Sakura and Welcome Back Meiling

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Credit for summary: Wikipedia

Sakura and her friends are surprised with Meiling's sudden arrival, and Meiling asks Sakura for permission to stay at her home, to which Sakura agrees. As Sakura and Meiling spend their time leisurely with Kero, Toya stays at Yukito's house in preparation for their exams. Yukito asks Toya about the new power that is growing within him, but Toya refuses, claiming that it is not the time to reveal it, and gives the same answer to Yue when he attempts to probe further.

Back at her house, Sakura reveals to Meiling that she knows that Syaoran is hiding something from her, but refrains from asking him about it, because she is certain he would not keep secrets from her unless for a good reason. After Meiling reassures her about Syaoran's feelings, the two then prepare to sleep. Sakura briefly notices some cat ears and tail appearing on Meiling's body.

Elsewhere, Akiho confesses to Kaito that she can now read further in her book, and tells him of an event from the book that is strikingly similar to the current situation with Sakura and Meiling.