Sakura and the Room with No Exit

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Credit for summary: Wikipedia

While Sakura and her friends have decided which school clubs to join, Syaoran declares he will not be joining any for the time being as he has other matters and paperwork to attend to now that he has returned from Hong Kong.

Tomoyo comes over to Sakura's house that afternoon, and Kero helps them make a cheesecake according to Chiharu's recipe, with delicious results. Sakura decides that rather than worry about recent events, it is better to cheer up, continue with her daily life and do her best when the time comes for her to use her new staff again.

Later, Toya and Yukito come home, with Toya mentioning that Yukito will be staying the night (like Tomoyo). He then helps himself to some of Sakura's piece of cheesecake, to her chagrin.

After dinner, as Sakura is trying on an outfit Tomoyo made for her, her room suddenly turns into a white, rubber-like box with no door or windows. After several failed attempts by Kero and Sakura to simply push their way out, they notice that they are inside a balloon-like prison. As Tomoyo uses one of her sewing needles to burst the "balloon", Sakura uses her staff to capture it, transforming it into "Siege", another new transparent card. When Toya enters her room asking what happened, Sakura replies that they were playing with a balloon and it popped.

Back in England, Spinel asks Eriol why he hasn't called Sakura after her attempts to contact him. Eriol replies that it is not the right time yet. While sleeping, Sakura has another dream with the cloaked figure, who seems to be attempting to seize her new key. Waking up, she checks her Sakura cards and finds that they are still blank. Wishing to see all her cards again and hoping they are alright, she resolves to do whatever she can.