Fields of Dreams

 by Jedi-And


Disclaimer: I STILL own nothing… and yes, life still hates me.


Chapter 8: lets go home…


A tremendous detonation came from behind the Boss as Brass and the others walked through. Brass looked under her foot as she felt the dirt because they managed to blow a hole to the outside where there was grass. She saw a long pink creature. She identified it immediately and her body went pale as she transformed back in to normal brass.


“W…W…W…WORMS! EEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!” she screamed and ran to Metabee, “please! No worms! I hate worms!” She hid behind him and looked over his shoulder once or twice to see if the worms where still there. Everyone else sweat dropped because she was brave enough to face a lot of people. But it was one of the most harmless of creatures that she is scared of.

“Err…” was all most could say as Metabee tried to calm Brass down.

“It’s alright… it’s okay. Those bugs won’t get you from here. See?” he pointed, “They are over there by that man with the gun. Don’t worry. They cannot get you.” He gave a sigh as his partner nodded in agreement.

“Um… excuse me but we have business to conclude here…” The boss said as he tapped his foot impatiently,

“Opps. Sorry. We will be late for our 4 o’clock if we stay. Must dash. Chow.” They all walked out, Centurion and Reaver carrying Yugi.

“Well I suppose your right. After all it is always good to keep punctual and…” then it hit him, “HAY! COME BACK HERE! IT’S NOT EVEN 2 O’CLOCK YET!!!” they all ran as fast as they could, passing Bailey and Mike with BJ and Keeper on the way, escaping to the outside where they found Erika and Peppercat.


They where all in the hospital, Brass had fallen asleep on Medabee, Erika had hold of Ikky’s hand, Koji was staring out the window, Karin was a little worried, Sumillidon was pacing and Yugi was sitting, with a bandage and cane (made ya think they where worried about him now didn’t I?) still looking a little pale.


“Calm down pal. She will be fine.” Metabee consoled his friend as he paced uneasily about his wife and the fact she had gone in to the Medabots version of labor in another country.


“Easy for you to say… Brass isn’t giving birth to another child…” he continued to pace until,

“Sumillidon?” a young nurse came out of the room, all smiles. Sumillidon looked around in anticipation.

“Is my wife okay? What about the baby? Tell me!” he jumped to A LOT of conclusions,

“Calm down bud!” Metabee called from behind.

“You have nothing to worry about. Your wife did wonderfully and you are now the proud father of a beautiful baby girl.” She smiled again as he nearly fainted with joy. He went kind of limp and ‘wobbly’.


“You hear that Metabee? I have a healthy baby girl.” Metabee gave him the thumbs up. “Can I see my wife and daughter?” the nurse nodded as she showed him in, he ran over to her as she cradled the new born. The Medaparts were a mix, it looked like Neutranurse but she had 2 little purple ears and no front head panel like her mother. Sumillidon took the child and looked at it lovingly, crying and laughing at the same time. He then kissed his wife on the forehead, “I love you so much!” 

“I know. I love you too. And now we have one more person to love.” She fell asleep, as did Sumillidon and the newborn.



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