Sakura and the Ice Ball-Sports Tournament

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Credit for summary: Wikipedia

Akiho tells Kaito of her recurring dreams where she was standing somewhere high up looking down at somebody whom she thinks has something she wants badly. Kaito tells her that based on her description, her dream is gradually progressing and that she will eventually know who that person is.

Meanwhile, Sakura rushes to school with Syaoran, who later competes against Akiho in the badminton event of their school tournament. While Sakura wishes both of them to win and wonders if they could end up in a tie, a sudden hailstorm occurs. While everyone else takes shelter in the building, Sakura, Syaoran, Kero and Tomoyo attempt to capture the card responsible. As Sakura doesn't have any fire-based card to counter the ice attacks, Syaoran tries countering it with his own fire magic but fails. Switching to a more advanced fire spell, Syaoran was able to keep the card at bay while Sakura captures "Hail".

Later at home, Sakura dreams of the cloaked figure, who is trying to take her key again. This time, when Sakura asked why it wants the key, the figure responded "because..." and Sakura awoke, unaware that the cloaked figure is watching her from a distance again.