Sakura, the Shrine and the Zoo

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Credit for summary: Wikipedia
With some modifications from yours truly.

Sakura and her friends gather to visit a shrine. During which time, Sakura wonders if going to the zoo with everybody was a better idea. Suddenly, she sees Meiling again with cat features, and all their friends start having animal features as well, but only she can see them. Even Li can't see them.

All of a sudden, Sakura finds herself and the others are transported to a strange location, where Sakura is unable to locate the card responsible. Not only that, but her friends are appearing more animal-like. Just as her friends were about to be in harm's way, Syaoran stops time with his magic and reaches Sakura. He calms her down, but admits his magic won't last for long and soon collapses, but not before helping her decide what she truly wants.

Sakura wishes to have her friends return to normal so they all can return home. Once returning, Sakura uses her powers to capture the card "Mirage". With Syaoran still exhausted, Sakura concludes that the card acted based on her own thoughts and feelings, and decides that the only way to stop these incidents from happening is by getting stronger.