Fields of Dreams

 by Jedi-And


Disclaimer: I STILL own nothing… and yes, life still hates me.


Authors note: this is the third part of all the Medabot fic I have written, it’s not to good, it’s a bit stupid because the Medabots act, or are, more human than machine. Anyway, this might be my last Medabots fic… but it probably won’t. Anyway, enjoy (or hate)


 Chapter: 3


“Hun?” Metabee walked in to his and Brass’ room. “Are you okay?” Brass was standing in front of the window, staring at the moon. She remained silent as he walked behind her. The room seemed dark except for Brass and the window. The moon came in and shone off her. The curtains flapped in the evening breeze as he approached his love.

“I’m not sure…” her gaze never left the moon. She started to cry a little. “Metabee? I’m… I’m scared…” she held herself, her eyes drifted down and closed. Tightly. “I’m scared because people always treat me like a toy! It doesn’t feel that way. I don’t feel that way.” She started to cry harder. Metabee walked over and took her hand,

“It’s okay…” he rubbed her hand with his own.

“When I think about it… it just scares me more…”

“In know…” there was a brief pause where she just held his hand. Refusing to let go.

“You know those vows we took? About a years ago?” he nodded. “I still think about them. Every day.” He turned her to face him. Her eyes look at him. He placed his hands on her face.


“I will always love you… no one… nothing will change that… if you have an accident, have a baby while I’m not around… if you lie about the fact you lost.”  A tear rolled down Brass’ face. Metabee whipped it away with his thumb. “Remember… to have and to hold… for the rest of our days.” He kissed her. No sparks… just a romantic kiss. The moon glinted off Brass making her seem even more beautiful to him as they held each other close.


“For the rest of our days…” She smiled (she would smile) to herself as she held on to Metabee, enjoying there time together.

“Ready Hun?” Medabee called out to Brass, his bag ready, as he waited by the door.

“Coming dear!” Brass called from upstairs, grabbing her bag and dragging it down stairs, “Ready!”

“Want your coat?”

“Sure.” She had a long coat that had a soft collar; Medabee put it on her and then kissed her on the cheek

“Love you…”

“Aw I love you too.” She turned and kissed him back,


“I’m glad… other wise I’ve been making a fool of my self for the last few years…” they laughed as they waited for Ikky. After he had decided to finish packing, they waited outside for Karin, who was going to pick them up, a huge pink limo came by the house. The house was modest compared to the limo.“Does she always drive that thing?” Medabee asked. Brass just nodded as they threw there bags in to the back and got in.

They had already picked up Koji, Sumillidon and Peppercat who was in the same stuff she was in this morning, however she now had a pair of clunky boots, eating a VERY large fish.

“You going to finish that okay Peppercat?” Brass asked, she nodded, not stopping. Brass sweat dropped, looking at her hungry friend, who finished one fish and started on another. The next stop was Erika’s place, after was Oceana and then the airport. This was really a holiday for the Medabots, not the Medafighters but they had to accompany them just in case. After they picked up Oceana, Medabee did a head count.

“Err… where is Rakusho?” he was missing, the window on the drivers part of the limo wound down, a white Medabot was in a cloak and a Drivers cap,

“You called?” Medabee jumped out of his Medaparts as he turned. Rakusho lifted his cap, “good evening.” All of the people who was in the limo Before Medabee waved. Everyone else just stared in shock.


“Karin? Why didn’t you say that Rakusho was in the front?” Icky asked lightly,


“Well, he said he wanted to be and that he wanted me not to say. Since he asked so nicely, I let him.” She smiled, which kind of sent Icky and Koji a bit… soft? Or more like putty. Oh well. They pulled up to the aerodrome and got out, grabbing their bags from the limo.

“What?!” Icky and the others where in front of the air terminal,

“I’m sorry sir… there are no tickets…” the attendant stated,

“I’m sorry Brass… it looks like we won’t get a holiday…” Brass just looked strait forward,

“It is alright Miss Erika…” she said in a monotone voice. Medabee and Erika looked at her,

“Err… Brass?” she still looked forward, “Are you okay Brass?”

“I am fine Medabee…” she said, continuing with her monotone voice.

“You don’t seem it Brass. What’s wrong?”

“I have been thinking…” they turned to her.  “If I do not use my emotions then I will not use Rage and I will not hurt others,” she did not turn, she merely looked at the floor, Medabee turned her to look in to his eyes,


“If I wanted to love an emotionless box I would have fallen for a cookie box.” Erika stiffed a little laugh, “I want Brass… not the old Brass… the NEW Brass… the Brass I love.” He held her hands, “please?”  She looked in to his eyes “if anything happens, we shall solve them when we get to it… I want the Brass I married a years ago.” she looked down, and then up at Medabee again, her eyes seemed to have a little more hope in than before.

“Your right.” She laughed a little “that’s why I like you… your…” she blushed a little, “Always their for me.” He kissed her cheek lightly, and put his arm around her, “thank you Medabee…” she rested her head against Medabee and fell asleep until they had sorted everything out.

“Right everything is sorted out. Lets go!” Icky called out, awaking Brass and any others that had fallen asleep. “The plan is that we take a plane to the south of England then travel up to Scotland, sight seeing on the way.” Every one nodded,

“Something isn’t right… something is missing…” Dr Aki suddenly burst though the doors just as Brass finished her sentence,

“Sorry… I am… late…” He was huffing and puffing, bent over with his hands on his knees. “I was in my lab…. Eating… and then… a Medabot broke loose and… and…” he said trying to make up an excuse because he decided to eat more and more pudding and he forgot. 

“Uncle Aki… you don’t have to make excuses… we have everything organized.” Karin smiled and chuckled a little.

“Phew…” was all he could utter. They all ran on to their plane and took off.


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