Sakura and the Upside-Down Penguin

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Credit for summary: Wikipedia

While discussing with Sakura and Syaoran at school about what happened during Akiho's visit, Tomoyo points out how the Snooze and Labyrinth cards are similar to the Sleep and Maze Clow Cards. Sakura later realizes that the other cards she recently captured have similarities with some of the original cards as well.

On the way home, Sakura, Tomoyo, Akiho and Syaoran meet Kaito who is returning from shopping. The girls then introduce Kaito to Syaoran.

Once back home, Syaoran contacts Eriol, revealing that he sensed some magical power from Kaito, and Eriol suspects him to be a powerful member of an English magician society of dubious repute.

Sometime later, while alone with Kero at home, Sakura feels the presence of a card, and they follow it to the nearby playground where they witness all the equipment being turned upside down. Sakura attempts to capture the card responsible, but is also lifted in the air. Kero saves her from falling. Sakura then has the idea of using Flight to keep afloat, negating the card's effects and capturing "Reversal" with success. However, before using the card's powers to restore the playground, Sakura and Kero are forced to flee, avoiding the crowd that appears at the scene, but upon returning home, they are informed by Tomoyo that they were not seen at all by the local media, much to their relief.