Fields of Dreams

 by Jedi-And


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Authors note: this is the third part of all the Medabot fic I have written, it’s not to good, it’s a bit stupid because the Medabots act, or are, more human than machine. Anyway, this might be my last Medabots fic… but it probably won’t. Anyway, enjoy (or hate)


Chapter 1: *singing* Our local vicar joined the parachute brigade………



It has been several years since we last saw our heroes. It’s spring, and the spring show is on. Anyway, as I said, it has been about 5 years, plus the year and a half from the other tales… Icky and Erika have now grown up a little, they where now both 16 and neither had changed much, Erika now wore a light pink top with blue dungarees with one strap loose and icky wore a pair of blue jeans with a red t-shirt with a lower collar. Brass and Medabee hadn’t changed much, except they where now man and wife. Yep, they passed a law that allowed Medabots to marry (I know… but I had to put something in there to stop Medabee form running off with another bot…), so of course Sumillidon was the first to seize the opportunity, seeing as the reason that Neutranurse was so large was because she was ‘having a medal’. A medal was growing inside her like a child (I thought about this one… another lame idea I know but…). It was the sparks that did that because it sent a portion of info from each bot through the spark and… well…. But a few others soon followed suit with purposing. It was like an epidemic. As it was the spring air festival soon, Medabee gave Brass 2 additions for him and her to do some skydiving,


“WOW! WHAT A RUSH!” called out Brass. 


“WHAT A RUSH!” she laughed, they where both going at high speed towards the ground, it was time to open their parachutes, Medabee was already on his way to a soft descent, but something was wrong with Brass’ ‘chute, “IT WON’T OPEN!” she pulled on the cord several times but nothing happened, she eventually snapped the cord, and the emergency wasn’t working ether, she slipped off the useless chute and laid on her back in the air, to slow her fall so she could grab Medabee, but she couldn’t slow down enough, the audience on the floor who was milling around suddenly noticed the object falling from the sky, Icky had just bought Erika some cotton candy (candy floss) and was walking back to their table where they where going to meet Brass, Medabee, Koji, Karin and their Medabots. Sumillidon was running hasty towards the young pair, 

“Oh, hello Sumillidon, what’s wrong?”

 “It’s Brass! She’s in trouble!”   This caught her attention, she ran towards the ‘Crash site’. As they arrived they saw Brass falling fast, a small crowd had congregated by the site, including the people who ran the event,


“I’m going to die! It’s not fair! I don’t eve have any children!” was all Brass could think as she dropped, all of a sudden, a teleport began on her legs, she didn’t see because her eyes where closed tight and her hands where in front of her chest, after it was complete, she had a new Medapart strapped to where her legs would be. It was an Aero-part, it lowered her to the floor gently, and she opened her eyes and looked down at the Medapart, then looked to Erika. The Aero-part vanished and her own legs returned. she would be in a cold sweat if it were possible. Many Medabots ran over to see if she was fine, all she could hear was her own breathing; she was oblivious to everything around her,


“She’s in shock,” a medical Medabot called out. Neutranurse pushed her way past; despite the fact she was baring her and Sumillidon’s third medal (and she was in the late stage so it would be ready soon). She ran up and grabbed Brass’ arm and turned her to face her, Brass’ eyes where so full of fear it was unreal.


“Oh Brass… what has happened?” she asked in her softest tone, there was no reply from the petrified Brass, Medabee landed on the floor, having detached his chute a few meters up, he ran over to Brass, looked at her looked her over then hugged her tightly,


“Oh thank god, thank you god. You’re not hurt, I was so worried, I can’t believe they did this; oh thank god you are all right.” He kissed the top of her head a few times as she held on to him and cried a little. They walked off, Brass still clutching to Medabee for dear life, not letting go for one minuet. Neutranurse walked behind, when they got to the side lines they where greeted by the others,

“Th…thank you for the t…transport miss Erika.” That was all she could utter. She said still grasping Medabee as if her life depended on it,

“Err… I don’t know how to put this but I don’t have my Medawatch on me…” everyone looked at her to see that her wrists where bare from all but a faint tan line where she wore the watch. 

“Something funny is going on here…” Icky was about to say more before he noticed the ‘Parachute people’ where trying to run away. 


“HAY! GET BACK HERE!” Erika called out as the men tried to pack away and leave. They walked over to the instructor who suited them up, he was a tall man in set of overalls, “HAY! WHAT’S WITH GIVING MY MEDABOT A BROKEN CHUTE?” she yelled,

“Hay, they are just toys… they can be fixed kiddo…”

“Just TOYS?!” Medabee was on the brink of firing 2 seeker missiles at him,

“Can a toy love?” Dr Aki walked up behind them, with, of course, pudding. “Can a toy have a child? Can a toy marry? Can a toy feel fear or dismay? Love and hatred? Conflict and oppression? No… I don’t think they are toys… Medabots have evolved beyond toys, and are now living creatures.” He patted Brass on the head “killing one of them is like murder, you know? It may not seem it, but they are as weak and vulnerable as any human…” the instructor just stood there amazed. Brass was still holding on to Medabee, afraid. For the first time in her life she was truly afraid. She was scared and the only person who could comfort her was the only one she loved. Everything the Professor said was true. Medabots have souls.

“Like I care…” he turned to confront Peppercat, face to face, she was wearing clothing… which was quite novel for a Medabot, she wore a pair of white, grey and black combat trousers (pants) a dark shirt and a long black leather coat that went to her feet, the coat was undone as she perched herself on a arena pike,

“Well you should…” she gave him a small shock, he backed up a little and turned, only to see Peppercat again,

“Damn you move fast…”

“I know…” she zapped him again and again and surprisingly enough… again… he ran after that for cover, she stood and turned to face Brass, who still had frayed nerves. She let go of Medabee and hugged Peppercat, saying thank you then she let go and seized Medabee again.

“Well I must say you look quite good in those cloths Peppercat,” Karin commented on Peppercat’s new attire.

“Thanks. I hade them made because normal cloths, even children’s clothing didn’t fit properly.”


“Yeah, and I suppose you don’t want blue elephants on your cloths ether,” joked Medabee, They where all sitting around one of those portable tables with the chairs near the hotdog stand. Everyone where sitting next to one another in a big circle, Brass was sitting next to Medabee with a blanket on her and a cup of coffee in her hand, still feeling the after affects of shock, Medabee rubbed her back from time to time, Sumillidon has with Neutranurse, holding her hand, while she had her other hand resting on her stomach, the humans didn’t seem to have contact with any others. They said they would get together every year to commemorate Centurion, tough they meet up during the week sometimes just to say hi.


“Hay, girls? Want to go cloth shopping?” asked Peppercat, Neutranurse agreed strait away, as did Brass.  “Alright! We will go once your… hay, isn’t that Rakusho?” everyone turned to see the judicious Medabot holding hands with… Oceana? As they watched the hot air balloons take off. Medabee laughed and called him over

“Hay! Rakusho!” Rakusho turned and blushed, they both let go of each other’s hands and walked (or floated) over.

“Ah Medabee, resting up for you next battle? Constant training can tire the body and mind, resting means once you have recuperated, you can train even harder.” He said, trying to sound astute.

“True… but why don’t you just continue holding hands with your girl friend?” they laughed as the two looked at each other. They both shrugged and sat down holding hands. Medabee looked in shock, not expecting Rakusho to actually do it. “Wow…”

“Hay, I have an idea!” everyone looked over to Karin, “lets take a holiday!” everyone was in total agreement on that.

“Where do we go?” everyone was thinking about that,


“No, too close…”






“Um… not now…”

“I know! Tenerife!” blurted out Neutranurse,

“Where is that?” Neutranurse thought for a while,

“It is part of the cannery island and…”

“Too hot…” Koji interrupted.

“Well what about Scotland?” everyone looked around to Rakusho “you want some where pleasant, far away, cool and safe. That is a very prime location because it is a beautiful country in the winter.”

“Err… where is that?” Brass asked, a little worried,

“It is a country on the end of England, the other side of the world.” Medabee said. Brass gulped a little, now with her newfound fear of heights.

“Yeah! That sounds prefect!” Icky shouted, “lets go there!”

“Hay hot head…” Erika said, “We need money. As you know we have no cash. And our Medabots used their money from the movie to buy new parts and saving it for future children.”

“Don’t worry… I can afford to take us all.” Karin said with her usual chirpy voice.

“We can’t sponge off you again Karin…” Medabee and the others protested.

“Don’t worry, I’m doing this because you are my friends.” She tilted her head slightly and did her typical smile.

“We have got to get some new cloths then!” Peppercat stated. All the girls jumped up and they went cloths shopping, leaving the boys looking at the empty seats.




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