Sakura and a Game of Tag in the Garden

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Credit for summary: Wikipedia

After discussing with Yue and Sakura about the new card, Kero decides that they must learn what it does, thus Sakura pays a visit to Tomoyo's house so they can test the powers of Record in the garden. Once she uses it, Sakura manages to record and create a holographic projection of herself.

After Syaoran appears to join them, the four take a break for a snack when a mysterious presence surrounds them. Syaoran attempts to attack it with his magic, but Sakura decides to chase after it alone. After following the creature with Gravitation and attempting to restrain it with Action, she realizes that it intends to become her friend and gently allows it to approach her, before capturing it in the card "Flight".

Once the others catch up to her, Sakura tests the power of Flight, which allows her to fly freely in the sky. Sakura then wishes that the new cards become things that make everyone happy, unaware of Syaoran's worried face.