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Kite Unabara

English voice actor: Amos Crawley

Kite Unabara's Beyblade skills are "all about the data." He is a master at accumulating data of his competitor's bey and battles, then using this information to his advantage. When the data doesn't work as expected, Kite loses his cool. He eventually gains composure and dives into more research. One of Kite's worst traits is his over-confidence, and we all know that too much over-confidence usually leads to disappointment.

Kite is the older brother of Eight Unabara. The two really look out for one another, which is a really nice change from the sibling rivalry you see in most shows. Kite and Eight eventually join up with Zyro, Shinobu, and Ren and train under Benkei. They are, also, part of the Neo Battle Bladers.

Kite battles with his mainly defensive beyblade, Water-elemental Guardian Revizer 160SB, or when allowed, Orojya Revizer 160SB - A Synchrom custom created with his brother, Eight, for use in their Synchrom Battle against Zyro and Shinobu.