Sakura's Nostalgic Viewing Party

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Credit for summary: Wikipedia

Akiho tells Kaito about how glad she was being able to read more of the book, describing the events which occurred with Alice's friends turning into animals, much like Sakura's encounter with the "Mirage" card. Kaito replies cryptically that he hopes Alice will continue to do her best.

At Sakura's house, Meiling calls Syaoran on her behalf to check on his health, with Sakura eventually asking him to have adequate rest. Later, Sakura, Meiling and Akiho arrive at Tomoyo's house as she had something to show them: her personal home theater room, where she plays footage from previous plays which Sakura and the others acted in. Halfway through the viewing session, an earthquake shook the house. Using "Snooze" to put Akiho, Tomoyo's mother and her bodyguards to sleep, Sakura and Kero fly above the house to investigate the cause...