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Shinobu Hiryuin

English voice actor: Christopher Jacot

Poor Shinobu. It's not easy when you're known as the strongest blader in town, and someone out of nowhere walks in a grabs your title. That's what happened when Zyro came to Metal Bey City. In spite of that, Shinobu builds a friendship with Zyro, and they both work together to become even stronger.

Shinobu is the cool, serious type. He's not loud or boisterous, and often sits back and observes what is taking place around him. He's very dedicated to the BeyPark and does not tolerate anyone who doesn't observe the rules or is not playing fairly. He idolizes Tsubasa Otori (who is now the President of the WBBA).

Shinobu battles with his bey, Ninja Salamander SW145SD. Despite his loss to Zyro in the 1-Day Tournament, he has an impressive amount of Wins in the series...most notably: 1st episode, Zyro; episode 6, Takanosuke; episode 16, Yoshio and of course, numerous Bey Park Bladers.

(Interesting Note: He must not weigh much, because he is sent flying more than any other character in this series. In episode 9, when defeated by Sakyo. In episode 12, his 1st encounter with Kira...he falls from the beybattle stand and injures his arm. In episode 18, when he encounters Kira once again and the beybattle stand and surrounding area actually collapses seriously injuring him.) So if you like when a character gets hurt in a series, Shinobu will satisfy your sadistic cravings...ha, ha...