Sakura's Heavy Rain Alert

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Credit for summary: Wikipedia

After discussing the recent card capture in Sakura's room, Sakura, Tomoyo and Syaoran return to their classes. A heavy downpour persists throughout the day, and Sakura and Tomoyo are forced to take shelter when the rain gets even heavier while walking home. They realize this must be the work of another new card. When Sakura and Tomoyo are caught in streams of water, Sakura uses "Gale" to break free and "Siege" to restrain the water, thus capturing the card "Aqua".

Once back home, Sakura messages Yukito about what has happened, and Toya, who is beside him at the moment, confesses that he had already realized that Sakura is in trouble again, wondering what he can do to help her now that he has transferred his powers to Yue.

The next day, Sakura has her first day at the Cheerleading Club, when she suddenly sees herself alone in the field. Upon confirming that another card is behind it, Sakura uses "Gale" continuously to attack the enemy to no avail, as she can't even see it. She comes up with the idea of using "Aqua" to track its position and captures the card "Reflect". This is successful, but she ends up soaked. Syaoran arrives to wrap her in his blazer.

Back home, Sakura is talking to Kero in her room when she suddenly faints. Dreaming, Sakura meets the cloaked figure and once again tries to stop it from stealing her key. Upon waking up, Sakura realizes that the cloaked figure is about the same height as her, unaware that it is watching her from a distance.