Fields of Dreams

 by Jedi-And


Disclaimer: I STILL own nothing… and yes, life still hates me.


Authors note: this is the third part of all the Medabot fic I have written, it’s not to good, it’s a bit stupid because the Medabots act, or are, more human than machine. Anyway, this might be my last Medabots fic… but it probably won’t. Anyway, enjoy (or hate)


Chapter 4: Let’s GO!


They where traveling FIRST CLASS! (lucky… I don’t get to travel much so you just have to bear with me…) the Medabots where sitting next to their respective partners, Brass/Medabee, Neutranurse/Sumillidon. Peppercat and Oceana sat next to each other, though reluctantly. Erika sat with Icky and Karin sat with Koji, to which end, Icky was a bit sore about…. Though Erika wasn’t, and neither was Koji. Rakusho took a seat next to Dr Aki Because Rokusho thought it would be improper to sit next to a lady to whom he wasn’t married. Brass clung on to Medabee’s arm, now extremely afraid of heights.


“We’re going to crash! I know it!” still clutching on for dear life,


“We are NOT going to crash… we have only just left the air port… and already you have told me that we are going to crash 6 times… please dear, we are not going to crash…” Medabee stated, calmly and slowly. “Brass?” she looked up at him, “I made a vow never to harm you. I won’t let anything harm you even in the slightest. You are far to precious to me.”  She blushed as he talked. The plane hit some turbulence, causing them to shake a little. Most of them took it in their stride. But Brass on the other hand…


“please don’t let me die! Please don’t let me die! Please don’t let me die! Please don’t let me die!” she had let go of Medabee’s arm and had her hands firmly (and I stress that word to a point…) wrapped around Medabee’s head/neck. She was holding on so hard, Icky’s Medawatch was stating the damage done to Medabee’s head.  She was still latched on, repeating those words when a flight attendant came over to Medabee’s aid, helping him pry the distressed Medabot off of him and back in to her seat.


“now… please calm down… there is nothing to worry about…” then they hit more turbulence, the lights flickered, all that was heard was a small squeak and when they came back on, Brass was attached to the entourage’s waist, fully out of her seat, her eyes where closed tightly, repeating herself to the young woman.


“please don’t let me die! Please don’t let me die! Please don’t let me die! Please don’t let me die!”  they managed to tranquillize the young bot, hoping that she would wake up when they were on the ground. the rest relaxed. Peppercat took the head phones and popped in a CD, it was System of a down’s Toxicity. She started to sing Chop Suey to herself, bobbing her head to the music, having more than one note off key. Which wound up Oceana quite a bit.

“Do you mind? I’m trying to read…” Oceana said looking though some of those REALLY boring magazines they have on planes. And actually ENJOYING them…

“WHAT?” she shouted, not knowing how loud she was speaking. Oceana lifted one of the earplugs from her feline ears,

“I said, SHUT UP!” she shouted out, as much of a surprise to everybody,

“Hay, I’m allowed to listen to any music I like!”

“Not if you sing it THAT off key!”


“I’m going to die! I don’t want to die!!” the pair looked in to the seat in front to realize that they had woken up Brass, even from under HEAVY sedation. Neutranurse put her under again and Peppercat and Rakusho swapped places. Peppercat continued to sing to herself and Rakusho held Oceana’s hand, looking in to her eyes, whispering sweet nothings… makes a change from everything that usually is Rakusho…


 Erika looked out the window and thought about her life in general… the newspaper, home, what people are doing and so on and so forth. Suddenly Brass and Medabee came in to her mind. She thought of their relationship as she looked across to Brass, sleeping on Medabee’s shoulder as Medabee was sleeping, leaning against the window. They sure loved each other. This made her think about her own relationships and things. She looked over a Karin, who hadn’t made her decision about who she liked. She looked at Icky and thought a bit. He looked at her and she turned away quickly, a little rosy, and looked out of the window. Icky smiled a little and looked forward. It was a relatively boring/normal trip after that…  they managed though to screw up though and end up in…


“IRLAND?!?!” they got off the plane in Dublin. They took the ferry to Southampton and got off there. Before going up north they had a look around. They went in to Southampton, by where the Bar-gate (a huge medieval gate) stood. They took a trip down my favorite road in town… EAST STREET! It was busy as it always had been. The streets where lined with videogame stores and specialist shops. They also stopped in to luigi’s Ice cream parlor (there is actually a place like that but it’s actually a café.) there where cloths shops, jewelers, the scout and guide indoor outdoor centre (another shop which exists), the florist, iron mongers, the health shops, everything. If you needed it… East Street had it. And right down the bottom of East Street was my all time Favorite retailer… Forbidden planet… I know it sounds like something not suitable for kids… but it is quite the opposite… it’s a comic shop and now it was a Medabot store.


“Lets go see!” Medabee begged as the strolled down towards the shifty looking store at the end of the road. Not knowing what they would see or whom they would meet…


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