Fields of Dreams

 by Jedi-And


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Chapter 9: Epilogue


“Are you sure you don’t want to come?” Karin asked, almost pleading with Yugi. He blushed and looked at the red head. The week was up and it was time for them to go back home.


“I want to. But I cannot… I need to eliminate that gang before they can do anymore harm…” he looked down at his bad leg, “but once I’m done. I have a holiday coming up… I think I might come and visit if I save enough money.” He looked back up at her. She moved closer and hugged him tightly, making him blush intensely.


“Thank you for everything Yu…” he hugged her back, then let go so she could catch her flight. Peppercat was in the waiting lounge when two sets of bouquets where given to her at the same time. She looked up to see the black visor of Centurion and the Green eyes of Reaver, staring and growling at each other.


“Now boys… calm down…” as they settled down, they looked over at Brass and Metabee. They where looking in to each other’s eyes.

“Brass. All I could think about in that truck was you… I love you so much.”

“Oh Metabee…” they kissed each other and held each other close, Brass going a bit red in the cheeks. Again she fell asleep and Metabee carried her on to the plain. Neutranurse walked up, with a bundle in her arms.

“Hiya. It’s mommy here little girl. Awwww. Hehe.” She played with the baby whilst Sumillidon stood over proud.

“Have you got a name?” Peppercat asked before boring the plain

“Not yet. But I was thinking of Taya.”

“Sounds good!” Sumillidon said “Hi there little Taya.” Taya laughed and giggled as she played with her father’s fingers.


 One by one they boarded their flight back to Japan. Karin was the last to get on. She threw a piece of paper at Yugi before waving and running on. He opened the paper and read it.

‘Thank you for everything… your kindness and generosity. I wanted to get to know you better… maybe even to love you. Please. Call me’ then it had a number on the bottom. He limped to the window and watched as the plain was taxied off down the runway. He waved at her as she waved back.


“Good bye Karin… When fate brings us together again… I will find the courage to say ‘I love you’. I promise.” He had his hand on the window as did Reaver as the plain moved out of their sight.

“When we meet again…” the master and Medabot said at the same time, watching the plain move out in to the night sky.


“The next time the pair would meet would be left to fate. The ties that bond us cannot be undone by distance or by passing on. The love we share is in escapable. We shall always have one true love in the world… you just need to find them. When you find them hold on to them and don’t let go. Life is to short for regret. So love all you can and life will seem that much sweeter.”


“If love wasn’t meant for us. They would have kept us as calculators!”



“Our love can only be true if we are true to ourselves.”



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