Sakura and the Lovely Transfer Student

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Credit for summary: Wikipedia

Akiho Shihomoto, a student from abroad, transfers to the school, and quickly become friends with Sakura and the others. Later at class, Sakura discovers that the trees at the school grounds are moving by themselves and feigning a stomachache, leaves the class with Tomoyo to investigate.

Certain that another card is involved, Sakura chases after the trees and prevents them from leaving the school with Siege, before making them float with Aqua to restrain them completely and captures the card "Action".

After school, Sakura meets Yue who tells her that he can't sense any magic from the new cards, but somehow Sakura can unlock their magic with her new key. Once Yue becomes Yukito again, Sakura gets a phone call from Syaoran and asks if she can talk to him anytime she needs, to which he agrees.

After calling Sakura, Syaoran contacts Eriol and informs him about the latest developments. Eriol then instructs Syaoran to not act "until the right time comes".