Sakura & the Clear Cards

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Credit for summary: Wikipedia

It's the first day of Sakura and her friends at Junior High School. On her way back home, she is surprised by Syaoran, who reveals that he had just moved to Tomoeda permanently, much to her joy.

Later at night, Sakura has a dream where she is surrounded by blank cards and a mysterious, cloaked figure appears before her. Once she wakes up, Sakura discovers that all the Sakura cards have turned blank as well. Sakura consults with Yue who confirms that the cards have lost their magical power, but for some reason, Sakura's own powers were unaffected. By Yue's suggestion, she also confides with Syaoran and Tomoyo about the situation at school.

Once back home, Sakura attempts to contact Eriol who is in England but to no avail, and while sleeping she has another dream with the cloaked figure, who gives her a key which remains on her hand when she wakes up. On her way to school the next day, Sakura is attacked with powerful winds, until she uses the key to create a new staff, which she uses to capture the attacker who transforms into a new card with a transparent design, "Gale".

NOTE: A very quick recap of the events up until now is given by Kero and Spinel.