Sakura's Thrilling Aquarium Visit

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Credit for summary: Wikipedia

After a little chat with Kero and Yue about the cards, Sakura meets Syaoran for their date at the same aquarium where she captured the Watery Clow Card. During their date, the two encounter Toya who is working. Suddenly, the water tank breaks, flooding the entire room. Sakura ends up trapped underwater by an unknown force until Toya drains the water, and Syaoran rescues her.

Once back home, Sakura is certain that another card was responsible for what happened and agrees with Tomoyo about returning to the aquarium later at night, accompanied by Kero and Syaoran. Reminiscing the time she captured Watery, Sakura sneaks past security with the others all the way to the place where she confronted it, just to be attacked by the same unknown force. Sakura keeps evading its attacks until Syaoran, inspired from Sakura's method of capturing Watery, uses his own powers to freeze the enemy, allowing her to capture the card "Spiral".