Fields of Dreams

 by Jedi-And


Disclaimer: I STILL own nothing… and yes, life still hates me.


Chapter 6: kidnapped


The group walked down the street to meet Karin and their new acquaintance. Reaver walked in front of the group to lead the way back to Pizza hut. Reaver spotted something on the floor though, he ran up to it and picked it up. He then turned and held a red and black fingerless mountain biking glove in both hands as he walked back to the group.

“What the?” Medabee asked,

“It’s Yugi’s glove…” Erika said, picking it up off of Reaver’s open palm. “He refused to take them off… even during the meal… he wouldn’t just drop one and not notice…”

“That means that…” Koji looked at her in fright, realizing that Karin was with him.

“Yep. He kidnapped Karin!” she uttered. Reaver shook his head violently and moved his arms across him in an X motion.

“Huh? You saying that Yugi wouldn’t do this?” he nodded, “That means that they have both been kidnapped…” 

“Let’s split up! We will find them faster that way!” Ikky called out.

“But the only one out of all of us who knows this city is Reaver…” Brass said in defeat.

“Well the Medabots go off one way and we stay here then in case they comeback…” Dr Aki called out.

“Right!” the Medabots (save Reaver) called out in unison. They ran off in one direction and the Medafighters sat at an open front café nearby.




“So Reaver…. Where are we going?” Medabee asked, but Reaver’s mind was elsewhere however, thinking about his master and good friend and where he could be.

“Come on Reaver. You can talk to us…” he shook his head and put his hand on his head. His eyes closed. Neutranurse came up and put her hand on his back.

“I know how you feel…” the big Medabot nodded a thank you and striated his posture so he could walk faster. Suddenly he stopped and fell to the ground, to his knees first then on to his front.  He seemed to shut down but his medal did not eject. The others got in to a defensive pose then Medabee fell and faded, a Medabot was behind him. It was a commando model


Name: Night crawler

Medafighter: Unknown

Specialty: stealth attacks,


Rakusho charged, only to disappear as he was ‘Tagged’ by Night Crawler. He faded and reappeared behind Oceana, Sumillidon and Neutranurse. They turned, his shadow sword at the ready, but it was too late. They too had gone… Brass and Peppercat where on their own, Peppercat charged Night crawler, fighting bravely. Brass ran over to Reaver to try and wake him but she was block,


“Hay babe. Remember us?”

“Yeah baby… a blast from the past sweet thing.”



“You again? Man… when you want a date you don’t half try…”

“No more fun and games… you had your chance to go out with us… but you turned us down.” Reaper said, pulling out a scythe. They slowly walked towards her, she pointed her guns at them and fired, which they dodged quite easily.


“The boss want ALL rare medals…” they separated, going ether side and quickening in pace, Brass held her hands out ether side of her and continued to fire. Missing all the time. They hit her a couple of times before anything happened. She looked down at the floor, he eyes turned red as her head and neck twitched slightly. Her gun arms continued to fire before glowing and getting bigger and bigger. Her guns went from the small guns she had to, a pair of quick fire guns, to Revolver arms, to Machine guns to Cannons then to Quick fire cannons then to Duel Gatling guns on each hand, she laughed manically as the weapons grew. Her hands had also changed from her sweet looking hands to Black spiked gauntlets. Her arms went from the white and blue and grew Darker and more evil with every shot, her shoulder pads became spikier and more twisted, eventually housing micro missiles. The rest of her started to change as well. Her legs seemed to grow in size and went to a shining black, her leg plates became sharp. He feet where also black as her legs became more feminine, her torso turned in to an evil version of Tank with a high collar that led to a point just under where her nose would be this led to a crest that flowed down the centre of her armor. Her breastplate had no markings but it was a midnight black with a golden lining. Her face remained white but her head changed. She gained a helmet, which had a sloping front plate like Cyandog, but it was Black and had a ridge that stood out making the plate slope to the middle, it had no markings on it but it still looked intimidating. The ridge lined up with the ridge in her armor. She fired at her opponents, still laughing and hit them with the rapid-fire shots. They crumpled and fell to the strength that she now possessed. She walked slowly towards Night clawer who saw what she did to his friends.


“Now I have Peppercat… you wouldn’t want to hurt me? Would you?” he pushed the nozzle of the gun in to Peppercat’s cheek. Brass just laughed a little like a maniac and continued to walk forwards. Her arms where out either side of her, in a diagonal line with the twin guns on the end. The Barrels of the guns where as long as her entire arm. No normal Medabot would be able to lift them… but Brass was not normal… She swung her left gun up with tremendous speed, so fast even Night crawler did not see it.


“One shot… one KILL! HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Brass yelled as she fired one shot at the Commando. Going strait though his head, a dead centre. The bot fell and Peppercat stared in amazement

“You did it Brass!” she turned, seeing Brass’ gun was still raised, only not in the direction it was before. “Um Brass?” Brass fired at Peppercat, who was lucky enough to dodge it. Speed had nothing to do with it…

“Aw what’s the matter kitty? Are my guns to loud for you? MUHAHAHAHAHA!” At that point, Peppercat knew that Brass had gone crazy. Though Peppercat was quick she did not miss the next volley of shots. As I said: speed has NOTHING to do with this. She knew her systems where failing as Brass came closer.

“Damn… if only… if only…” Brass pointed her gun at Peppercat’s Head,

“One shot…”


“One KILL!”


She fired the shot.


 She lowered her gun and looked at Peppercat, who was intact. “What?! She is still functional?!” she called out looking around for the impact hole. It was a few meters away in a wall.


“I guess your wondering what went wrong?” She looked up to the top of a lamppost, she couldn’t see who it was but she could see some form of cloak and red and Green armor.

“But… But your DEAD!” she pointed at the bot,

“That’s right I was… but I can not sleep peacefully in my grave knowing the spirit of battle still roams the earth while you two are walking.” He jumped down from his perch; his cloak remained on him, two giant sickles strapped to his back. His helmet was like it was, but there was no light from his eyes. Instead it was just a black visor. Most of his helmet was in tack, however on the left side of his helmet, near his face were Green panels and welded green plates. His silver mask had a hint of dark grey on them as well.  

“Centurion?” he laughed,

“I’m glad I’m not forgotten.” He looked at Brass, “What has happened to you Brass?”


“Everything and Nothing!” she fired at him, he just dodged to the side as if it was nothing. Brass got a bit of a shock but she quickly turned and fired, again he dodged, “HOW?! No one was able to avoid my Gatling cannons!” he lifted off the floor, his tattered cloak went down to the concrete as he quickly charged at Brass. Even with her superior speed, she was still no match for Centurion. He grabbed her by the arms and spread them out wide,


“THINK BRASS!” she tried with all her might to brake free, to no avail. “THINK ABOUT HOW CALM YOU WHERE! THINK ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS!” still no use, “THINK ABOUT MEDABEE!” she stopped struggling, he eyes returned to pink as she looked at him.

“oh my… what have I done?” she wept a little, realizing that she had hurt others. Centurion lowered her to the floor. And held her as she cried.

“Its okay sis…” he let go of her and went to Peppercat, “Hi Peppy…” she looked up at him and then fainted. “Opps… to much to soon…” He turned to see Reaver, struggling to stand. He went over and helped him up.

“?” The black bot looked at Centurion and thought for a while. Then he stood on his own.

“Well you are an old model… nearly as old as I am…” he joked. Reaver just looked past him to see the crumpled state of Brass, still in her armor.

“They took Karin…” She said slowly lifting her head.

“Yes. I know. They have also taken Ikky and a few others.”   She looked up at him in terror, “Erika seemed to escape fine…” she stood and looked at Centurion dead in the eyes.

“WE must find them…” She gestured to herself and Centurion. Reaver growled a little as if to say ‘your NOT dumping me now!’

“All of us will find them.” He said, Erika ran up to them all in a hurry,

“I don’t want miss Erika to recognize me!” Brass whispered to Centurion. He nodded,


“Ikky and the others have been kidnapped!” she said to Reaver “And so has the Medabots!” then she looked at the other two bots that had their backs to her. “who are your friends?” she asked, no response. “Um… Reaver? Can I tell you something? I would tell Brass… but she is not here…” he nodded slowly, expecting it to be a kind of a girl thing. “I think I’m in love…” he tilted his head and Brass listened closely. “I like… well… I think I love Ikky but I’m not sure.” There was a slight pause and the Medabot nodded.


“Love is a bond that no one can define nor brake… it is the embodiment of life and it is what binds us to this world. It is something that you must feel in your heart rather what others tell you.” Reaver said, speaking for the first time, shocking those around him.

“Reaver… but I don’t know what to say…”

“Even the greatest hero can be a consummate idiot in affairs of the heart…” he said folding his arms ( I got that off crouching tiger hidden dragon. I love that movie!)

“I suppose… if only Brass was here…” she turned to face her, her pink eyes looking in to Erika’s own.

“You called Miss Erika?” her old Medaparts came back to her as she ran over to Erika.

“Brass!” she hugged her Medabot tightly. She let go and looked at her. “So you can control your powers now?” She nodded sheepishly,

“But enough about me… you should tell him…about how you feel. Get him on his own and take him by the hands, tell him how you feel and hopefully he will feel the same way, if he does… give him a small kiss.” She fiddled with Erika’s hands. Both Erika and Brass blushed a little as they continued to talk about Ikky and Medabee before running off with Reaver and Centurion, leaving Peppercat in Erika’s very capable hands.


In a worn out warehouse, Yugi has just woken up,

“What hap… ack!” he tried to move his leg but he was hurt badly.

“Oh! Are you okay?” He heard the sweet voice of Karin, tied up behind him.

“Karin? That you?”

“Yes Yugi, it’s me.” Yugi had a hard time seeing because of a cloth over his eyes.

“Yeah… looks like they ruffed me up a bit before I woke up though so I couldn’t fight back…” his leg hurt, as did his ribs. They ‘laid the smack down’ on to his chest when he was on the floor.

“Poor you…” she awed at his pain.

“I’m sorry Karin… I should have protected you… given you enough time to get away.” She shook her head,

“What kind of friend would I be if I abandoned my friends?” she smiled as he blushed.

“Hay, what are they using to tie our hands?” he quickly changed the subject knowing that his feelings where growing for her.

“Um… it looks like a form of rope.” She said, “Why?”

“I might be able to help us out of this mess…” he shuffled around a bit then pulled out a black object. “Okay, tell me when you feel metal on your wrist… but what ever you do… do NOT pull away fast or move.” He unfolded a 4” Tanto knife that he sharpened so it was as razor-sharp as a craft knife. They heard a small click as it locked in to place. He placed the blunt end on her wrist, she shuddered a little feeling the cold blade, “now tell me, up or down to the rope?”

“Down a little… a little more, almost there… you have it!” Yugi started to cut at the thick lashing rope. 



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