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Takanosuke Shishiya

English voice actor: Tony Babcock

Takanosuke makes his first appearance in episode 6 (English version). He walks into the BeyPark with confidence and ready to challenge Zero, whom he considered the best blader due to his win in the One-day Tournament. He ends up battling Ren and even though he defeated her, he is impressed by the spirited battle they had. In fact, he loves a good "spirited" battle! Not long after, Shinobu and Zero arrive. Shinobu, wanting to use his new special move, embarks on a battle with Takanosuke and wins.

In episode 8, Ren and Takanosuke engage in battle again, but this time it is interrupted by Sakyo. Ren challenges Sakyo, but he easily defeats her and nearly causes her injury when the power of his blade throws her from the G launch stand. Quick thinking Takanosuke catches her before she is injured and angrily challenges Sakyo himself. Sakyo defeats him, but not easily. During battle, Takanosuke sees that his Beyblade, Archer Gryph C145S, moves in the same way as Sakyo's Dark Knight Dragoon. Impressed, Takanosuke chases after Sakyo, and the two eventually become allies.