insinuated. Icky knew whom he was referring to. The lift stopped at the top floor, 40 stories up.

“Oh… there you are. You never said it would be a formal event.” Rakusho was standing by the lift, and looked at the people coming out.

“Hay sorry bud, if I had said you would have said something like ‘the wise never enjoy the company of others’, or something…” Brass and the others giggled away.

“Aw… leave him alone… he hasn’t done anything wrong…” Oceana called from the back, Rakusho looked though the crowd to see her. A small blush came on to his face. This was picked up on by Medabee.

“Oh… Rakusho! I’m thinking you like her!”  He coughed as his small yellow companion stated the obvious… but he would never admit it.

“Anyway…” he turned to see a huge buffet table, “our dinner awaits…” he pointed to the food laden table, everyone walked over to it, “ and it is quite a selection of fine foods and…”

“WOW! WATERMELON!” Medabee jumped on to the melon and started to devour it. Brass also lost all composures and dived in to the snails. Peppercat found the fish quite quickly and took it away to an empty table, the ENTIRE fish. Neutranurse looked around the table the grabbed one of everything… and I mean EVERYTHING! Sumillidon took tons of sausages and meat products. The rest of them just stared astounded at their lack of table manners. Rakusho walked over and grabbed two plates, one for him and one for Oceana. They walked around the table and chose with proper decorum and poise. He reached over to pick up a bit of salad, and then all of a sudden, Oceana’s hand came on top of his, he blushed like there was no tomorrow. As did she, they quickly moved their hands and turned away from each other, still blushing. She turned back and laughed a little,

“Well um… I… err…” was all the wise Rakusho could say. They continued to choose and after they had gotten all their food, they walked with each other to one of the tables on the roof, overlooking the city. They enjoyed a beautiful candle light dinner. During the meals was the social time; the Medafighters had different tables to the Medabots, by the time most where half way through, Neutranurse was going for seconds. This worried Brass and Peppercat a little,

“Err… nurse girl?” Peppercat started, their larger companion looked at the anxious pair,

“Oh? What’s wrong?” she sat down with another plate load of stuff,

“Well... err… I mean… why are you eating so much?” the bot looked a little surprised by this but decided to take it in her stride.

“No reason…” though there was, she thought she would ask Sumillidon to see if it was all right to tell people.

“Oh… is it because your eating so much that you seem… a little… bigger?”

“Well… yes…” she munched on a bit of cheese, they knew something was up, but they didn’t say anything.

“Fare enough…” Brass said, tucking in to another snail.

 The evening went well… a few tears from Peppercat and Brass, but apart from that, everything was a success… well almost… seeing as a Medabot can eat… then that means he or she can… drink… ahem… anyway… back to the party…


“I tell you! It was huge! And it was in my bed…” Brass was dangerously wobbling, with a bottle of whisky, loosely held in her hand; she was talking to Peppercat, who was also quite drunk.

“Yeah… how big?” she was leaning sidewise over one chair.

“It was this big,” she stretched out her hands as far as they would go, “then again it was Medabee.” They both broke up in to hysterics, over what I don’t know.


“Come on Rakusho! Have a little drink!” Medabee encouraged the wise Rakusho,

“No thank you… I have had enough to drink this evening. Alcohol clouds the mind…” he said a matter-o-factly,

“So? It’s just one night…” Sumillidon dangled the bottle in front of Rakusho, eventually even the great Rakusho gives in the dreaded thing known as pear pressure. He snatched the bottle away from Sumillidon,

“If it will shut you up, I’ll have one drink.” He unscrewed the lid and drank, unaware that the yellow pair had put a bit from every alcoholic beverage in the bar in to that one bottle. Now that’s what I call mixing your drinks… his white face flushed a red colour. It was a good thing no one under 16 had stayed; most of the Medabots had stayed as well all except Totalizer and Neutranurse. She didn’t fancy a drink tonight…  the rest where drunk as… sorry folks… drunk as a skunk. And, finally, it was karaoke time! It was quite funny in my opinion…

“Lets all give a big hand for Medabee and Rakusho, doing QUEEN’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody!”


=====================On stage===============================

Medabee: I see a little silhouette-o of a man

Rakusho: Scara boush, scara boush, will you do the fandango,

Both: Thunderbolts of lightning, very, very frightening, ME,

Medabee: Galileo

Rakusho: Galileo

Medabee: Galileo

Rakusho: Galileo

Both: Galileo, Figero magniffico-o-o

Medabee: I’m just a poor boy no body loves me,

Rakusho: he’s just a poor boy from a poor family

Both: spear him his life from this monstrosity!

Medabee: easy come, easy go, will you let me go?

Rakusho: Vis millar NO! We will not let you go!

Medabee: let him go!

Rakusho: Vis millar we will not let you go!

Medabee: let me go!  

Rakusho: Vis millar we will not let you go!

Medabee: let me go!

Both: never, never, never, NEVER let me go-o-o-o-o

Both: no, no, no, no, no! 

Medabee: oh mamma meia, mamma meia

Both: mamma meia let me go; Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me! For me, for me for MEEEEEE!

*Guitar solo as it continues on with the song. *

================================================ ============


(A/N: I would put more in but that would be another story…)


The night went well, everyone enjoyed himself or herself and everyone, as per usual in this situation, regretted the morning after. Especially Medabee, Brass and Rakusho. They where absolutely plastered! Anyway, this is the end of this little tale… oh you have noticed I, the narrator is now talking… well I don’t get a lot to say. Even with my part of the story. Who am I? Well… let’s just say I’m an old friend who tried his hardest to stop an evil Medabot, and took him out at all costs, to save his friends and loved ones. Good night. And take care; I shall take my leave, with my new parts. Maybe some times you can here my footsteps around Brass as she sleeps, looking out for her, or near Peppercat when she fights. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll come back one day. Till then, who knows? *Hear metallic footsteps go in to the distance; a dirty cloak covers his red and green parts and all that can be seen is his feathery helmet as he disappears in to the sunset. *


The end…


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