Fields of Dreams

 by Jedi-And


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Chapter 5: Enter Yugi Lockland


“Oh! Look at this Icky! Oh and this! Oh this looks so cool!” Medabee had found some parts that had been made in England, and that where not available in Japan. Including parts of ‘Tank’ a Medabot they met several years ago.


“Whoa… bad memories…” Peppercat looked at the still Medabot, still in his box. She sighed a little thinking about Centurion and turned away from it.  Just then a ‘Death’ Medabot tripped over Peppercat, they both fell. He got up and quickly helped her up. The Medabot was huge, he was a bigger version of ‘Reaper’ (nearly as big as Centurion), but he seemed to differ. He had black Triangular plates on his chest, coming over his shoulders and on to his chest, joining in the middle which covered his body; all that could be seen is his head, forearms and legs. He had a huge staff on his back, which seemed to have a box item on one end. His head was like a helmet; the back part came down to his shoulders, he had a huge feather like spike that went from a gem on his forehead up to about a foot above him. His face was the typical mask and black visor, with glowing green eyes. But his mask was bright white and his helmet was lined in gold. His legs seemed to imitate human muscles and were finished off by black leg plates at the top. He also seemed to have a small booster on his back.


“Are you alright?” what appeared to be his Medafighter turned up and looked at Peppercat, he was a huge man, about 6ft 2” tall, a bit of a beard and blond hair, brushed up with a little bit hanging down and going up (don’t ask me how) on the left side. His shoulders where very broad, and he seemed very intimidating. He wore a black leather coat, a pair of tatty grey and black combats, a pair of big ‘Rigger boots’ and a dark t-shirt and red gloves with sunglasses.  “I am ever so sorry.” He didn’t sound like a British person as portrayed in the American TV shows. They almost sounded American, but some things where different, they spoke a little softer and they pronounced things different. Some had a cockney accent but most where normal, though they sounded a little more formal, but not to extremes. He looked at his Medabot; “you must be careful Reaver… there are a lot of bots smaller than you…” the Medabot nodded and bowed in apology,


“ What are you doing to Peppercat?!” Medabee jumped in to the next row as his Medafighter ran over,

“I’m sorry but…” he was cut off by Icky shouting out loud,

“Stay away from her!” The man looked at his Medabot,

“Do you understand Japanese?” he asked, lightly. Reaver just shook his head, he thought for a while, and then tried some Japanese, “I can’t spoke Japanese too good…” he clumsily said in the oriental lingo.

“I guess he can’t understand us…” Erika said to Icky quietly. Karin stepped forward, looking at him with a smile,

“We are from Japan… but I can speak English… a little…” she said, still smiling,

“And very well I might add…” the man said, removing his sunglasses to show them his eyes. His eyes seemed to be calm and relaxed, though he seemed a bit shy because he blushed when he spoke to Karin. It seemed he always liked oriental girls.  She smiled,

“So let me get this strait….” Icky started in English, “we can speak your language, yet you have a hard time with ours?”

“Um… yes… that’s about right…” he looked down at the floor, a little embarrassed.

“Hay, leave him alone, our language is harder to learn than his.” Erika joined in.

“True… but if he was rich like me then…” The man just growled and looked away, his eyes closed,

“Is there something wrong?” Karin asked,

“Nothing is wrong miss…”

“Oh do tell you sad story little poor-per…” he looked strait at Koji

“I have nothing against anyone… or anything… but when people think they are better than others because they have something is wrong!” he looked up at Karin “I’m sorry if I offend you but… I’m not rich… we are not poor but we have to save to buy things. It took me 2 years to buy Reaver because I saved up… I found his medal in the street, his body I bought because it was old and outdated. But we robattle to get money for my mother and father! We haven’t had a soft life like you! And it sickens me that some people squander all their money for themselves. It’s okay it they are rich and caring, prepared to give what they have to others, but if they are arrogant and selfish that annoys me.” he pointed towards Koji, who just looked a little stunned.  He turned to leave, “I’m sorry to bother you with my story…” Karin put a hand on the mans shoulder,


“It’s okay…” he smiled and turned back. She smiled and blushed and all Icky could think was how he gained another challenger for Karin’s affection. Brass strolled up to Reaver with a comic in her hand and looked at him, he bent down and looked at her, tilting his head slightly.

“Tell me… what medal have you got in Reaver?” Dr Aki asked, eating pudding in the store,

“Um… your not allowed to it in here you know…” the young gentleman stated,


“It’s okay.”

“Yeah, so what have you got in sir scare a lot over there?” Medabee gestured to the large bot, sitting on the floor, leafing through a Manga comic about a Medabot who saved people from danger. He was Reaver’s hero.

“It’s funny… it looks like a Devil medal but…” he trailed off, holding his chin thinking,

“But?” Erika asked,

“The thing is that the medal was…well…black…”



“A black Medal?” most of them looked in shock. Except for Karin, who was looking over Reaver’s shoulder, who was holding out the comic so she could read.

“I thought it was a fake at first but then I put it in him and it worked perfectly. Better than most modern Medabots with high level medals. Though he doesn’t speak much.” He laughed a little. “Oh where are my manners? I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Yugi Lockland. Most call me Yu though. And my competitive name is Syonide.” Yugi bowed to the others as they introduced themselves one by one.

“Well it’s very nice to meet you Yugi.” Karin said.

“If you need someone to show you around town, I can do It.” he offered. Most agreed except Koji for obvious reasons. “Great! Yay, I made a few new friends!” he joked with them. A crash was herd behind them as Reaver was under a pile of comics.

“YUGI! I TOLD YOU TO KEEP YOUR MEDABOT IN CHECK!” Nick the owner (I don’t know the real owner’s name) came out from behind the counter. It was at that point that Yugi thought he would point out what they should do…

“RUN!” they all ran out of the store and headed down to a Pizza Hut. Laughing a little way down. They ate a huge ‘18 wheeler’, a new pizza brought out for groups of friends. Karin offered to pay but Yugi had nothing of that, he paid (using vouchers and coupons). The others went off to get Ice cream from Luigi and Yugi and Karin where left behind. Yugi asked if he could learn about them from her. She said yes and they talked for a while.

“I feel absolutely huge…”  Karin said, putting her hand up to her mouth to stop a little burp. Her pink top (with a high collar) hung off her and it was quite baggy so it did not matter if she was huge.

“want to go back for seconds?” Yugi joked with her, she just faked feeling a little sick and gave an awkward smile.

“I think I’ll pass but thank you for the offer.” She smiled at him and he flushed a red again. Hell, even he started to like her. He never felt so good. But he was a jerk around women. He tended to blurt stupid things out. He knew he wasn’t the only one who liked her. He knew that because of Icky’s loving glances and Koji’s protective look. But it didn’t stop him; it only made him more determined to his resolve. He had also noticed how Erika looked over at Ikky sometimes with a slight blush.

“Shall we start to walk towards them?” Yugi asked, standing,

“To be honest I don’t think I can move…” she laughed and had a little trouble standing, Yugi helped her up and she fell in to him, he caught her and looked in to her eyes. And of course blushed.

“Well… I …um….” He popped her on to her own two feet and looked away, coughing. “well… let’s go meet them shall we?” she blushed a little and nodded.

“Lets.” They moved out of the restaurant and around the corner, only to be covered in complete an utter darkness and then unconsciousness.



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