Fields of Dreams

 by Jedi-And


Disclaimer: I STILL own nothing… and yes, life still hates me.


Chapter 7: Enter the Bad guys


“Well… are you ready?” Centurion looked over his shoulder at Brass, who glowed then reappeared in her battle mode. Reaver was also getting ready, the plates on his front folded out to form bat like wings (a bit like Death Scythe hell custom from ‘Gundam Wing Endless Waltz’). He pulled the staff off his back and held it in two hands; a blue and green beam was emitted from the weapon creating a Beam Scythe. Centurion’s cloak blew in the wind revealing that his body had been molded with parts from Annihilator, one arm and leg was Green and the others where the original Red. This shoulder pads no longer had the weights. One pad was blocky and red whist the other was smooth and green. His torso was generally in tack except on his left side (The side with the green Medaparts) where hints of green splinters and plates, molding roughly in to the previous body work. His huge red wings where still there, but they had been made larger with green metal so they where even bigger. He no longer possessed his gun arm. That, along with parts of his tin pet, was destroyed. However using the excess metal he crafted two huge sickles.




Specialty/strengths: Duel sickle attack, lots of fighting experience

Weakness: a bit fragile in places and is made up of parts that do not match.


Sailor Multi (Brass):

Medafighter: Erika

Specialty/strengths: Shooting, able to transport parts at will,

Weakness: low battle experience, unable to control ability at times and can lose control of her body, deathly afraid of worms.



Medafighter: Yugi

Specialty/strengths: Scythe attack, camouflage/ radar jammer, virtually indestructible

Weakness: wings can lock in the defense position


 Brass pushed past him,

“Lets get in!” she opened up the rocket pods on her shoulders and fired a volley of shots out at the heavily armed door. When the smoke cleared, the door was… in tacked? “What the?” she stared at the door dumfounded wondering how it was still in one piece after that. Centurion stepped up,

“Lets go now!” he scraped the Sickles together creating a spark then moving them apart and up above his head. He let out a small cry as he sliced down in an X fashion on the door, causing it to fall apart and crumple on the floor. After brining Brass back in to the real world, the three Medabots lifted off the floor using boosters and glided in to the building.

“So they are here…” a man with dark glasses looked in to a monitor,  “let us give them a very warm welcome.” He emphasized the ‘very’ and laughed a little before turning to his henchmen, “You know what to do… the Rubber Robo’s would expect this of us! We are, after all, the ‘Pandemonium of Medabots’.” He did the typical bad guy laugh (and don’t tell me you don’t know of it…) before the henchmen ran down to great their ‘guests’.


Downstairs, Brass and centurion turned a corner, Reaver in hot pursuit,

“Hold it!” the trio turned to see the two henchmen, the taller one had black, gelled hair, large arms and a blue suit, the other had blonde, also greased but a little curly, hair, a black suit and ears that stuck out a little. He was shorter than his companion but he was he seemed tougher, the kind who would get a guy down to the floor and laugh whilst he kicked them.   

“Our Boss said he wanted to give you a warm welcome.”

“Just call us the welcome wagon, for we are…”

“Bailey and Mick!” they posed, The Medabots just sweat dropped at the sight. Two Medabots appeared in front of them,


Kamikaze keeper (Keeper):

Medafighter: Mike

Specialty/strengths: very tough armor, quick reaction speed, Diving Assault

Weaknesses: slow overall speed whilst running.


Drum Stick (BJ):  

Medafighter: Bailey

Specialty/strengths: Duel Stick attack, Strength, shooting

Weaknesses: slower reaction speed


One of the Medabots had a black helmet, black visor, grey mouth plate, blue eyes and a large music note on his forehead. His arms where like war bandits but they where a blue and silver color scheme. His body was like Cyandog but where a cold blue. His legs where like Rokusho but in a matching color set. He spun a drumstick on the palm of his hand,


“We are going to stop your timing!” The other was a mix between Tank, Warbandit and Sumillidon. His body was like tank, but it was black and it had ‘Obo’ on the front and 1 on his back in red letters, his arms where a cross over of Sumillidon and Warbandit. His left arm had the Flexor sword on but on a closer look, the three molded in to one large, wide sword, the other hand had they guns of Warbandit. His legs where defiantly Warbandit but his legs where in black and red. His head was an ice hockey Mask


“Nothing gets past us!” Keeper said,

“Give me a brake….”Centurion said, “This won’t be much of an exercise…”

“Do not drop your guard though…” Reaver spoke up, his grizzly voice sunk in to the pair.

“Right!” they said in unison,

“Go Keeper!”

”Go BJ!” the Medabots charged at the intruders, who quickly dodged. The pair reformed they raised their gun arms (which where facing each other) and started to fire. Centurion went strait forwards, off the ground and flew strait at them, their bullets doing nothing against his armor,


“What’s going on?!” Keeper cried out,

“Our bullets are doing NOTHING!!” BJ lowered his gun arm a little, shaking a bit in gear as the Ghost type came towards him


“Keep it up!” Mike shouted in to his Medawatch, as did Bailey. They continued to fire, Centurions right shoulder pad gave off a little explosion but he continued to carry on going. He drew his sickles and slashed at their arms, completely destroying them as he zoomed past, Brass used her Micro missiles from a distance to take out their legs and Reaver took out their torso’s. They fell to the floor, medals popping out of their backs whilst the victorious trio turned to face the dumfounded Medafighters,


“WHERE IS YUGI AND THE OTHERS?” Reaver shouted. his low and grizzly voice intimidated Centurion and Brass… let alone the Medafighters.


“That way!” they pointed behind them, and the trio rushed off to save their friends.    

“There! Got it!” Yugi said triumphantly. Karin stood after pulling the rope off her wrists. She turned and untied Yugi,

“Lets get out of here!” Karin said, helping him to his feet.

“Well, well. What do we have here? A couple of runaways?” the Boss walked up. He pushed Karin away and Yugi fell to the floor with a dull thud. He walked over to Yugi and stamped down hard on his damaged leg.

“AAGGHHH!” he growled at the pain and held his knee,


“Leave him alone!” Karin was actually being forceful for once, a change from her usual self. She ran over to Yugi and kneeled down, “Don’t worry Yugi, everything will be okay.” She put her hand on his knee, and though all the pain, he blushed.

“Yes pay no attention to the bad man,” he said in a mocking tone. The Boss laughed at Yugi and Karin.

“Where shall we put the rest of them?” yet another henchman came in with a lorry.

“Just dump them down here…” 

“Right boss.” They got in to the back of the truck and dumped out the rest of the ‘gang’ save Brass, Centurion, Reaver, Erika and Peppercat.

“Ow… you drive real lousy, you know that?” Ikky said from under the pile.

“Yeah, well that’s what you get for cheep henchmen…” Koji replied, somewhere in the pile.

“I don’t think all this pressure is good for the baby Sumillidon…” Neutranurse stated from in the centre somewhere, making Sumillidon rummage though the pile quickly to find his wife.

“How humiliating…” was all Rokusho could say.

“Look on the bright side… we found Yugi and Karin…” Metabee pointed at the pair as Yugi cradled his knee and Karin tried to comfort him.

“I hope you enjoy your stay…. HAHAHAHAHAHA!” boss laughed as he walked through the door, which locked behind him.

“Damn him!” Yugi tried to stand but yelled in pain as he fell back down.

“You won’t be able to walk for a while… your knee cap is dislocated and you have an open fracture.” Dr Aki said all to calmly.

“Can you please look the other way Karin?” he asked her sweetly,

“What? Why?” she asked,

“Koji? Please can you get Karin to look the other way? And cover her ears?” he asked with a bit of panic and anger in his voice. Koji walked over and turned Karin to face him, covering her eyes, to her protest, away from Yugi. Yugi raised his fist, above his leg and slammed it down. All that was heard was a thunderous crack and the yelling of a young man. Koji let go of Karin as he felt he was going to be sick, as were some of the others. His knee was bleeding badly, but at least it was in place again. He stood painfully and nearly fell again, but Karin, making him blush, caught him. Unfortunately when you blush, blood is moved around the body faster, which made him bleed even more.

“Lets get out of here!” Metabee Called out, before blasting the door open. Koji and Ikky helped Yugi walk as Karin followed on behind along with the Medabots and Dr Aki.


After 20 minuets the effects of blood loss was starting to kick in.

“I… I feel a little… tired…” Yugi started,

“Stay awake Yugi!” Dr Aki shouted. Trying to prevent him from dozing off.

“I need… just a small… nap…”

“Come on big guy! No time to snooze!” Ikky called out,

“Please keep going!” Karin called from behind; Yugi said under his breath a thank-you. 

“Can we at least sit for a second?” he asked, they agreed. Plus they would be able to get a bandage or something on to his wound. They sat him down.

“Man… your heavier than you look…” he laughed a little,

“That’s what you get for being 6ft 2 inches tall” again he chuckled a bit. “Hay lads? Can I have a word?” he asked, the pair sat next to him as he talked quietly, “You both like Karin right?” they blushed a little but nodded. “I don’t blame you… but I want you two to take care of her, which ever one of you gets to go out with her.” He looked a little pale and weak,

“Hay… you like her too. Why don’t you go after her?” he paused, unable to blush,

“Because I don’t think she likes me…” he turned to Ikky “But I think someone likes you…”

“Huh? Who? Karin?” he turned to look at the red head,

“No… I think Erika likes you…”

“ERIKA?!” he yelled, they all turned and looked at him, “nothing…”


“Oh I think it’s something… and if you don’t do something about it you might regret it later…” he thought about that for a while then nodded his head. Koji wondered if he was now the soul one for Karin’s love, but then again, this Yugi guy could try to make a move in the meantime. He still played the waiting game though. Karin ripped a part off her skirt and rapped it around Yugi’s leg to help stop the bleeding. He looked up at her. She knew he would blush if he had enough blood.

“Thank you Karin….” He said, “You should get out of here… I’ll… I’ll catch up.”

“NO!” Karin called out, shocking everyone there including Dr Aki

“Karin dear… is there something wrong?”

“Uncle Aki… I don’t want to leave Yugi behind! It’s not fair or right!” she closed her eyes tightly “I…I…”

“You what Karin?”

“I think I…”

“You love him don’t you Karin?” Koji said, with a bitter taste in his mouth. She just kept her eyes closed as she looked down. “Well… if that is your wish… so be it…”

“But Koji… I don’t know who I love… it maybe you… it maybe Yugi… I just don’t know…”

“What about me?” Ikky asked.

“You’re a very nice boy Ikky. But I would rather keep you as a friend then have you as a boy friend then fall out with you and then losing a friend.” He was a little stunned. He shook his head for a while then spoke up.

“Your right Karin.”

“Whoa… did he just accept that?” Medabee asked Sumillidon, Who just nodded a little, also a bit shocked.

“Besides. You have an admirer in Erika.” Yugi nudged him with his elbow; he blushed and looked away, scratching the back of his head.

“Lets go!”

“Not so fast!” the Boss came back in to view. “We have a little score to settle…” he pulled out a side-by-side double-barreled browning shotgun (I worked at a gunsmith for a week on work experience) and he inserted a single 12-gage cartridge. He pointed it at Yugi. “Good night sir. Have a pleasant rest…”




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