Fields of Dreams

 by Jedi-And


Disclaimer: I STILL own nothing… and yes, life still hates me.


Authors note: this is the third part of all the Medabot fic I have written, it’s not to good, it’s a bit stupid because the Medabots act, or are, more human than machine. Anyway, this might be my last Medabots fic… but it probably won’t. Anyway, enjoy (or hate)


Chapter 2: um… Brass?


“None of these will fit me…” Neutranurse looked over the racks of clothing, taking her new ample frame in to consideration.

“Don’t worry, your wearing a dress as your Medaparts. My parts are not like a dress at all, so I thought I might need some clothing.” Pepper cat looked over a top saying ‘Bite me…’ and on the back it says ‘I dare ya!’ she took that and a lower cut sleeveless top, along with a shirt. She also took a pair of jeans and some slip on shoes to the counter and paid for them.

“Well, well. Look what we have here boys…” a man stood out the shop with 2 male Medabots. 

The Reaper:

Medafighter: Sam           

Specialty: instant ‘death’

Weakness: weak in battle

Hot stuff:

Medafighter: Sam

Specialty: use of charisma.

Weakness: weak in battle


“4 lovely lady Medabots and 2 lovely ladies ripe for the picking.” They all walked over, hot stuff went strait for Peppercat,

“Hay babe, my names hot stuff… what’s yours?” Peppercat hated egotistical people and Medabots, but she thought she would play along.

“Peppercat.” She looked over a few more cloths.

“What ya doing tonight Peppercat?” he leaned on the rack in front of her, stopping her looking at the items,

“Something without you…” she said as she pushed past.

“Aw come on… I can tell your single… perhaps…” he wrapped his arms around her from the back and touched her thighs, “you need some… company?” she elbowed him and turned, he planted one of those spark kisses on her, which was her first. She pulled back and slapped him, turned and walked away. He shrugged and looked for the next candidate, he spotted it.

Over in another isle, a shadowy figure crept up on Brass as she looked over the low cut tops. The hooded Medabot put his hand on her shoulder, she was shocked ad turned.

“Whoa… calm down sweet thing…” reaper had snuck up on her and was trying his luck with the taken bot. “I was wondering your name Hun… that’s all…” she turned to him,

“My name is of no concern to you…” she picked up a nice looking white v-neck sleeveless t-shirt. And turned to go, but he was in the way again,

“So why won’t you tell me your name?”

“Because you would have no use for it…”

“Oh… harsh babe…”


“That’s how life goes sometimes…” she walked past him but again was cut off… this might go on for some time Brass thought.

After exhausting all other bots, Except Neutranurse, Hot stuff looked around for the last piece of prey, to see Reaper was chatting her up. He calmly walked over and got the other side of her,


“Now let me show you how it’s done reaper…” he pushed him away from Brass, he refused to move though. They started arguing and shutting, Brass was still in the middle, and her arms start to glow she hit with both at her arms sidewise, she sent out of her hands what seemed like a strait bolt of lighting with energy waves around them. Her eyes where a glowing red, the bots got up and ran away whilst everyone else in the store just stared, Peppercat dropped the cloths she had in her hand. Brass’ eyes returned to normal as she looked at her hands and arms, her shoulder pads where huge blue spike like things, her hands where beetle like claws, they where from a scarab type Medabots, dark blue with a gold rim. Her arms glowed again and they where gone and she was looking at her white hands again. She gave a sigh of relief before looking around. She looked at Erika, who still did not have her Medawatch on. That was the point she started to get very worried.


“I think… I’ll go see Dr Aki now… by these for me please miss Erika…” she threw the white top and a small grey pleated skirt and then ran out the store.


“Well Brass… I think we have found your special skill…” Dr Aki started “not only can you teleport parts with out the use of a Medawatch, you can transport any parts that have been made, also you can use ‘Rage’ where with that new part you go on a rampage against your enemy. Neat, huh?” Dr Aki smiled at the nervous Brass,

“But I don’t know how I do it…”

“That all comes with practice and patience, it will come in time… but for now, don’t worry about it. And enjoy your…” the phone cut him off, he picked it up and started talking, Brass was off in her own little world thinking about what was going to happen and how she would be able to control it. The noise of the receiver being replaced broke her out of her thoughts. “Well it looks like you don’t have to worry if anything happens on your holiday, because I will be coming with you. They need an adult and they thought I would be good because I can take care of Medabots. I haven’t had a vacation in… at least 5 years.” He smiled to himself, “and Scotland sounds quite nice at this time of year,”

“But Dr! What am I going to do?”

“I haven’t the foggiest. All I know is that your torso and head will always remain the same. It’s just your limbs that will change. And so far, it only seems to be when you are scared or angry, not a will… so don’t fret about It.” she nodded and walked home 

“Oh their you are Brass, we have to pack because we leave tonight at midnight!” Erika smiled; knowing that what is happening to Brass might distress her so she didn’t ask,

“Tonight? I thought it was in a week!” Brass said in a panic, she started to run around, getting a case and things. Erika laughed at Brass,

“We are not going for another 12 hours!” Brass skidded to a halt, looking at the clock. It was lunchtime. She let out a sigh of relief then grabbed the bag of cloths from the table and tried them on; she came back down stairs in the white sleeveless shirt and the Grey pleated skirt,

“What do you think miss Erika?” she did a little twirl, they both laughed,

“Very nice.” They continued laughing as they slowly packed.


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